Cows By the Yard
Your home will be sew great when you buy our cotton smooooth moo-terial by the yard.
DA180 By the Yard Price 7.95
Large 3D Refrigerator Moognet
Not a typical 'flat' magnet at all, this 3-D cow really stands a-head of everything else on your refrigerator door..
DA220 Size 2" x 2" x 3" Price 5.95
Pewter Picture Frame
Mootiful Moo-meries ! Shiny, glossy excellent quality cow picture frame with oval insert ! Moo-tallic Finish !
HV320 Size 6" Long Price 19.95
Area Rugs
A CowDepot exclusive !

Larger area rugs you will be proud to use in any home. These are high quality stain and fade resistant durable polypropelene carpets seared all around to protect the edges.

More importantly, look at that pattern !

DA900 5 feet " x 3feet" Price 79.95

Cow-lorful Welcome Mat
Brilliant Vibrant Colors !

They won't forget whose home they are in when you welcome all with this very large, thick, study heavy duty welcome mat !

These 3 cows will greet one and all with a touch of 'c(ow)lass.'

TV680 Welcome Mat Size 26 x 20" wide Price 24.95
Cow Chalk Board
Great Product ! Blowout Price !

If you are looking for an inexpensive, very 'cow' item with LOTS of uses, then this is your chalk board. Relatively large and quite sturdy, it hangs by it's 'tail' on any wall. Great for home, kitchen even outdoors and especially great for restuarants or barbeque joints.. you will LOVE this !

The little legs 'dangle' with rope, the cow has a checkered cloth scarf around it's 'neck' - and it even has a canvas bag attached so that moo make put your chalk there ! Chalk not mo-cluded.

TV690 Chalk Board 18" high Price 19.95
Tea Party Time ! Teaset for two !
What an incredible item ! Cow Tea Set!

Wonderful quality Wicker Basket holds a set of 4 porcelain cow decorated items. ! This set is cow-plete it even includes little metal spoons !

Moo-cludes tea pot, sugar creamer, teacups and saucers ! Easy put away so moo may moove it to lots of tea parties !

GF800 Wicker Basket Porcelain Cups/Saucers Teapots 18" wide Price 59.95
How Now Brown Cow Pen
Our stylish ballpoint cow pen lets you cow-pose your thoughts and cow-municate with the world. The largest pen you'll own 5 " tall !
DA230 Size 5" Tall Price 5.95
Black Spot Cow Pen
Sign all of your documents with distinction in your best cow-lligraphy. A large keepsake moo will cherish.
DA270 Size 5" Tall Price 5.95
Teapot Cow Votive
Light up your life with this very pretty cow votive. The teapot top is an oil burner, too.. Simple,.beautiful and just plain 'nice'.
DN900 Price 24.95
Gourd-geous Birdfeeder
Yes, it is a real hand painted gourd in cow motiff. Very pretty. You'll be proud to keep it 'hanging around' outside as a bird feeder !
DA300 Size 16" Tall and UP- no two are the same Price 38.95
Gorgeous Cow Art Glass Desk Light
Very high end simply gorgeous desk or table light. Hand Blown from stunning Art Glass, it truly is a work of art that happens to also be a lamp. Stunning !
DA510 Size 4" x 5" Price 150.00
Gorgeous Cow Made of Beads. Beads and Beads with shiny Pink Udder !
Our picture does not do 'justice' to this shimmering shiny accent piece made cow-pletely of beads. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Put it is a place of distinction it will light up the room without any bulbs at all.

BH630 Size 10" long 8" high Price 29.00
Holy Cow 'Flying' Wooden Accent
A decor accent of 'substance' this is a very sturdy cow made cowpletely of detailed, relatively heavy wood. Includes a 'fishing line' string to hang on the ceiling if moo wish. A great find ! We are most pleased to offer this Holy Cow at this price !
BH640 Size 12" long Price 29.95
Wood Cow 'Head' Trinket Box
A decor accent of 'substance' this is made cowpletely of nice quality wood. Opens up to store all sorts of of moo goodies !
AL250 Size 6" by 6" by 4" deep Price 19.95
Clementine Cow Kitty's Critters Cow-lectible
She's udderly moo-pealing, don't you think ? This is Clementine the Cow-lectible from Kitty's Critters. She has beautiful wide eyes and a look ready to steal your heart.
KM810 Size 6" high Price 29.95
Jolene Kitty's Critters Cow-lectible
Jolene is a dream ready to keep moo smiling even when you don't feel like smiling. One look at ger wide eyed smile and you will, too.
KM810 Size 10" long Price 29.95
cow wall clock
It's ALWAYS Holstein Time !
The big hand's on the cow and the little hand's on the cow, too ! Nice Quality Large WallClock will attract lots of moo-tention ! Made of pressed wood.
BM100 Size 10" round Price 49.95 / Size 16" round Price 69.95
Gorgeous Cow Glass Wallclock
Simply gorgeous and cute as cute can be. Twelve named little cows form the 'numbers' for this stunning, creative large centerpiece wall clock made from beautiful translucent art glass. A proud addition to any room... anywhere. It is great !
DA440 Size 17" Diameter Price 59.95
Absolutely Gorgeous Nightlamp.
Your mansion will have the perfect accent when you highlight it with this absolutely gorgeous light bulb cover.
DA320 Size 6" Price 90.00
Trinket Art Figurine
Everyone appreciates what even a small piece of art can do for a home. This small accent will also hold your val-moo-bles. It has a hinged cover and is very nice indeed.
DA350 Size 4" High Price 8.95
Mootiful Electric Lamp
My goodness is this a pretty lamp ! Cows on the bottom, cow on top and mootiful pasture, sky, and barn accents. Even has little daisies hanging from the shade ! Bulb moo-cluded, too.
TV500 Size 18" Tall Price 24.95
Cast Iron Cow
Heavy metal ! This very heavy metal cast iron cow is highly suited for indoor and outdoor use.

It is a 'lantern'. A votive inside may be lit for a s-moothe-ing nighttime feeling. It is so nice, even if you never light it at all you'd be proud to own this very beautiful bovine.

MA890 15" long Price 49.95
Cow and Calf Tiffany Lamp
Our best selling lamp ! Gorgeous and realistic, this cow and calf tiffany is inspiring !

Fits nicely on any table or end table providing years of peaceful illu-moo-nation !

DA770 9" long x 6 " tall Price 79.95

Glass Cow Statue

Mootiful and whimsical, she is made of beautiful shimmering glass. from head to hoove. Relatively large she will light up any room. Little metal bell cow-dorns her neck. Very unique !

BH790 14" long x 12" high Fused Glass Price 39.95
Self Watering Cow Planter

What an interesting design. Cow planter is also a watering device for the inside flower pot. Cow Clever.. pour water into the cow and the plant automatically stays watered for days !

Nice 'desktop sized' will fit on any table.

CC330 10" long and 8" high Ceramic Price 29.95
Hanging / Unhanging cow Planter ( Moo choice ! )

One of our 'must have' cow planters. Hang it anywhere OR put it on a desk or windowsill. Cow Cute !

Nice 'desktop sized' will fit on any table OR hang. Hanging planters are the best !

TS771 10" long Porcelain Price just 9.95
"Desktop Sized' Cow Flower Pot
Smiling cow flower pot will make moo smile, too !
Moo cute !
PR100 Size 6" Tall and Round Price 12.95
Terra Cotta !
Metal Sculptured cow head, 'hooves' and tail are placed on top of this ceramic terra cotta pot. Cow interesting we have never seen one quite like it !
CF950 Size 6" diameter Price 14.95
Earth Tone Cow Planter
Look how precious the lttle brown cow's hands are 'folded' to it's chest. Has kind of an earthy 'good manure' feel to it.. that's what grows the plants !
PR600 9" tall / 5" round Price 12.95
Cow Flower Pot Set
Beautiful set of planters. They are so pretty we heartily suggest that you use them for indoor plants if moo prefer. Excellent quality porcelain.
DA470 2 Pc Set Price 19.95
Porcelain Hanging Cow !
Very De-cow-rative! NIce quality shiny porcelain cow with a handle. Use for hanging or hanging artificial flowers or such... it's cow-dorable !
BG600 Ten inch long Porcelain Price 19.95
Pewter Metal Bank
Cute! Moo don't need an MBA in business to know that moo should save Moo-lah.

A moo-tiful pewter sculpture bank that won't loose your interest ( ha ha ).

GC900 Size 5" Price 24.95
Welcome Plaque !
Makes moo feel right at home !

CowDorable inexpensive wooden welcome plaque hangs indoors or outdoors. Very lightweight so it hangs on just about any tack, screw or finishing nail.

The raffia 'hay' is a nice touch. It's cute !

NU500 Size 12" wide Price 7.95
Welcome Sign !
Makes moo feel right at home !

Relatively large (about 18 inches) long welcome sign almost makes moo forget to knock. Very pleasant yet 'rustic' feel to it. Come on in !

The raffia 'hay' is a nice touch,too !

PH130 Size 18" wide Price 17.95
Holstein Glitter Globe
Moo-ti-ful !

This is a very moo-nique piece. Sparking glitter flows throughout this water globe with the prettiest Holstein inside. The Holstein is glittery itself kind of like a high quality Christmas Ornament. Wind up the moosic box and hear the gentle moo-lo-dy as you watch the little cow go round and round.

A great 'quality thru and thru' piece for sure.

NY980 Size 8" tall Price 59.95
Udderly Moosical Cow Snow Globe
A cow-tastic globe at a great price !

Cow-mical 'Doukie' cow 'sits' in a globe amidst evergreen trees. Go ahead, turn 'on' the batttery moo-perated globe.

The globe starts 'snowing and moo-ing !' Very pink base is udder-ly cow-dorable.

What a great gift !

BO340 Size 8" tall Price 19.95
Mini Globe
Itsy-bitsy !

Perfect size for a window sill or desk. Decent quality and it sparkles when you shake it !

BH310 Size 3" Price 4.95
Better Quality Mini Globe
Itsy-bitsy and Detailed.

Perfect size for a window sill or desk. Very detailed pasture and fence scene adorns a beautiful base. Shiny and it 'snows' when you shake it !

SN270 Size 3" Price 9.95
Red Barn Cow Weather Vane Moosic Box !
Classic ! ON SALE Just 19.95 !

Just what you would expect frrom a classic cow gift !

Wind it up and watch the cow spin s l o w l y ! Plays ( you guessed it ) Old MacDonald had a farm !

XM270 Size 14" tall Ceramic/Resin/Metal Price ON SALE 19.95
Moo-sic Box Bobblehead
Moo-credible Bargain !

Nice details on the metal moosic box. Wind it up and see the spilled milk can, daisy and wood fence ' spin round and round on a green 'pasture' stand.

Bobble head moosic box - its' very pleasing to watch it go 'round and 'round.

ND130 Size 8" diameter Price 9.95
Natural Wood Music Box
Cow-ver Picture is an actual cow photo at the Indina State Fair

All Natural Grain Wood, too. Wind it up hear the gentle sounds.

A very nice gift and somewhat of a 'bargain' for the price.

EM460 Size 8" high Price 29.95
Gorgeous Bank
A very unique display piece for your home.

Place this display quality porcelain sculpture in a place where all can admire it.. it is gorgeous. It is a bank, but really it is probably too pretty for pennies and dimes... you would never want to break this open it is way too pretty.

A very moo-nique piece you will be proud to display in your home or workspace. Includes a gold 'cow bell' on a gold chain that wraps all the way around.

ZA320 Size 6" tall Price 39.95
Very Unique Red Barn Trinket Box
Beautiful, classic design in a Trinket Box. Moo won'r find this around too often it is a very moo-ti-fil trinket box ! HInged Cow-ver hides little stuff. Little cow adorns the outside it is sooo cute !
NY600 Barnyard Trinket Box 4 Tall Price 9..95
TeaPot Trinket Hide-a-Way Box
This cow's a little tea pot. This very popular British design is perfect for tea time. Tea with milk, everyone ?
DQ340 Size 3" Price 7.95
'Circus' Cow Trinket Box
We have some great trinket boxes ! If you love Eastern style art, moo will love this cow trinket box. This cow looks like it belongs in the circus parade ! Nice details and very moonique !
KM400 4" tall Price 17.95
Cow Top Tea Pot Trinket Box
A Holstein Trinket Box! Holstein Cow sit atop a Holstein Spot teapot, and includes a little Holstein Minature for inside ! A slightly larger variety trinket box, too.
KM410 Size 5" Tall Price 17.95
Tiny Gold Trinket Box
Don't be fooled by her size.. she's simply beautiful!.

Porcelain Gold trimmed trinket bix is only 1 1/2 inches long.

Gorgeous !

NJ440 Size 1 1/2" Price 14.95
Mary's MooMoo Flower Girl
If you love flowers, you will treasure this precious little MooMoo holding a bouquet of white and yellow roses. She is ready to steal your heart she is so precious.
KM410 Size 3" Price 24.95
Heavy Cast Iron Door Stop
What a great 'old fashioned' door stop. Place it against any door.. even the barn door is 'heavy duty' and does the job.
MA920 Size 12" Price 29.95
cow door bell
Heavy Cast Iron Door Bell
Finally a door bell that's really a bell. Nostalgic 1930's look! Pull the cord it actually dings and dongs. Sturdy. Attractive. A 'must' for a true moo look !
BG520 Size 12" Price 39.95
Rustic Antiqued Bronze Cast Apparel Hook
If you cow-dore the look of old fashined A-moo-ricana, this is your hook. Strudy as sturdy can be for indoor or outdoor use.
NY230 Size 6" high metal Price 9.95
Rustic Antiqued Off WhiteCast Apparel Hook
If you cow-dore the look of old fashined A-moo-ricana, this is your hook. It has a rustique old-fashioned style. Looks like it's a true antique about 100 years old but it is brand moo.
NY700 6" long Price 9.95
Rustic Antiqued Off White Double Cast Apparel Hook
This style hook is about the same size as the one to the left but it holds twice as much moo-parrel !
NY710 Size 6" long metal Price 9.95
Sturdy Hanging Hook
Mounts to any wall indoor or outdoor with one screw.

Made to last.! Inexpensive.Cow-lassic design !

HV660 10" Tall Price 7.95

Cow on a Windmill ! BLOWOUT Priced (get it?)
An-udder cow-lassic design!

The cow really swings and the windmill really turns ! Put it by the fan or just blow on it. Windmills are just great - sometimes life on the farm is the way to go. Who needs all the technology and costs when a simple cow top windmill will do the job !

XM340 7" Tall Price SALE 3.95

Outdoor Metal Welcome Hangar
Welcome says it all! Outdoor quality very metal rugged all weather metal hanger will be there in ice rain or snow ! Screw into any wall.
NV680 Black Cast Iron 14" Wide Price 29.95
Outdoor Cow Metal Hangar
Screw this cow into any wall and hang 'things' from it like flower pots or chimes. Suitable for outdoor use 365/24/7 all weather !
NV690 12" Wide Includes Screws Price 27.95
Concrete Stepping Stone !
Watch your step !

Stepping stones are one of those things which make a house a home ! Great looking cow stepping stones for rugged outdoor use. Lay a few out all the way to pasture !

NY250 Twelve inch diameter concrete Price 24.95
Cow Cute Red Round Rug !
A very special offering.

What a great accent for any kids room, den. or office. Bright red with the most cow-dorable 'happy cow' woven in the rug. We were thrilled to be able to offer this very moo-nique design to our val-moo'd cowstmers !

WU170 Thirty inch diameter rug. Price 79.95
Genuine John Deere Cow Bank
The real deal !

Genuine licensed John Deere 'pasture green' cow bavk.

If moo or anyone moo know has ever spent time on a John Deere.. you won't find a more cow-preciated giift.

They will LOVE this - hay hay hay !

BO380 Ten Inch Porcelain Bank Price 29.95
cow tin box
Inexpensive Tin Box
Kinck Knack Box ?

Whatever Moo need to do with it - it's cute for the price. Pasture Scene print.

Includes Cow-ver !

AL100 Six Inch Tin Price 4.95
cow apparel hook
Apparel Hook !
Moo-tiful ! Durable !

One of our favorites ! Holds four garments !

Moo will always remember where moo overcoat is - who could forget such an nostalgic look coat hangar ?

BG530 Wood... about a foot long Price 29.95
Cow Apparel Hook
A cute as cute can be metal hook for moo apparel. Holds one hat, scarf or sweater.. not really a 'heavy duty hook' more of a lightweight decowration.
ND490 7" Tall with hook Price 14.95
Moo-derne Cow Apparek Hook
Anudder cute metal hook for moo apparel. Modern design accents. Holds one hat, scarf or sweater.. not really a 'heavy duty hook' more of a lightweight decowration.
ND500 7" Tall with hook Price 11.95
Cow Head Hook
One of the most beautiful cow items we have ever seen. A very 3-D sculptured Holstein head with a gorgeous gold colored ball hook for hanging clothing and such.

This item is gorgeous. Top shelf, classy it is great !

BO420 10" Tall with hook Mounts to any wall Price 59.95
DoorBell Plate
A-nudder moo-nique product from CowDepot !

Place this little cow around your doorbell to greet all who enter moo home !.

BO430 4" Doorbell Mount 12.95
Cow Thermometer !
OutDoor Ther-moo-meter ! Suction cup it to the window so moo can see the tem-per-moo-ture while moo are indoors NOT outdoors.

FUN-ctional !

EM280 8" Sticks to any window Price 12.95
Cute Cow Hook
Says 'Hook it up '

Good advice ! Cute little household inexpensive 'accent' will hold lightweight cow-lothing items and such.

EM290 8" Price 9.95
Suction Cup Outdoor Cow Thermometer
OutDoor Ther-moo-meter ! Suction cup it to the window so moo can see it indoors. Traditional timeless design.

FUN-ctional !

HR320 Sticks to any window Small 8 inch Price 12.95

Traditional Metal Cow Thermometer
Brand Moo but looks (very) yesterday !

Outdoor ! Stands the test fo time ( just rusts a little that makes it even nicer )

HR390 BIG 20 inches Tall Price 19.95

Cow Bell !
It really 'ding dongs', too ! Just a great de-cow-ration. It is for moo and your home not 'really' for a cow at all.

Cow-lassic !

EM760 12" high with strap Metal Bell / Leather Strap Price 9.95

Rainbow Bank
If you like things bright and rainbow colored this bank will not disappoint moo. About 8" long and 6" wide.. it is very round so it hold lots of moo-lah. Handcrafted from wood.
DN700 Very Round Price 19.95
Cow Legs Apparel Hook
A very cow-leverly designed apparel hook. This cow's legs are the hook. Legs stick stright out to hold you hat, scarf, lightweight coat... even an umbrella with a big handle. They are priced 'right' so you can order more than one if you wish and hang them next to each other.

Hand Carved from wood and hand painted by artisans.

DQ220 Cow Legs Apparel Hook 10" tall x 5" wide Price 5.95
Cow Frame Apparel Hok
A wooden frame with metal scrolls surrounds this ceramic cow. It is also a hook so you may hang apparel, too.

A very mootiful addition to your wall space

DA880 12" Tall with hook Price 9.95
Bobblehead Daisy Cow
Cute de-cow-ration to keep aound the house. Lightweight bobblehead bobbles around a lot in very gentle breeze.

Moo-credible Bargain !! Cow-sider getting one for each of moo friends !!

ZA360 9" wide 4.95
"Accordian' Cow Fold
A very nice and somewhat unique home accent. Use it as a decow-ration or to 'create space'. Made of formica coated wood, it stands about a foot tall and has a great scene of cows in a more natural western setting.
ZA370 12" x 18 " stretched out Price 17.95
Itty Bitty Table
It sure looks like a table but it is sooo small you'll only be able to place deorations such as flower pots on top of it. We think moo will like it.. it is a great home accent. Of course, it has a cutie-pie styled cow with a yellow ribbon on top.
ZA380 12" x 8" high Price 22.95
Indoor/Outdor Cow Letter Holder
Check out the 'hay' in the cow's mouth.

Very sturdy cow is 3-D resin. Hooves are positioned over the letter box made of wood. This is one of the best items we have ever offered for the price.

There in 'no such thing' as a cow lover who would not love this resin cow with hay in its mouth !

BH300 10" tall x 10" wide Price 29.95
Welcome Metal Swinger
Nice quality metal wall hanger ! A porcelain cow 'swings' from a relatively large welcome sign. You and your guests will certainly feel welcome when you see it - how nice !
KG260 12" high and wide Price 12.95
Cool Cow Nite Lite
This 'way cool' nite lite is made of 3D foam for a cool kid look. Goes great in either your kid's room or den.

Check out that tungsten - it lites up real good !

ZA370 5 " Tall Price 17.95

Spinning Cow Nite Lite
OK, this is 'super interesting.' It's a nite light (OK, that was easy) but the shade spins. There are no moving parts ! Simple as simple can be ! Heat from the light bulb rises and simple convenction causes the lamp shade to spin 'cause the top looks like a fan shape.' Even if the light it is not on any 'wind' at all will cause it to gently spin. An open window or even the fan from your heating /cooling system will do it. Cow Clever ( really .. it is VERY clever !)
HV970 Electric Light Plug it in Price 17.95
Moo Cow Nite Lite
Moo lite up your life ! Very MOO Holstein Cow shaped and nicely boxed larger nite light. Plug it in - that's it ! Why take chances on moo-n light when you can always have MOO light !
YK920 Electric Light Plug it in Price 24.95
Cow Lampshade Nite Lite
Your neighbors won't have this one. It's a nite lite that's made like a lampshade Imbues a very wonderful glow !
DN320 6" wide x 2" deep Price 19.95
Cow Wood Cut Light Switch Cover
Oh my goodness what a great down home look !
UE140 Single Toggle Price 14.95
Sleepy Cow Nite Lite
A great value ! This is a cow-dorable nite lite. The little cow is holding a teddy bear and wearing a 'sleepy time' nite cap with the little tassle. Cow Cute !

Also, this is GE brand, folks.. so electrically it is just fine. It is Automatic, so it goes on at nite and off during the day. No need to turn it on or off at all. It also inlcudes a child's safe Saf-T-Gard.

These are sooo nice we realize that you may want to put one or two in every room of your house, so we have a great 'quantity discount' if you order 5 at a time.

KG100 General Electric Nite Lite Price 4.95 ea. / 5 for 2.95 ea.
Cow Pet Blanket
A very thick, lush blanket. It is specially treated with a secret for-moo-la which repels pet hair. You'll love it and your cats and dogs will love it, moo !
DO240 3ft x 6 ft. Price 34.95
Large Size Porcelain Hideaway Box / Jewelry Holder
She's as pretty as pretty can be ! A very moo-nique and feminine porcelain cow cow-plete with flowers and a gold bell ! Her dairy-aire opens and cow-loses to reveal a nice sized cow-partment for hideaway and jewelry. Large enough to hold a watch she is stunning !
WN320 Size 8" long x 5"high Price 29.95
Gorgeous Baked Porcelain SwitchPlate
Moo-tiful Holstein with Udders'in air' leaps over the moon and into your home. High quality baked enamel finish just gorgeous!
NY790 Most Colorful Single Switch Plate Price 19.95
Porcelain Single Wall Outlet Switch Plate
Cow pretty ! De-cow-rate your whole home simply and inexpensively with these switchplates. Porcelain with cute cows. Single switch or toggle we have moo both.
NO590 Price 9.95
Porcelain Double Wall Outlet Switch Plate
Cow pretty ! De-cow-rate your whole home simply and inexpensively with these switchplates. Porcelain with cute cows. Double switch.
NO600 Price 12.95
Cow and Red Barn Switch Plate
This is once very pop-moo-lar light switch plate cover. Did mention it goes great in the barn, too ? Nicely Boxed.
HA920 Price 9.95
'3-D' Gorgeous Light Switch Cover
If your lights don't light up your home these switchplates will !

Mootiful.. just great.

Sorry single swith only but these are gorgeous '3-D' Holsteins with pasture and barn, too !

BH430 Single Switch Only Price 9.95
'Traditional Design Light Switch Cover
De-cow-rate your whole barn with these !

Timeless design

Single swith.

HR30 Single Switch Cover Price 9.95
Wooden Sitting Cows
Cow clever. Wooden Cows in a sitting position, so keep 'em hanging around. Place on the end of any shelf.
DN320 Large 6" Small 3" Price 9.95 / 6.95
Circus Designer Cow Ceiling Fan Pull
Interesting, don't moo agree ?!

Classic look of yesteryear ! Cow has a 'beautifully decow-rated, embroidery look' blanket on top.

PE780 8" wide Price 8.95

Wooden Mooving Arm and Legs Shelf Sitter
Primitives are so in vogue... and this shelf sitter is really primitive ! We wish we could tell you it was 'hand made by native craftspersons practicing age old centuries folk techniques' but alas it is made in China or Indonesia like most of the other stuff we have.

Anyway, it sure looks like lt was made by native craftpersons thats for sure ! It also includes a string so it does not have to be a 'sitter' per se, moo may hang it, too !

SN380 8" long Stretched Out Price 9.95
'Primitive' Cloth Shelf Sitter
Cloth ! Nicer Quality ! We call this a priimitive but she is really very nicely made for the price. She's got very long dangling legs. Also, she does not 'sit' all that well, either. Moo could use her as a decowration on a couch or even on a pillow.. something to support her. Also, she is actually nicer quality then pictured. Moo wil like her ! A good 'find' at this price - almost a 'bargain.'
HA330 12" Long cloth Price 5.95
Cow on Little Wagon
There isn't a kid in the world who did not enjoy riding on a little red wagon. Well, this cow does, too !

Sits on your table though so moo will have to pull it on a desk or kitchen table.

ON SALE Blowout Price Get One For Everyone !!

TV340 5" Cart Stretched Out with cord about a Foot Price 3.99 each
Cow Metallic Candle Holder
This is actually one of our favoite 'nice for the price' items.

Place a candle on top and that's about it.. simple as that. Moo may wish to cow-sider getting a pair of these at this blowout price !

ON SALE Blowout Price Get One For Everyone !!

SE940 8" Metal Cutest Cow Candle Holder 3.99 each
Texture Fabric 'Painting'
Very interesting artwork indeed. This cow and barn scene looks like it is painted but it is not.. this is textured fabic not oil at all. We love it and trust that moo will, too.
TV330 11" x 16" Price 39.95
Winter Cow Picture Frame
Cow on a snowy winter night. Looks great on ant wall. This is a larger picture with frame moo-cluded. A classic look indeed.
ND600 24"wide x 16" high Price 29.95
Mantle Picture and Frame
Unique picture trame with mantle adds an interesting touch to any room. Picture of cow in winter and mantle would look great around a fireplace, don't moo think?
ND610 16" long at top x 12" high Price 24.95
Holstein OIL Painting !
Oh my goodness a real treasure ! Looks GREAT anywhere. Wonderful quality Oil Painting makes your home or office feel like an art Moo-seum !
A Real Oil Painting. This is 'art' not 'just a print', folks ! Very lightweight. Easily hangs on any wall.
BP410 36" high at top x 24" high Price 129.95
VERY LARGE Excellent Woodcarved Chalk Board!
Excellent.. there is no udder way to describe this most wonderful heavy duty Chalk Board.
Many uses. Certainly a great de-cow-ration for your home... but if moo happen to have a Restaruant and write the Daily Special on this chalk board it could pay for itself by the end of the night !
Wood Carved Cows on the bottom of the frame are 'special.' NOT just painted or printed it is wood carved. A VERY sturdy piece.
BP420 30" high at top x 30" high Price 249.95
Holstein OIL Painting !
Oh my goodness a real treasure ! Looks GREAT anywhere. Wonderful quality Oil Painting makes your home or office feel like an art Moo-seum !
A Real Oil Painting. This is 'art' not 'just a print', folks ! Very lightweight. Easily hangs on any wall.
BP410 36" high at top x 24" high Price 129.95
LARGE and interesting MESH Wall HANGAR
There aren't too many udders who will have such a beautiful and functional wall hangar. It's LARGE so it will take up quite a bit of wall space !
Many uses. Certainly a great de-cow-ration for your home or business. It's MOO-g-netic ! Moo-cludes two cow-dorable milk bottle moo-gnets and two 'clip' moognets so moo can get organized in a rustic sorta way. 'Antique' look ! A real Cow-versation piece !
A VERY moo-nique piece.
AP150 28" long x 18" high Metal Price 99.95
Cow Wooden Man and Milk Bottle Statue
A picture is worth a thousand words. One look is all you need to cow-preciate this high quality wooden carving.
KG270 Wooden Cow, Man, and Milk 12" Tall Price 39.95
Our Best Quailty Cow Statue
Excellent Qauilty, sturdy Resin Cow with very cow-lorful flowers on back and Raffia accents. About 11 inches wide and 'desktop' size. Heavy. Quality. Will last for decades.
PF610 Heavy Quality Resin 11" wide Price 49.95
Farmer and Milk Maid Milking the Cow !
Really captures the essence of life on the farm.
BP260 Resin Sculpture 10" long Price 29.95
Lightweight Standing Cow Statue
Relatively lightweight 10" wide, yet she has great details ! Cow Standing looks very 'realistic' on any shelf or desktop.
MP940 Resin Sculpture 10" long Price 19.95
Large Metal Art Lantern
Definitely in the art category.

It is an very large ( approx 2 1/2' wide x 20" tall )artistic piece and not an acutal cow replica at all.

Very moo-nique. The head has a spring on it so it somewhat 'bobbles.' It is also a lantern. There is a metal door in the back so you may place a votive in it for il-lu-moo-nation. I For art lovers for sure. Really more of an indoor or den de-cow-ration than an outdoor piece.... although you could certainly moo-ve it outdoors for a night or two to enjoy the glow

Very hard to find we have them though ( of course).

NV980 2 1/2" long metal Price 79.95
Moo-nique Cow Art Statue
Definitely in the art category. 3-D it is not a flat object.

It is an very large ( approx 4 1/2' wide x 16" tall x 26") artistic piece for INDOOR use.

Very nice ! It looks like those cow weathervanes however it is art not a real weather vane. LARGE! Mounts to any wall.

Very hard to find we have them though ( of course).

AL280 16" tall 26" long compostite and relatively lightweight Price 99.95
Say hola! to Ricardo !

Ricardo looks like a cow who is in cow-trol !

Her head is down and she know what she wants.Raffia accents surround her ( hay hay hay ).

Nicely wood burned name tag around her neck indeed says Ricardo for authenticity.

Moo-ti-ful !

Very decorative carved wooden details..

WD200 10" long x 8" high 19.95
Bull !

This is Cow Depot. We don't have too many bulls at all - but a few well placed bulls are necessary, are they not ?

Oscar is everything moo would want in a bull. Sturdy, handsome and he know his place. Oscar won't move unless you help him!

What the heck keep Oscar around and keep the girls in a good mood.

Wooden carving.

Nice Quality

WD210 10" long x 8" high 19.95
Her name is Gracie
She's Precious, don't moo agree ?

Just look at that endearing face !

Put her anywhere. She won't talk to you but you can talk to her all day and all night ( we do... but don't tell anywone , please.)

She's a real good listener!

Raffia Accents !

Excellent Quality Carved Wooden Statue.

WD220 10" long x 8 " high 19.95
Nicely Detailed Mom and Calf Sculpture !
Ahh, the calf needs her Mom !

Just look at that endearing sculpture !

It is resin, but it looks like wood. The base looks like mahogany.. very nicely done !

Holsteins !

A 'keepsake' decoration.

BP230 10" long x 8 " high 29.95
Mom and Calf Resin Sculpture !
Ahh, the calf needs her Mom !

A very nice, realtively inexpensive resin sculpture to add to moo cow-lection.

Feels like moo are back in the pasture just by looking at 'em!

Holsteins !

Medium size sculpture about 6 inches long.

PO140 6" long x 5 " high 14.95
Mom and Calf Resin Sculpture !
Ahh, the calf and her Mom !

A very nice, realtively inexpensive resin sculpture to add to moo cow-lection.

Feels like moo are back in the pasture just by looking at 'em!

Holsteins !

Medium size sculpture about 6 inches long.

PO170 6" long x 5 " high 14.95
Mom and Calf Resin Sculpture !
Ahh, how cute Mommy kissing baby calf !

A very nice, realtively inexpensive resin sculpture to add to moo cow-lection.

Certainly remind moo of the better moo-ments of life on the farm !

Holsteins !

Medium size sculpture about 6 inches long.

PO190 6" long x 5 " high 14.95
Mom and Calf Resin Sculpture !
Ahh, how cute Mommy with baby calf !

Wow, udderly adorable relatively inexpensive resin sculpture to add to moo cow-lection.

Certainly remind moo of the better moo-ments of life on the farm !

Holsteins !

Medium size sculpture about 6 inches long.

PO200 6 " long x 5 " high 14.95
Smaller Resin Cow Sculpture/b>
Inexpensive Cow Resin Sculpture

Cow, Calf and Milk Pail.. kind of sums it up at a less cost ! !

BP240 5" long 4" wide Price 5.95
Smaller Holstein Daisy Affordable Sculpture
Nice CowSculpture at an even nicer price ! Cow-sider getting a few a 'gifts' these are very cowfordable !
BP250 4" wide x 3" tall Price 3.95
Beautiful Stained Glas Look Suncatcher
A cow-lassic look.

Puts all in a good mood when the sun shines thru !

BH320 6" long 5" wide Price 4.95
Heart Shaped Stained Glas Look Suncatcher
Mootiful. Says 'May gentle moments come your way.'
BH330 6" wide 5" tall tall Price 4.95
Little Wooden Cow Milk Bottle Statue
A very nice detailed desk or table de-cow-ration. Wooden hand carved cow with milk bottles 'strapped' to the side. She is holding a basket in your mouth.
N0630 5" long Price 6.95
Write on Porcelain Bank
Write your Moo-sages.. then wipe 'em off with the little yellow daisy eraser ! Write on Banks are fun ! Save moo-lah, too !
DA650 12" Tall Price 14.95
Pendulum Cow Clock
Very moo-dern and fas-cow-nating design ! A great clock, too !
DN150 10" Tall Price 24.95
Cow 'MilkMaid' Statue
This cow has a very old-fashioned, simple 'paper mache' look. It's soooo cute ! Standing cow has a daisy and jewels around the neck, and holds a milk bucket. She will brighten your day!.
DP310 Size Ten Inches High Price 9.95
Hanging Lightweight Welcome De-cowration
Brings a smile to just about everyone. Just hang it on any wall it is very lightweight and moo cute !
ND890 Size Ten Inches High Price 9.95
Wedding Cows !
A relatively large sculpture of the happy couple ! What a most wonderful wedding present that will become a forever keepsake. Pick it up it is 'heavy' and durable.

You will love looking at this happy couple in love for years to come.

OC680 Wedding Cow Couple 9" Tall Polyresin Sculpture Price 29.95
Cow Basket !
A beautiful, soft cloth covers the bottom of this nice quality wicker basket. The cloth is printed with a picture of this cow in a pasture.

Basket size is approx 6" x 8" and holds about half a loaf of bread or whatever else moo want to use it for.

K0340 8" x 6" Price 7.95
White Cow Candle
Moo-tiful cow candle wuth chocowlate fragrance.

Moo-ti-fuly sculpted candle.

NO370 4" long Price 5.95
Brown Cow Candle
Moo-tiful cow candle wuth chocowlate fragrance.

Moo-ti-fuly sculpted candle.

NO380 4" long Price 5.95
Holstein Candle with Bell and Horns
We try to have a large selection. We do offer some very nice votives and candles.

Having said that, this one is 'special.' This very pretty. shiny, softly scented Holstein Candle will light up any cow lover's face.


MP460 About 5" long Price 12.95
American Made Wall Tapestry
This very detailed wall hanging tapestry was originally commissioned by, you guessed it, the State of Wisconsin.

It is very lightweight and may easily be placed in any suitable place with as little as a simple thumbtack to hold it in place.

Pictured from top to bottom are the breeds Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Jersey,Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn and Holstein.

NV240 3' tall x 10" wide Price 19.95

Keepsake Box !
What a find ! Gold Clasped Mahogany box with the most beautiful Holstein Pasture Scene Tile on top. The kind of decowration moo will keep for years !

A timeless keepsake for moo keepsakes !

CF310 6" wide x 4" deep Price 19.95
Mahogany Keep Sake Box
Very beautiful, moonique, and useful.

Clasped sturdy box has a most beautiful tile on top. Proudly keep moo keepsakes in this box it is well worth the price.

CF320 6" wide x 4" deep Price 19.95
Gorgeous Art Glass Cow
Artglass is stunning. This is one of our favorites. A beautiful pice which looks great anywhere in your home.

Moo will LOVE this. They make great gifts for friends and wonderful 'cow-preciation' gifts for co-workers or employees... even 'bosses.'.

Very high quality at a not so high quality price.

BO220 6" long Price 29.95

Gorgeous ArtGlass Cow
Gorgeous, very thick and heavy artglass piece is a lot nicer in person than pictured here..

Stunning and surprisingly cow-fordable. Usually these higher quality pieces are about double the cost.

NO550 6" long Price 29.95

Holstein Inspired ArtGlass Cow
Gorgeous, Holstein 'inspired' artglass in a very rare find.

A study base give this artglass a unique look.

NY640 6" tall Price 24.95
Larger Artglass Sculpture
Moo-ti-fil Holstein 'inspred' artglass is larger than most.. about twice the size of our other artglass sculptures. Makes a beautiful home or office de-cow-ration. Artglas is just sooo nice no wonder it is sooo pop-moo-lar !

NY990 10" tall Price 49.95
Cow Burner
Wax potpourri burner (also called "simmer pot", "tart warmer", "tart burner", "potpourri burner" or many other names) for use with wax potpourri from Yankee Candle, Colonial Candle, Old Virginia Candle, Bridgewater Candle, Scentchips and more. Approximately 4-1/2" high and 3-3/4" wide at the widest part.
KM570 4 1/2" tall Price 14.95
Cow on Tractor
A very bright and colorful cow on tractorr resin decoration. She'll cheer you up she's just sooo charning and a-moos-ing !
BO170 5" tall Price 9.95
Cow Funny !
Cute 'statue' to cheer moo up. Inexpensive for this size. We like the long hairy tail !
CF360 10" high Resin Price 9.95
Brown Cow Sculpture
Very interesting Brown Cow Deskyop resin sculpture. Classy ! If you are a lover of brown cows, this will make moo day !
XM300 6" long Price 7.95
Metal Cow Sculpture
Artistc Cow ! Inexpensive 'pretty good quality' art for your desk or shelf.
XM300 5" long Metal Price 5.95
Cow Candy Dish
This beautiful candy dish is actually a unique metal cow supporting a very attractive 'crystalline' glass bowl whcih may be used for candy and treats for guests. Cow entertaining !
KO280 10" Diameter Price 19.95
Cow Table Lite
A pretty table light suitable for end tables and small spaces. It is more of a night lite and gives soft illumination which will not hurt the eyes with bright glare. Very attractive - may b e used in kids and babies rooms, too.
KO290 6" long Price 29.95
Milk Bottle Set
What cow decor ! Two milk bottles in an old fashioned metal carrier. One for milk and one for buttermilk. Nostalgia in your home for sure.
FC420 16" wide carry Price 24.95
Absolutely Pure Milk
What cow decor ! Place it on a shelf or desk for a great farm fresh feeling! Pretty ! Cow pic is on this glass, too. Taste. Enjoy !
TS800 10" hugh Price 12.95
Milk Bottle with Stopper
Nice, tall, very old fashioed bottle with lock tight 'mason jar style' lid. Bottle says 'Pure milk.'
NO310 18"Tall Price 12.95
Cow Analog Clock

Re-moom-ber the way clocks moosed to be? .

This good 'old fashioned; Holstein looks great and will keep you on time, too ! Shiny Porcelain Holstein Clock fits nicely on any desk or end table.

Oh my goodness...the big hand is on the two and the little hand is on the ten.
NJ300 6" high x 8" long Price 14.95
Wooden Milk Bottle

Simple is best !

The look of yesteryear is here today !

Re-live moo-mor- ies and make new ones with this wooden de-cow-ration.
TV320 10" high Price 9.95
Nostalgic Ceramic Milk Coater Set !

Moo will LOVE these coasters !

Unlike anythng else we have ever seen in this cow-tegory. First of all, they are very thick, heavy, and sturdy.

They are 'irregularly shaped' as if kiln fired by hand. There are three separate designs ( 4 coasters total ) and the holder has a definte old fashioned 'country feeling' to it. Price is just 14.95 for all but they will last for decades !

EM400 4" square Set of Four includes metal holder Price 19.95
Very French 'Cheese Tins'

Calling all Milk Maids !

Nestable Set of Two Cow-lassic Galvanized Tins

Larger Tin has classic 'Vache' picture and the four inch round is 'Camembert.'

EM500 6" round / 4" round Set of Two Price 14.95
Very Thick Mounted Ceramic Tile

A very moo-nique de-cow-ration.

This is one moo-ti-ful gal ! Definitely not your ordinary cow picture - she's one cow-lassy cow !

The tile is VERY thick. Moo may mount it one the wall or simply put it on a table. About the size and thicknes of one 'architectural glass block' but considering the thickness she's relatively lightweight.

EM410 8" square 3" thick Price just 12.95
Wooden !2" Cow Plate

Moo-tiful De-cow-ration !

Moo don't see too many wooden plates but this is one f them !

No way this is for dinner it is for decor ! Hang it on moo wall and admire !
TV640 12" round Price 19.95
Decor Quality !2" Cow Plate

Moo-tiful De-cow-ration !

Wonderful plate to hang on any wall or place in any cabinet or hutch.

No way is this for dinner it is for decor ! Hang it on moo wall and admire !
LG400 12" round Price 24.95
Moo-ti-ful Ceramic Tile !

Moo-tiful De-cow-ration !

Hang it on the wall or stand it on a counter ( self standing 'easel' back included )

Shiny and bright Moo wil LOVE it !
HR400 12" square Price 29.95
Moo-ti-ful Ceramic Tile !

Cow on the farm. Go figure.

Hang it on the wall or stand it on a counter ( self standing 'easel' back included )

Shiny and bright Moo wil LOVE it !
GC910 12" square Price 29.95
Moo-ti-ful Ceramic Tile !

Holstein out to pasture !

Hang it on the wall or stand it on a counter ( self standing 'easel' back included )

Shiny and bright Moo wil LOVE it !
GC920 12" square Price 29.95
RED Ceramic Tile !

Moo-tiful De-cow-ration !

Hang it on the wall or stand it on a counter ( self standing 'easel' back included )

Shiny and bright Moo wil LOVE it !
HR410 12" square Price 29.95
Larger 'Raggity Ann' Style Grandma Doll
She is the belle of the home ! Relatively large about 28 inches tall doll wearing a 'Granny' style red dress and holding a pillow saying 'friends welcome.' Dolls are timeless and so it this one !
TV530 28"Tall Price 39.95
'Drink Milk' Larger Granny Doll

Great advice ! Put her on a shelf or table. She will 'sit' for you quite nicely with her fluffy skirt and dangling legs !

TV540 28" high Price 39.95
Soft Sculpt Grandma Cow Basket
Moo Grandma will LOVE this !

A great gift - she can use this !

The basket is 'real' moo make keep things in there !

Betcha Gradma bakes you a whole load of cookies to say 'thank moo !'

Approximately a foot wide. Lightweight yet very detailed and well made ! The lace on the dress and the smile on her face will make moo smile, too !

TS370 12 " wide Price 29.95
Udderly Small Artglass
Beautifully detailed smaller cow artglass. Mirrored base. Looks great on any table or desk. Moo !
HA800 3" wide Price 14.95
It'll Never Go out of Style !
Perfect ! Cow on the word cow. Look at the hay and coffee cup.. great details. Place it 'anywhere' it will last 'forever.'
NO760 3" wide each Price 9.95 per set
Miniature I 'Heart' Moo
A cute little wooden style resin sculpture .says ' I love moo.' Worth much more than we charge for sentiment alone.
NO770 3" high Price 5.95
Pefect Desktop/Tabletop/Window Gift !
I Heart Cows ! What's better than fresh milk? Place it 'anywhere' it will last 'forever.'
TS330 3" long Price 8.95
Precious. Nostalgic. A-moo-ricana !

Cow with a Lemonade Cart 'hitched' to the back.

This is simply a 'keepsake' piece which will adorn your home for years and years.

Nostalgic look and 'feel.'

GF180 Twelve inches long Price 19.95
Precious. Nostalgic. A-moo-ricana !

Cow with a Cart full of milk cans 'hitched' to the back.

This is simply a 'keepsake' piece which will adorn your home for years and years.

Nostalgic look and 'feel.' A very detailed cow 'pulling' milk cams ! What Cow-magination !

GO200 Twelve inches long Price 29.95
Precious. Nostalgic. A-moo-ricana !

Reach for the Stars !

Check out that blanket cow-vering this precious bovine... indeed it says 'Reach for the Stars.'

Good Advice ! They don't call it the Milk-y Way for nothin.

GO350 Four inches long Price 9.95
Brown Cow Resin !

Highly detailed, excellent quality 'smaller' resin brown cow. Five inch size is suitable as a desktop or even window sill decow-ration. Cowlect a few of these pieces as part of an 'ensemble.' Moo will LOVE her !

Nostalgic look and 'feel.' Lasts for decades !

GO110 Four inches long Price 9.95
Set of Two Little Cows!

Itty Bitty but incredibly detailed !

Place anywhere ! Fits on a desktop, shelf, or window sill !

Nostalgic look and 'feel.'

HA490 Each just 4 inches long. Set of Two. Price 19.95
Miniature Guernsey
Miniatures are wonderful to put on a desk or table. Details are important and this is a very nice detailed Gurensey. Cast from sand and resin it 'looks' fairly realsitic for a realtively inxpensive miniature.
MP260 4" long Price 4.95
Miniature Holstein
She'll put you in a good moo-d even if you are at your desk or cow-puter. NIcely sculpted miniature Holstien from sand and resin..
MP270 4" high Price 4.95
Moo-nique Soft Fabric Picture Frame
A very special gift.

Fabric picture frame is 'pillowy soft' and has somewhat of a 'romantic' feel to it. This picture frame is made of moo-ti-fil 'cushiony' fabric and NOT resin or metal.

Moo pictures will 'glow' in this most beautiful accent of a cow, daisies, softly tied bows and raffia.

HA750 10 " high and 6" wide Price 9.95
Cow and Calf Dec-ow-ration
Very nice quality !

Resin Cow and Calf Scene is 'heavy' and 'well made.'

Most resins of this 'genre' are lightweight and 'without character' - but we like this one ! It is 'somewhat of a bargain.'

EM730 5 " round Price 7.95
Gorgeous Holstein Cow-llectible G0D's Country Plate
Instant Classic !

Gorgeous shimmering shiny Collectible Plate to hang on your wall.

The graphics are wonderful these cows 'pop' off the wall they are soo shiny.

Limited Edition 14 firings, too. Each one is inscribed in back with the name of the plate and artist.

What a great gift ! .

SE290 10 " diameter Price 49.95
Gorgeous Cowllectible G0D's Country Plate
Instant Classic !

Just gorgeous. This limited Edition plate is a classic cow farm scene.

The plate is gold trimmed and a hue of deep pasture green. NOT for food at all - hang it on moo wall and admire !

NOT for food at all - hang it on moo wall and admire

What a great gift ! .

SE300 10 " diameter Price 49.95
Large Red Barn Cow Votive
A Real Bargain !

Nicer quality porcelain barn with cow is also a votive.

Looks great in the daytime too !

GF770 10 " high and 12" wide Price 17.95
Wonderfully Moonique Tea Light
Design, Design, Design

'Interesting' cow votive !

Relatively inexpensive and the sort of thing moo will keep for years and years. We like it ! A CowDepot Exclusive !

XM230 6 " high and 14" wide Price 17.95
Desktop Weathervane
No matter which way the wind blows, you'll always know be in cow style with this little desktop anemometer.

A cow-tastic, inexpensive metal decowration for all cow lovers. Just 6":tall fits anywhere !

DA760 6 " high and 3" wide Price 5.95
Little Votive
Just a litttle votive holder not much larger than the votive about 5" in diameter. cute ! Cows, daisies and and a barn on the back. Inexpensive, too !
NJ160 5 " diameter Resin Price 5.95
Holstein Green Plant Votive
Holstein cow and a green vine like porcelain votive jholder. Small but cute !
ND900 5" wide Price 7.95
Cow Barn Votive
Small but moo will like it !
ND910 5 " diameter Resin Price 8.95
Udderly Ridiculous Porcelain Votive
Moo will LOVE this ! One of our favorites for sure.

This is a very glossy moo-ti-fully created porcelain shiny sparkling piece. She is gold trimmed the gold just shimmers all around her ! It is abut 10 " long and 8" wide.. a very nice size. Large enough to get noticed but still easily fits on any table.

A tealight goes in the cup at top and it says 'Udderly Ridiculous.'

This cow looks like she's having FUN ! What a cow-versation piece !

DE080 10 " high and 6" wide Price 39.95
An Electric Bulb that looks like a candle !
We put this one right in with our other 'votives' cause that's where it belongs !

Cow on a cart with a tall red 'barn.' Check out that bulb ! It looks 'just like' a melting candle but it is mooletric !

OK the purists won't like put it next to your 'silk' flowers.

We still think it is very creative !

SE110 8" high Price 19.95
El Cheapo Candle Holder
Lets be honest this is a cheap little cow candle holder and it looks cheap, too !

Well, for 1.99 if moo are trying to set mood in a pasture somewhere this may be all moo need !

Holds standard size candles NOT birthday candles.

CF390 5" high Price 1.99
Set of Two !
Holstein Spots to lite up moo life !

Cow romantic is this ? . Cow-dle lit dinner for moo !

Porceain.. they look great !

DD510 3" high Price 14.95
Very Lightweight Moo Moo Hanging Metal Wall Plaque
Moo-nique to say the least.

'Primitive' design holds endless charm.

Made of metal, the cow says moo all over it. In an odd sort of way it is quite charming.. we think moo will like it.

It makes us smile for sure !

HA790 12" wide diagonally Price 12.95
Very Lightweight Green Metal Desk Accessory
Desktop Cow !

If moo would like an inexpensive 'lovely' looking metal green cow for moo desk or table.. here it is !

PO520 5" tall lightweight Price 4.95

'Tapestry' Cow Statue

Very 'pleasant.'

Canvas Cow with daisy will make moo smile.Nice to have in just about any room of your home... she 'cute.'

Really quite nice almost 'garden' like in apperrance.

BH150 6: long x 5" tall Price 8.95
Utterly Exhausted Cloth Cow Primitive
We can relate to this cow.

'Primitive' design is soft sculpt. Not really plush but rather the 'old fashioned' hand sewn look of yesteryear's dolls.

She is wearing a dress and holding a heart which says "Utterly Exhausted.'

Very lightweight...will easily fit on any shelf anywhere..

We feel for her !

PE360 12" wide Price 19.95
Moo Moo Wooden Plaque
Cow-fordable wooden hanging plaque looks great anywhere.

Moo Moo spoken here. Yes, it is !

DE010 8" wide Price 3.95
I Love Cows Wooden Plaque
We really like these plaques. Just 2.95 !

You'll love them, too !

DE020 8" wide Price 3.95-->
Cow Crossing Wooden Plaque
Hang 'em anywhere real wood looks great.

Cow crossing. Yes, they very well could be at any time at all !

DE030 8" wide Price 2.95
Cow Country Wooden Plaque
Who could want a plaque that says cow city ?

Cow Country.. yeah !

NJ710 8" wide Price 3.95
MikCan and Cow PenPot !
Beautiful !

Larger, heavy cast resin with great details and colors ! Place your pens, etc in the milk can and set this Holstein on your desk.

Very nice quality.

MP820 8" diameter Price 24.95
Excellent Quality Desk Set !
Everyone who loves cows should have one of these (very useful ) desk sets !

Looks great on mom desk ! Holds a pad of standard sized 'sticky' memoo notes AND a Gold (plated ) pen ! Holstein on your desk !

Very nice quality.

PF620 8" diameter Price 24.95
Mason Jar Holder and Topper !

Timelass !

Mason Jars have been around for well over 100 years. Set any standard Mason Jar in the Cow Calf Fence Resin Sculpture, and place the farm scene 'topper'on top. Jus cow good does it get ? Lasts and lasts moo will probably have this for decades !

MP830 8" diameter Price 29.95
Cow Decorative Sculpture

These are sooo nice they are like 'fine art' in your home.

These are shiny, mooti-ful 'solid yet dainty' black cow sculpture. They are heavy and feel amost like a rock.. but they are shiny with metal legs and tail. Very speical indeed.

Available in three sizes.

CL500 8" tall 34.95 / CL510 6" tall 27.95 / CL520 4" tall 19.95
One of our favorite designs
Purple cow votive with with Sunday hat and pearls!

This is totally moo-nique we have never seen any designs quite like it. It has a beatiful, olde southern charm for sure..

Place any ordinary tea light inside and watch her glow at night.. or simply do 'nothing' she is quite charming without any illumination at all..

Check out her matching creamer and sugar bowl in our kitchen section, too !

NV600 10" long ceramic votive Price 24.95
Shiny Picture Frame
A great shiiny metal frame . Barn, sky, cow and your good as it gets !
DN970 4 x 6 10" Tall Price 12.95
Cow Petite Votive
If you love scented candles, this petite cow porcelain votive will hold the flame moo-ti-fully !
DO480 3" Porcelain Petite Price 6.95
Cow Votive Desktop Lamp
Place a votive inside of this cow votive desk lamp for a moo-ti-ful experience.
DO490 4" x 4" Round and high Price 12.95
Designer Waterproof Paper Covered Metal Watering Can
This very moo-nique cow watering can is covered a speically coated waterproof material that adds special design accents. A very pretty piece of art... and a watering can, too.
DA400 1 Gallon Price 25.95
Cow Porcelain Figurine
Kind of like most cows, this cow doesn't have much to do. Yet she's still endearing as all cows are. Fits anywhere in your home.
DO110 8" Porcelain Accent Price 29.95
Blue Tint Sculpture
This is a ceramic sculpture but it has the look and feel of a real rock with a cow's face on it. Heavy, solid, pretty !
DV990 Size 6" Round" Price 29.95
Tall Cow Candleholders
Study Metal 'Cow Jumped Over the Moon' candle holders make an inexpensive yet very beautiful gift. NIce metal construction - they'll be used for years and years !
MA910 Set of Two 18" Tall Price 14.95
Genuine Amish Wood Cow Basket
Timeless. Made by hand. Signed by the Master Craftsman. The Cow's 'innerds' are cut concentrically so they fold out into a basket most suitable for just about any moo-casion. This is a truely classic centuries old technique which will last for years to come.
BH830 16"" Long 12" high Price 79.95
Farm Scene Frame
A nice farm scene frame. Cows graze in the pasture on the hill below the barns..
DN520 Size 4" x 6" Picture Price 16.95
Cow Cowboy Votive
Cowboy cows are as cute as cute can be, and this one is no exception. There's a little space for a votive in her back so she can light up your life !
KG420 Size 6" long and about 5" high Price 19.95
Excellent Quality Larger Realistic Picture Frame
Our Best Quality Picture Frame with a traditional Cow and Barn Scene. 'Worth the price.' Very heavy and detailed. Holds 5 x 7 Picture
HV950 Size 10" Wide x 10" Tall Price 24.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Cow-boose !
Oh for goodness sakes what a ride ! Thes little cows are in the cow-boose! A 'good feelings' piece of scuptured art. Kid on the left definitely has a Hooliday cheer kind of look. All Aboard the Moo Moo Express ! Our Mary Moo Moo's are NOT old items being resold.. they are brand moo in the box. Out of production so they get more valuable as the years go by.. but they are worth it for the price not the cow-lector status - these are soo special. Certificate of 'authenticily' included.
XM560 Size 6" Wide x 6" Tall Price 39.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Mommy Bath Time
What attention to detail ! Look at the little cow kids - they have bubbles on their heads ! Actually, we love all of the Mary Moo Moo's... there is not a sigle one which is not wonderful. Kind of like choosing a favorite among favorite songs though, this is definitley one of the best ! In the original box. Certificate of 'authenticily' included.
XM500 Size 6" Wide x 6" Tall Price 79.95
Home Improvement !
These cows are gonna to fix the place us so it will look real good before the rest of the herd comes home ! Somewhat more like Tim Allen than Eric Stommer, these guys do seen a little unorganized....and they definitley have thier minds on something udder than the task at hand. Nonetheless, the job gets done in bovine style ! If moo know ( or love ) a handyman, carpenter, painter, cow-tractor or someone in the cowstruction field... this is the gift for moo !
XM540 Size 6" Wide x 5" Tall Price 79.95
Have a Coke and a Smile! !
It's the real thing ! Authentic in the box never used Mary Moo Moo COKE! Lets face it , things go better with coke.. .and what better cow-bination for any cow lover than Mary's Moo Moo's and Coke? Get this for anyone who's ever had a cold one in the barn ! Enjoy. Real. Coke is it !
XM840 Size 5" Wide x 3" Tall Price 79.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Train Conductor Moosic Box
Oh if moo have someone in the fa-moo-ly who loves trains have we got a gift for moo. This is an authentic 'in the original box' mary Moo Moo with a Moosic Box. Wind it up and yes it does play 'Chatanooga Choo Choo.' Batteries not required a 'forever' gift.
SE270 Size 6" Wide x 6" Tall Price 49.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Moolah Guy
Gosh we hope you have as much Moo-lah as the guy on top of this jar ! He's flashing bills and rolling in the dough ! Put some moo-lah in this jar to catch up to him !
XM650 Size 6" Wide x 10" Tall Price 34.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Milk Money Jar
It's an authentic Mary Moo Moo and real 'milk money' Great idea ! Put you milk money in a milk jar not a piggy bank !
LG700 Size 6" Wide x 10" Tall Price 34.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Supermarket Shopping
What a cow-lectible ! Perfect ! This figurine really captures the cowplete essence of the supermarket 'experience.' Vivid , stunning detail and color ! . In the original box.
SE430 Size 6" Wide x 6" Tall Base included Price 79.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Two-gether !
Wee belong two-gether ! Captures the 'essemce' of friendship. In the original box.
XM900 Size 5" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Pink Wagon Mary's Moo Moo !
They call these Mary Moo Moo's but Mary must have been channeling Norman Rockewell for a lot of this figurines... really A-moo-ri-cana, don't moo agree ? In the original box.
HA100 Size 7" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary's Moo Moo 'Rosey' !
Oh, everyone loves a long stem rose including Mary's Moo Moo's. She looks oh too cute in her polka dot blue dress, too !
HA150 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
Mary's Moo Moo 'Teacher's Pet' !
Offically titled 'September.' It sure is ! Teacher / Pupil Mary holding and apple and books. Cows are smart !
HA160 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Ski Cow
A true cow-lectible ! Mary's Moo Moo all dressed up for winter fun has a snowman 'globe' in tow. Cow Precious ! In original box, out of production limited edition cow-llectible !
SE220 Size 6" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary's Moo Moo's Ski Cow
A true cow-lectible ! Mary's Moo Moo all dressed up for the Slalom.. It's all downhill from here ! Cow Precious ! In original box, out of production limited edition cow-llectible !
HA200 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
Mary's Leaf Peeper Wheel Barrow !
A true cow-lectible ! To everything there is a season... so why not take advantage of what nature has to offer ? What better way for a kid to have fun than than to get dumped in a pile of leaves ! Yes, that's a offically liscensed John Deere Wheel Barrow, too. Noth'in but first class cows around here !
HA130 Size 6" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary's Moo Moo's "I will love you for Heifer My Dear'
A true cow-lectible ! As cute and detailed as these sculptures are, the 'sayings' are 'perfect.' "I will love you for Heifer my dear, no bull !" Almost brings tears to ones's eyes.. soooo sentimental. In original box.
SE230 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
I Wil Love You For Heifer, My Deere Mary Moo Moo'
Licensed John Deere Mary Moo Moo in the Original John Deer Patterrn Box. One look says it all too precious !
SE300 Size 4" Wide x 4" Tall Price 39.95
Licensed John Deere Gardending Figurine
If moo know someone who spends a lot of time on a John Deere, the you also know that there is a very special relationship between John Deere's and gardening! Get this figurine for someone moo love 'deerely.'
SE520 Size 4" Wide x 4" Tall Price 39.95
Summer Fun Mary Moo Moo with Beach Ball
What a moo-stalgic look. check out that dress ! If you re-moom-ber summer like this or kno w someone who does - then th1s Moo Moo is for Moo.
SE560 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
Mary Moo Moo Nostalgic Baseball Figurine
Cow-lassic cow baseball player from the one and only Mary Moo Moo cow-lection. check out the baseball on the little wire ready to get 'smacked,'. Too precious. Stan Moo-sial would be proud !
SE540 Size 4" Wide x 4" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Nostalgic Football Figurine
Oh my goodness a cow wearing a leather 'helmet' ready to 'kick' a pig skin ! These Mary Moo Moos are no longer in production and are worth $$ - they will be worth more $$$ as time goes by. All sold in the original box.
SE550 Size 4" Wide x 4" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Hair Stylist !
Are moo looking for a gift for cow-ffeur ? This is it. Out of production, limted edition Mary Moo Moo Hairstylist ! Check out those cans of hair spray !
SE960 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Businessman !
This guy's after the Moo-lah ! Authentic 'businessman' moo moo in striped suit. A great gift for the Big Cheese ! !
XM880 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo 'Cheesecake'!
Well, they call this little gal 'cheesecake' 'cause I guess she's holding a cheescake. It doesn't matter what you call her though.. there is no other way to describe her other than perfect in every way. Detailed beyond belief.. she looks far better then those fake dessert cheesecakes they bring out and try to sell you at those cardboard tasting chain restaurants ( and moo know which ones they are ).
XM890 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Goes Shopping !
Apparently, Mary spends a lot of time at the supermarket, just like moo ! Check out those finely detailed groceries and preserves ! A true 'Americana' piece, don't moo agree ?
SE980 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Confirmation
Just far too precious. A lifetime keepsake. We'll let this picture speak for itself.
SE970 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Leprechaun
There are more than a few four leaf clovers in the pasture with this most inspriing Mary Moo Moo !
SE970 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
These old friends have been hanging around the park for quite a while. Cel-cow-brate moo friendships with this most cow-dorable Mary's Moo Moo figurine.
Mary Moo Moo Two Old Friends
LG420 Size 3" Wide x 4" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Cowstume with Pumpkin
This guy has spent way too much time in the pumpkin patch ! Check out his cow-stume and that pumpkin too.
LG430 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 19.95
Mary Moo Moo 'That Saddles It You're Mine !'
Calling all CowGrils about to get hitched ! She's got her saddle and apparently her mind is quite made up ! Whoever gets this Moo Moo is one lucky guy !
LG450 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
Mary Moo Moo 'I'm Avail -a-Bull !'
This guy is definitely the romantic type. All decked out with a big red heart and roses he's going to win someone's heart, too ! No bull this guy is interested in a cow-mittment !
LG890 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 19.95
Mary Moo Moo Guy wants to be with MOO!
Romantic kind of John Deere Guy ! Gentlemen, this is a gift for that special sweetheart ( or sweetheart to be ) in moo life. She'll love you for giving this to her and she WILL ( OK, probably already does ) think your tractors sexy !
XM670 Size 5" Wide x 4" Tall Price 29.95
Moo Moo DQ !
Oh my goodness a licensed Dairy Queen Mary Moo Moo 'eating' a Dilly Bar ! As the whole world knows Dairy Queen would not exist with out cows.. so this is one heck of a 'thank moo'. Yummy !
LG990 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Moo Moo Bobbing For Apples !
Once again, just too precious. A Red Caped MooMoo is 'Super Moo' bobbling for apples in a very detailed and realistic 'galvanized tin.' We knew cows were vegetarians but we never knew they liked fruits, too !
LG990 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Bee !
Oh Honey, the buzz on this Moo Moo is that it's oh soo sweet ( we just had to say that ). Wonderful antennae really kinda never stop moo-ving. If you have a beekeeper in the fa-moo-ly don't let this one go ! Very limited supply.
UC100 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 39.95
Mary Moo Moo Moo-maizeing! !
Traditional Indian Dress Moo Moo ! Wondefully detailed Mary Moo Moo busy grinding up the corn into maize! Native Americans and folks who love Sante Fe and the Desert Southwest ( and moo know who you are ) will go moo-moo over this rare artistic find !
XM570 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
A Moo Moo to Crow About !
'Wandering' Moo Moo has made it out of the pasture and into the corn fields. This is nothing to crow about 'cause there's a crow on it's head'! Mary Moo Moo's really capture the essense of life on the farm.
XM910 Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall Price 29.95
Heavy gorgeous resin cow with wonderful details looks GREAT in front of any home or barn. Highly suitable for outdoor use this little gal will dutifuly stand watch for a long long time !
BG420 Size 36" Wide x 16" Tall Heavy Poured Resin Sculpture Price 229.95