cow baby cow infants
Paint Bucket Plush Cow !
Oh my goodness look at this extraordinary packaging ! This is a great gift, pure and simple. A plush cow for infants. Kids safe. Extremely high quality. Best of all, no sizes to 'mess' with - an 'easy pick' gift !
HA210 Gallon Sized Paint Bucket 24.95
Brown Cow Softest Blanket

.De-cow-rate your baby's crib with this Ultra Soft Brown Cow blanket. A very warm, durable, and ever so cow stylish blanket with 'dangling' cow legs and tail.

An 'easy' pick for any baby gift.. no need to worry about sizes.

IA150 Brown Baby Softest Blanket Price 39.95
cow baby blanket></td>

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cow baby doll
Pink Diaper Dress Cow Baby 'Doll'
Stunning. Gorgeous. 'Perfect.'

And it's even better than that. The pink 'dress' is also a 'diaper' dress for your moo-born ! Take it off the plush and put it on moo baby... then moo baby gets to play with the ( goregous, soft ) cow plush doll, too ! Moo WILL be MOST pleased this cow gift is one of the Most Beautiful we have every seen and moo moo-born will LOVE it ! Ultra Pretty and Soft. Bring Moo Camera !!

JO690 Approx a foot tall ! Newborn to 6 months, only. Price 24.95
cow baby romper
Cow Baby Set
Cow-lor Cow-ordinated !

Matching Infants outfit with socks will be a great gift for any moo kid on the block !

WU230 Price 29.95
cow terry cloth towel
Cow Infants Terry Cloth Towel
Softest, most cuddly receiving blanket cow set.

Moms will Love this most cow-preciated design.

BH350 Price 29.95
Cow Baby Lullabye Pillow
Lullabye your baby to sleep with this super cute and just plain nice cow pillow with fringed edges, Pull the cord abd yes, it plays a Lullabye as your baby falls asleep. Just perfect.
IA200 Size 3" x 3" Price 19.95
 cow pacifier ring
Baby's First Moo!
Holstein Pacifier Chic !

It's tough to buy a cow-lever gift for a newborn but here moo go ! Any cow moo-born cannot dream for anything more udderly wonderful !

AP130 Soft Cloth Nice Quality Price 9.95
cow baby rattle
Baby 'Rattle'
Woven Cloth - a very nice gift!

It sure looks like a 'rattle' but when your moo - born gives it a squeeze it squeaks not rattles. Nicer quality ! Keeps the kids entertained for hours on end.

UM150 Woven Cloth Nice Quality Six inches tall Price 9.95
cow baby burper
Baby Burper
Soft as soft can be !

Cow - dorable and yes it does say 'Who said I eat like a cow ?'

UM170 Softest cloth Price 9.95
cow baby burper
Baby Burper
All night milk bar !

Just wait 21 years this kid will have a moo-ca-holic future !

LH360 Softest cloth Price 9.95
cow baby burper
Baby Bib!
Dairy Queeen !

One Bib sez it all ! EVERY kid is a dary ( King or ) Queen !

LH370 Softest cloth Price 9.95
cow baby blanket
Baby Blanket !
Best Seller !

One Cute Cow Baby blanket at a blowout price !!

The blanket's all rolled up in the arms of this cowdorable Holstein plush gal !
JO220 Soft Polyester 15 inches tall Price 14.95
cow baby blanket
Finest Quality Infants Patchwork Burper.
Soft, playful, quilted cow burper.


A most unique and HIGH quality gift !


FI120 Softest cloth Price 19.95
cow baby changing station
Cow Diaper CHANGING Station !

One of our all time favorites ! A very moo-nique item - we are thrilled to be able to offer them to Moo ! Soft as a baby's - well you get the idea they are very high quality and soft !

BG650 About a yard across Price 29.95
cow diaper cover
Cow Diaper Cover !

Babies are Cute ! So even a diaper on a baby looks cute ! Cow-ever, this cow diaper cow-ver is waaaay cuter ! Udderly cow-dorable - bring moo camera !

UM210 Price 9.95
cow diaper warmer
Cow Bottle Warmer !
Excellent ! A Quality Gift ! It's really 'perfect." An inner 'gel filled vinyl' piece may be heated and velcro strapped around the bottle. That whole shebang is placed inside a thermally insulated Holstein spot 'grabber." Too Cute Moo get a LOT of quality stuff when moo buy this wonderful baby bottle warmer !
JO800 Easily Warms any Standard Baby Bottle Price 14.95
Moo Baby Pillow with Handle

.A great gift.

How cute does t get ? This cute ! A pillow with a handle ! Keep it 'cow-veniently ' stored when baby is not sleeping. Hang it on the door handle or the side oof moo baby's crib !

HV340 About 8 inches square Price 12.95
Mommy's Touch Wet Bag

Mommy needs this. EVERY Mommy !

Cow convenient for hoding everything that's wet (and stinky). BIG enough not to have to worry ! Show it off in the family restroom when you ( and moo moo-born) are on the 'go' !

AM460 About 20 inches BIG Price 17.95
Holstein Spot Diaper Bag

Cow Stylish !

We know it's a diaper carrier and moo know i's a diaper carrier but the average person would not know udder than to say 'Wow' that's nice ! Velcro does the job and closes this easy peasy !

AM460 About12 inches long Price 17.95
cow diaper
Diaper !

Un-moo-lievable !

Incredibly useful and cow-dorable gift. Well, we just about fell out of our saddles when we saw this ! My goodness, not only as moo as any little one can get... but it really is a wonderful diaper. No one wants to pay the cost of those disposables, but ( of course ) no one wants to clean a cloth diaper. Well here it is ! An 'ecological' way for moo kids to be fresh as a mowed pasture. Check out that 'insert' moo - cluded with every diaper... moo-seful (for sure for sure.)

TS200 Holstein Velcro Rubber Diaper with 'Insert' Price 9.95
cow baby swinsuit
Swimsuit Bottom / Training Pants !!

Top Quality and very moo-nique !

Incredibly useful and cow-dorable gift. Well, kids don't stay in diapers forever, fotunately moo have an-nuder choice for high quality cow 'garmets' for baby ! Snap close higher quality 'elastic' pants with one piece insewn 'comfort pad' to cushion baby's bottom. Use as either/both training pants or a 'swim bottom !

TS880 Holstein Snap on Elastic Price 14.95
cow diaper changing station
Holstein Diaper Changing Pad !

For babies on the 'go.'

And what baby isn't on the 'go.' Extremely well designed and well made. Higher quality. Rolls up with one snap, yet opens up to a Large size big enough to ac-cow-modate 'big' babies !

TS250 Holstein Diaper Changing Pad Price Just 10 inches long rolled up Price 14.95
cow baby bottle
Holstein Baby Bottle WARMER Kit

A 'necessary' for travel.

Holstein pattern elastic cloth slip on 'bottle SocK' holds an all natural HEAT PACK baby bottle warmer. Ingenious ! NO batteries required. Keep baby's for-moo-la tepid ANYWHERE...even on an airplane for 12 hours ! NO electric plug in ! All natural just needs air to 'activate.' Starter Kit inclues cloth Holstein 'heat pack sock' and two heat packs ( bottle not moo-cluded ) REFILL Heat packs sold separately, too.

TS400 Holstein Bottle Warmer Starter Set Price- small bottle (4-6 oz.) kit for 12.95 / Large Bottle kit (6-8 oz.) for 14.95 TS402 Holstein Bottle Warmer REFILL Set Price - small bottle (4-6 oz.) set of 2 for 4.95 / Large Bottle REFILL set of 2 (6-8 oz.)set of 2 for 5.95
cow bib
Little Dress Baby Bib
It really doesn't get any more cow stylish than this. Just mooo cute for words !
IA230 Little Dress Baby Bib Price 7.95
cow baby bib
Cute Tux Baby Bib
He's moo handsome in this baby bib tux !
IA240 Boy Baby Bib Price 9.95
cow baby cap
Precious Infants Cap and Gown
This is a very special gift. Two piece set. Cap, Gown Sleep Set and Holstein Spots
GC290 Infants Holstein Cap and Gown Set Price 39.95
cow baby hooded towel
Precious Holstein Hooded Towel
A perfect gif at a perfect price ! Holstein Spot Hooded Towel is packaged for gift giving !! They will think moo paid waaay more for it !
AM270 Baby Holstein Hooded Towel Price 19.95
cow baby blanket
Soft Green Baby Blanket
Soft. Comfy Everyday.!
GC240 Soft Fleece Price 9.95
cow baby blanket
Soft Blue Baby Blanket
Soft. Comfy Everyday.!
GC250 Soft Fleece Price 9.95
cow infants hooded towel
Soft Pink Hooded Infants Towel
A Cow-tastic gift ! Moo kids will LOVE and USE this great cow hooded towel!
Soft. Comfy Everyday.!
LH250 Soft Cotton Price 19.95
cow infants changing towel
Soft Pink Cow Face Baby Changing Towel
A Cow-tastic gift ! Folds up fast... folds out fast ! Will keep moo kids bottom soft when they're 'on the go.'
Everyday use (sometimes every other hour use)
LH300 Soft Cotton Price 19.95
cow infants baby towel
Soft Pink Cow Face Baby Blanket
It's a whole set folks! Baby blanket rolls up and rolls out to keep moo precious moo-born warm and cow-zy. Mootii-ful and matches changing towel and hooded towel above !
A GREAT gift...what moo-li-born doesn't need a blanket?
LH310 Soft Cotton Price 14.95

cow gifts for kids
Cow Cute Hooded Towel
Cow cute is this hooded towel? Very high quality.. lush and cute. Keeps the kids dry better than any ordinary towel 'cause kids love to wear them. Just cow-dorable !
CA710 CowDorable Hooded Towel Price 29.99
Bathrobe !

The absolute 'coolest' baby item we have ever seen !

Gorgeous. Wonderful soft terry batthrobe.. but is does remind us of a 'Moo Heffner' Playboyish Smokers Jacket.

It is actually called a 'dressing bathrobe.' Maybe it's just us but this is way too cool.

BP600 24 months Price 39.95
Slippers !

Matching cow slipeers for bathrobe above.

Wonderful Quality. Very Moonique ! Slipper baby's toes into the cow's head !

Great details. A timeless Cow-lassic. You could have them bronzed !

BP610 6 -12 months / 12-24 months Price 12.95
cow diaper pad
GREEN SATIN Itty Bitty 'Security' Blanket
Moo-ti-ful ! It's soo pretty moo will ( almost ) want to use it yourself ! ! Cow Green Fringed blanket has a cow and a cowtail design with pocket, too ! Cow clever !
HH090 Holstein Spot Green Fringed Size 11 1/2 inches x 12 inches Price 25.95
cow diaper pad
Pink SATIN Diaper Changing Pad
Another very special gift indeed. Cow Pink Fringed Baby changing pad with satin-y soft backing is too precious for words. Luxurious ! Satin and Soft ! A real value, too. We cannot find any baby stuff anywheere near this quality at this price !
AM440 Holstein Spot Pink Fringed Size 12 inches square Price 15.95
cow diaper pad
RED SATIN Diaper Changing Pad
Another very special gift indeed. Cow Red Fringed Baby changing pad with satin-y soft backing is too precious for words. In the interest of saving room on your cow-puter screen we have obviously folded these over.. but they are 'full' sized fringe all the way around.
MP170 Holstein Spot Pink Fringed Price 15.95
cow bib
Holstein Bib
Super Soft with a large velcro area to easily atach to baby. Easy on, easy off.
MP180 Price 9.95
Got Moo Pocket Bib
GOT MOO ? Well, yes.. now you do ! This is a good quality bib with a Velcro Strap to fit even bigger youngsters ! Also, the Holstein Pattern is actually a pocket. Moo may put a toy, a rattle or my goodness even a small bottle in there.
Pockets on Bibs are very useful !
EM740 Velcro Strap one size fits most Price 7.95
Cutest Holstein Face Bib !
Waay moo cute !! Holstein Face Bib is sooo cute moo will drool all over it !
Cow-dorable !
SK120 Cotton Price 12.95
cow baby clip
Incredible Precious Infants Cow Hair Clip
Perfect. Most Cow-dorable Folded Fabric Hair Ciip. Not 'mass produced.' Folded one at a time. Looks sensational.
How may kids end up wearing such a precious cow hair clip ? We can tell you - not too many. Not one of a kind .. but almost. Very moo-nique and beautiful!
HA910 Two Inch Folded Fabric Lightest Weight Clip Price 9.95
Holstein Design Precious Infants Cow Hair Clip
Perfect. Most Cow-dorable Folded Fabric Hair Ciip. Not 'mass produced.' Folded one at a time. Looks sensational.
How may kids end up wearing such a precious cow hair clip ? We can tell you - not too many. Not one of a kind .. but almost. Very moo-nique and beautiful!
BZ280 Two Inch Folded Fabric Lightest Weight Clip Price 9.95
cow baby costume
Cow Costume for Halloween

.Cow-loween Cowstume ! Trick or Treat moo kids will look moo-riffic in our high quality warm 'fuzzy' cow Halloween cowstume. Sizes frm infants up to kids up to about 8 years old.

Bring the cam-moo-ra and take lots of pictures these are cowdorable. Also, order early we do expect to sell these quickly at this price.

FC780 Infants & Fuzzy Warm Cow Halloween Cowstume with tail Price 29.95
cow baby headband
Get the Camera !

Cute doesn't begin to describe this headband !

No need to disturb your infants precious strands of hair ! Just slip the little cow headband on and smile !

This is something moo wil remoomber 'forever.' Cow kids ( and cow kids to be ) will LOVE this !!! It will look great in any album picture !

HA920 newborn - 6 months / 6 - 24 months Price 7.95
Baby Cow Romper

.This is a very, very nice gift set.

Nice quality baby romper has a pocket in the front, and a little soft cow for baby to play with is placed in the front pocket ! The back has a nice snap bottom for easy diaper changing. A great gift. Bring the camera and take lots of pictures this will bring back moo-mories in years to come.

IA270 Cow Baby Jump Suit with little play cow in pocket Price 24.95
cow headband
Baby Onesie !

Cow Cute !.

The graphics on this onesie are 'creative ' and will surely create many photo opportunites for moo moo-born ! Bring the camera and take lots of pictures.

BG360 Printed Onesie Price 19.95
cow baby onesie
Baby Cow Outfit with Holstein Pants !

Hooves down one of the cutest things we have ever seen !

NIce quality ! And Holstein pants, too !

BG610 Two Piece Outfit Price 29.95
cow infants leg warmers
Baby Onesie Cow 'Dress' !

How about this look for your moo-born ?

NIce quality ! Oh the (very) little ladies will get their glamour start right here ! !

BG630 Onesie Outfit Price 24.95
cow onesie
Baby Cow Leg Warmers !!

How about this look for moo baby ?

Excellent quality ! 80% cotton 18% nylon and 2% spandex. Machine wash cold. Air dry recommended.

SS750 6 to 12 months / 12 to 24 months Price 19.95
cow baby gift
Baby Onesie Cow 'Dress' !

How about this look for your moo-born ?

NIce quality ! Oh the (very) little ladies will get their glamour start right here ! !

BG630 Onesie Outfit Price 24.95
cow onesie
Udderly Adorable Onesie !!

How about this look for your Udderly Adorable baby ?

Excellent Udderly Adorable Onesie. ! 100% cotton Machine washable.

SS760 3 to 6 months / 6 to 12 months / 12 to 18 months Price 24.95
cow baby gift
cow baby botttle
Cow Baby Bottle

How moo is this ?

We LOVE this gift it is a very highest quality baby bottle. European design !

Needless to say it is udder-ly refreshing !

OC630 Standard Baby Bottle Size 34.95
cow baby bottle
Cow Baby Bottle

.Oh the little girls we love this very pink baby bottle.

Says I 'heart' milk what infant doesn't?

Cow Cute !

BH030 Pink Baby Bottle Standard Size Size 9.95
cow baby bottle holder
Wow !!!!

What a GREAT idea ! A plush bottle holder.

Just slip the baby bottle into the elastic straps. Let your infant hold the cow, NOT the bottle ! A very cute and practical idea.

The packageing on this is just outstanding ! Extremely cow-lorful and bright.. it will light up everyone's eyes.

HA900 Plush Bottle Holder ten inch box Price 9.95
cow baby costume
Infants Cowstume !

.A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, maybe more.

'Snap open easy access bottom', too.

CC150 Ages 12 - 18 months Price 29.95
cow baby sristlet
Wrist Rattler and Burper
Just one of the most precious items we have ever seen. Wearable wrist rattler ties around an ever so soft terry burper. Moo just calve to get this one.
IA300 Wrist Rattle and Burper Price 14.95
cow baby bib
Cow Baby Moo Bib

It says Moo and it is moo cute, too !

Let your kids go 'ga-ga goo -goo' all over this cute little bib. Not a problem at all !

IA350 Adorable Cow Baby Bib Price 9.95
cow baby blanket
Fleece Blue Infants Blankey
Holstein Trim ! iRelatively Cow-fordable Baby Blanky is soft and comfy !
BG900 20 by 30 inches Price 14.95

Matching Baby Cow Moosic Pillow

It Oh sooo soft baby moo-sic pillow winds up to lullabye baby to sleep.


OC110 8" wide Price 19.95
Safety Seat Cow-ver

A very good product you will actually use.

OK, admit it. After about a week, car seats are among the 'yuckiest' things around. There are seat covers for cars, why not a seat cover for car seats? Keeps the kids clean and the car seat clean. Keep your sanity because the whole thing is so sanitary !

Really, just moo-riffic ! Highest quality plastic. Tough stuff.. won't tear.

ZA280 Fits any Standard Car Seat Price 27.95
cow baby lamp
Cow over the Moon Infants Lamp

A quality lamp you may put in baby's room.

Oh,what a precious lamp. French designed 'cow over moon' lamp has a plush smiling cow 'jumping' over a yellow simling 1/4 crescent moon.

Highest quality 'furniture' for baby's room . This is a wonderful 'keepsake' piece which will be most cow-preicated. Variable illumination provided by rolling finger switch.

Moo will use this everyday.

NJ560 about 10" high Price 19.95
cow baby lamp
Precious Cow Dorable Cow Lamp

Perfect !

French designed 'cow inside fence' lamp has a plush smiling cow thats waaay too cute for words.

Highest quality 'furniture' for baby's room . This is a wonderful 'keepsake' piece which will be most cow-preicated.

Moo will use this everyday.

HH190 about 12" high Price 39.95
cow baby lamp
Cow over the Moon MOOVING Lamp

.A quality lamp you may put in baby's room.

Oh,what a precious lamp. Image MOOVES to keep moo baby stim-moo-lated !

The party lights start NOW !!

Moo will use this everyday.

AM450 about 8" square Price 24.95
cow baby nite light
Holsten Nite Lite

Perfect Gift !

No need to cow-tmplate if moo have the right size when moo choose this beautiful and wondeful quality cow nite light. Hihy sitable for baby and p to young kids rooms, too.

Moo will use this everyday.

BZ440 about 5" high Price 4.95
cow baby dish
Mooing Cow Baby Dish

.A very high quality product.

When it comes to feeding your baby, you and your child will really cow-preciate this award winning product. Yes, its a cow dish and it moos, but it is also a very high quality gift. The bottom cow-mpartment separates from the bowl and feeding spoon. The spoon is very easy to grip, and the whole dish has a rubberized bottom so it wont fall off the table or high chair. Dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. An udderly great baby dish !

DN440 10" cow tray / 5" dish 19.95
cow baby pillow
Baby Sized Pillow Pet !

Pillow Pets are all the rage ! Here's a baby sized cow pillow pet for moo youngest cow lover !

TS820 Baby / youngest kids pillow pet 19.95

cow baby toy
Beautiful Woven Cow for Baby's Room !
She will look great in moo baby's room !

Not a plush toy at all, this is a woven cow with lots of character. Wonderful design elements, too. Check out her udders !

Very cow-lassy. Simple, elegant yet understated design. Kids safe!

BH440 12" wide Price 14.95
cow puppet baby
Cow CD Puppet Pack

.Keep your kids cow happy !

A very moo-nique gift for any toddler. This is a hand puppet and a CD ! Play the CD and your kids play with the cow puppet while moo kids are listening. Wonderful stimulation to keep baby happy and entertained !

If moo are going on a trip by auto this will be a very welcomed package. Beats listneing to crying for hours on end !

MP500 Includes hand puppet and CD Price 4.95
cow baby rug
Precious Infants Cow Jumped over the Moon RUG !

Durable ! Washes better than your jeans !

Sometimes a little quality is worth a lot.

Baby's rugs take a lot of drools and dribbles. This very beautiful, colorful, and expressive rug can also TAKE IT and stand up to spilled baby food ! If you are drooling for a better rug this is it !

BP720 30 inches measured diagonally Price 29.95
cow baby rocker
Large Wooden rocking Cow !

Timeless !

Cow-lassic Cow Jumped Over the Moon Wooden Rocker for moo younger children.

Easy to assemble sturdy wood construction. For kids older than 12 months. Moove it and Rock -it !

PR500 Simple assembly required 30 inches long Price 29.95
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