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Cow Depot
Believe it or not, we are located in here in central Florida.

Most people don't believe this, but the largest industry here in the sunshine state is Agriculture. Tourists with all those bathing suits and cameras constitute a distant second place.

Yep, that's a fact. Around where we are, there are no coconuts, no surfboards, and no high rise condos... but nearly everyone owns more than a few cows.

Problem is, most of the retail stores around here haven't figured this out. They stock their shelves with suntan lotion and beach umbrellas. Heck, all we really want is cow gifts.. yet there are hardly any at all !

Anyway, that's our story. That's why we came to the simple conclusion that if we sold cow stuff.. then good people like yourself would give 'em a close look.. maybe even buy a few of them.

We're going to try real hard to give you the best selection at the best prices.. and to have merchandise in stock ready to ship when you need it most.

We know that you want to receive your order ASAP. We ship most orders the same day we receive them... the next business day at the latest. We do try very hard to make sure that we have ample supplies on hand so that there are no backorders. In the event that we are out of stock on any item we will notify you ASAP.

Our phone number is 352 544 0396. We're here to answer any question at all Monday - Friday 9 - 3 Eastern time. If you wish to order by phone that's great, too !

We do appreciate your interest !

- Best regards from the CowDepot Cowstomer Service Team

Contact Us Phone 352.544.0396 Fax 352.797.5555 Cow Depot Corp. P.O. Box 10882 Brooksville, Florida 34603
International Shipping

We DO very much value your orders and we post anywhere in the world !

If you wish to order from Canada, the U.K., Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Austrailia , New Zealand, RSA, Asia or indeed anywhere else at all, our suggestion is to 'go ahead and order.'

Choose USA and all other destinations as shipping options.

Your shipping charges will NOT be shown at 'checkout'. You will see the word ERROR: Shipping is not available between destinations. This actually is NOT an error at all !! All it means is that you have NOT been charged and that we will calculate the shipping here manually after we actually pack the box.

You will NOT be billed for anything at all until we contact you via email.

We will get back to you with shipping charges.

In general...lightweight, paper, cloth or unbreakable items will be 'cowfordable' to ship, and heavier, breakable or larger items are VERY costly to send.

We bill ONLY AFTER YOU receive notice of shipping charges and you ACCEPT the shipping charges via email.

If you do NOT accept shipping charges of course you will NOT be billed whatsoever.

Shipping is via Global Priority Postal. This is a VERY reliable service 5 - 10 business days.

By the way, if you need EXPRESS 2-3 day service, choose UPS International as a shipping option. This is EXTREMELY expensive but it does 'get to you' on time.

We look forward to serving your needs.

We value your long term business and are confident you will be most satisfied with our pricing, service and selection and corporate policy.

Cheers !

The -CowDepot Cowstomer Service Team