cow kitchen cow kitchen
cow toaster
Cow Toaster
Absolutely moo-tiful shiny black and white enamel finish makes this cow-tastic toaster a 'must' for any who wants a moo-tiful kitchen !
KA170 Two Slice Toaster Price 99.00
cow curtains
Cow Curtains

.Beautiful curtain tier and swag set !

Moo will LOVE these. They are very pretty folded curtains. They are bordered with cows galore and the words 'fresh milk' in vintage style letting. Also, a great value - very cow-fordable. Moo will not be disappointed these are just great !

DE221 56" x 24" Curtain Set Price 49.95
cow knife spoon fork utensils flatware
20 Piece Flatware Set Placesetting for Four !

.A cowplete placesetting you will always re-moo-mber !

This ulti-moo-te cow lover's dinner table setting can now be yours.. a high quality cow-plete flatware setting for four

Dishwasher safe it will last for years. Includes dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, soup spoon and teaspoon - a cow-plete setting !

As you know, we have great stuff moo will LOVE this !.

NY310 20 piece cowplete moo-tensils for four Price 39.95
Warren Kimble Cock 'n Bull Boxed Mug

Authentic. Excellent Packaging. Dishwasher Microwave Safe.

Arguably the most famous cow in the world, this is a Warren Kimble cow-lasic Cock 'n Bull design. If moo are looking for a gift, look no further. The mug is excellent, and the package is excellent. So its the price !

HV700 Wonderfully Packaged Boxed Standard Size Mug Price 9.95
Cow Design Burner Covers

.Now you can be home and on the range, too.

The set of four metal burner covers includes 2 large covers for the front burners, and two small covers for your back burners. Go ahead, put it on the back burner, its OK.

KA240 Set of 4 covers Square Gas ( only ) in stock Price 19.95
Holstein Burner Cow-vers

.We found them !

Holstein burner covers set of four. Two large front burner covers an two back burner covers all included. A favorite for sure.

NY320 Set of 4 Electric Burner Covers Price 19.95
Blue Willow Burner Cow-vers

Ahh... the Blue Willow Classic Dutch look !

Place the look of Amsterdam in your cow kichen ! Blue Willow Burner Cow-vers are Bluetiful !

MD350 Set of 4 Electric Burner Covers Price 19.95
Barn Scene Burner Cow-vers

.We found them !

Holstein burner covers set of four. Two large front burner covers an two back burner covers all included. A favorite for sure.

HV800 Set of Four Electric Price 19.95
Cow WeatherVane Burner Covers
What a nice moo-fashioned traditional design for moo kitchen. Red Checkered Barn 'weathervane' graphic accented by a blue background with metallic trim ! A country classic.
KM470 Set of 4 Electric Burner Covers Price 19.95
Holstein Spot Moo Milk Mixer Combo !!!!
What a value...3 in one !

Holstein Moo Mixer is a high impact dishwasher safe polycarboate cup. It ALSO includes a very high quality battery moo-perated mixer. Just press the handle and watch it stir up a storm. Cow-tastic for chocolate or strawberry milk drinks.. even egg nog !

Check out that crazy straw included with every one of these 3 in one combo mixers.. a very high quality dishwasher safe straw. Moo will LOVE this !!

HA300 16 oz. Polycarbonate Cup with Mixer and Crazystraw Price 17.95
Set of 4 High Quality Dishwasher Safe Tumblers
Melamine !

Strawberry Colored Holstein Spot tumblers Packaged Moo-tifully ?

Strawberry Milk Lovers Rejoice.

HR210 12 ox Melamine Tumblers Set of Four Price 29.95
Cow Sink Stopper
Stay in a good moo-ooood even when you clean the dishes when you go get this cute little stopper.
KA280 Price 12.95
Cow Non Slip Jar Opener
Well it is 'as advertised' - it's definitely an most excellent silicone jar opener 'gripper... but dare we also call it a 'work of art?' We think so.. it doesn't have to be this moo-tiful to open a jar. but it is !
AL110 Price 14.95
Little Cow Creamer
A nice little creamer you'll be proud to put and keep on your table. Cream pours out the little cow's mouth !
KA400 Price 8.00
Udder Creamer

.A creamer that rests on it's udders !

What a nice design ! Cow Creamer will serve your guests in cow style. A larger creamer for all creaming needs.

A very nicely designed,. quality product for your table moo will like it !

ZA510 6" larger creamer Price 19.95
Udderly Cool Mug

.One of our favorite mugs.

First of all this is just a moo-ti-ful design, don't moo think ? A thick heavy mug most suitable for cow-puccino, lattee or cow-fee. Twelve ounces large !

The best part, however, is the part you cannot see at all Under each udder is a little silicone rubber 'nipple' whcih prevents your cup from scratching - or from being scratched,too. No coasters necessary and a very classy thoughtful design.

A quality product for your table moo will like it !

NV490 Five inches tall Price 17.95
Three Ceramic Cows Nicely Boxed Gift Set

A beautiful Gift set which also contains a very moonique kitchen item.

The lower ceramic cow holds 'Sweet'nLow' or 'Equal' or Sugar types of packages. We have never seen any other cow item like this, so it is truly a very special gift.

Moo-cludes teabag holder and creamer, too !

TV200 Boxed Ceramic Set of Three Price 24.95
Moo-suring Spoons !

One of Moo Favorites !

NOT 'junky' plastic ! These are Porcelain !

High Quality ! Great Look ! Wonderful Gift! !/4 teaspoon - 1/2 teaspoon - teaspoon - tablespoon

RG370 Nicely Bowed Set of Four Price 19.95
Shiny Metal Hors D'oeuvres Cow Picks

.Very shiny metal 'cheese' picks with the most cowdorable Holstein cows on top.

Set of 6 picks includes a moo-ti-ful sturdy cow 'holder' pictured at left. You get the holder and 6 cow 'picks' at one low price.

What a mo-nique item !

CL220 Size 4" Metal Picks Price 20.00
Shiny Metal Cow handle Cheese Slicer

.Not much to say because this is a perfect gift. Cow handle cheese slicer is just moo-ti-ful and highly functional.

Quality. Cow. Cheese.

CL330 Size 8" Long Price 12.95
Holstein Amoorican Cheese Slices Holder !

.Moo Cute !

OK, it's sold as an A-moo-ri-can cheese slice holder.. and indeed it is wonderful for keeping a package of A-moo-ri-can cheese in moo refridge-moo-rater ! Having said that, this is WAY too cute to use only for cheese ! Keep ANYTHING inside - this gift is a gem !

PO410 Size 5" tall Price 8.95
Kitchen Sink Mat and Cow Strainer

.What a cute combination for your cow kitchen.

Pretty and functional kitchen sink mat and an adorable cow kitchen strainer. Keep your dishes udderly clean !

KA300 Size 11" x 11 " Price 20.00
Kitchen Sink Mat and Cow Stopper

.Red is the rage for kitchen colors this year.

Pretty and functional kitchen sink highest grade rubberized mat and an adorable red cow stopper combination.keeps your sink bright and beautiful ( and clean ) when it is not in use.. Moo-ti-ful

NV470 Size 11" x 11 " Price 22.95
Kitchen Udder Scrubbie Holder
These are just great. Moo-tiful, high quality ceramic scrubbie holder sits on it's udders. Moo-ti-ful !
NO460 Size 5" Price 19.95
Porcelain Cow Scrubbie Holder
A Holstein with a 'hole' in the back ! 'Secret' Scrubbie Cowpartment is cow-leverly designed to be out of mind until it's dirty dish time !
PO130 Size 6" Price 19.95
No Udder Bowl Like it !
There really is no udder bowl like this one. An absolute favrorite ! Great for everday use from cereal to ice cream. What a great gift for anyone who loves dairy and cows !
KA310 Size Price 12.95
Things to Moo List
Moog-netic Memooo Pad easily attaches to your refrigerator. Keep your things to moo list handy !
OC340 50 sheets memo pad Price 2.95
Cow with Udder Cookie Cutter
The only cow cookie cutter we have ever seen with udders ! Full Sized, great quality metal cookie cutter with udders and tail. Nice hooves, too !
WU220 Price 9.95
Cow Oven Mitt
Ouch... that's hot ! Keep your food hot but your hands not with this thermally insulating cow oven mitt.
KA320 Oven Mitt Price 9.95
Sink Strainer for Cow Lovers
Keep your drain from getting cow-logged with this cute and functional little cow strainer.
KA340 Standard Size Price 12.00
Cow Reversible Platic Placesetting
You will love these... what a value !

This is a cow and calf and Holstein Spot reversible placesetting. It's reversible so that's two placesettings for the price of one !

For everday use for sure. Made of high quality 'kitchen grade' toughest plastic.. they may be washed and wahed and.. well you get the idea these are beautiful yet tough as nails placemats !

NJ840 13" Square Price set of two 6.95 / Set of Four 12.95
Cow Cloth Napkin
You will like these. Very high quality cloth nakins are 13" square. You can fold them any way you like they are 'fancy' and beautiful for any place setting.. even a catered moofair !
DO140 13" Square Price 4.95

Cow Napkin Holder Set of Two


Cow Napkin Holders add a very nice 'touch' to any fine table setting. This is a quality set of two matching napkin holders to make any dinner extra special

KM550 Set of Two Metallic Cow Napkin Holders Price 8.95
Cow-lassic Holstein Ice Cream Scoop !


Cow can you have ice cream if moo don't have a cow ? Hostein Spot with Pink Udder Ice Cream Scoop is udderly wonderful. By the eway, it's also an excellent quality 'strong' ice scream scoop. Enjoy !

PO540 Shiny Metal ! Price 9.95
Cow Ice Cream Scoop ?
It will keep you guessing for sure but, yes... it is an ice cream scoop !

STRONG and Ingenious !

GF720 Sort of Strange Looking Scoop Price 12.95
Cow-mical Ice Cream Scoop
As all the world knows, one of the simple pleasures in life is eating ice cream. LOL wihen this cartoon style yet superstrong cow handle ice cream scoop does the dipping !
PE410 Full Sized Scoop Price 9.95
Colorful Pink

Ice Cream Scoop

Press the cow's nose and ice cream 'pops' out !

.ND650 Standard Size Price 9.95 ea
Cow Cutting Board
A high quality cow cutting board is a rudimentary part of any cow lover's kitchen. Keeps all of Cow-nter tops scratch-free.
KA370 Size 12" x 16" Price 30.00
Great Cow Knife Sharpener
This Cow is for Cutlery. Now you can Re-cown-dition all your old knives and make them razor sharp.
KA380 Cow Knife Sharpener Price 20.00
Cow Head Creamer Sugar Set
A beautiful two piece porcelain gift set of cow kitchen gems you will be proud to put on any table setting. The creamer is cute and petite. Cream goes in the bottom and pours out the little cow's mouth. Petite sugar bowl has the most mootiful porcelain dainty daisy spoon. A classic yet modern design.. moo will love it !
KM490 Set of two 4" tall Price 24.95
Dish Lotion Dispenser
Just moo-ti-ful. Nice quality shiny porcelain dishwashing lotion dispenser brightens any cow kitchen. Udderly stylish !
XA170 Cow Lotion Dispensor 8" wide x 6" high Price 19.95
Brilliant Bright Blue Serving Tray
Brilliant Cow-lors !

Shiny, happy and very very blue, this is moo serving tray 'for the good times.'

Look at these 'happy cows' just F U N !

TV970 14" long x 10" wide Price 14.95
Cow-lassy Wood Serving Tray
A Natural !

Excellent Quality All Wood cow-struction 'serving tray.' It is very distincntive. Shaped like a cow !

Moo may also use it as a cutting board. This tells us that it is 'tough' and can take YEARS of wear and tear. Cut and chop away it moo wish.. they're too pretty so we use'em as serving trays. Cheese, anyone ?

BZ400 16" long Price 34.95
Smaller Cow-lassy Wood Serving Tray
A Natural !

Excellent Quality All Wood cow-struction 'serving tray.' It is very distincntive. Shaped like a cow !

Moo may also use it as a cutting board. This tells us that it is 'tough' and can take YEARS of wear and tear. Cut and chop away it moo wish.. they're too pretty so we use'em as serving trays. Creamers and small hors d'oeurves fit nicely on these.

BZ410 10" long Price 25.95
Bon Appetit Melamine Serving Tray

Excellent Quality Dishwasher Safe Melamine Serving Tray.

Have moo herd we have the BEST Selection of Cow Stuff ? Moo just can't get any better than this tray ! Turns any old dinner into a catered affair... and turns a catered affair into 'Bon Appetit'!

UM100 18" long 9" wide Price 29.95
Excellent Quality Calf Head Coasters
Durable ! Cow Chic !

Stone Coasters witha Black Calf ! THICK! Set of four.

Moo won't be disappointed these are great !

UM130 4" square 1/2" thick Price 14.95
Matching Trivet For Cow Head Coasters ( above ).
Durable ! Made of Stone. Wil not harm moo dining room table or ow-ter-tops !

Stone. THICK! MOO-ti-ful

UnIque Design very beautiful AND functional.

UM200 6" square 1/2" thick Price 14.95
Look.. Coordinated Placemats, Cup. Tea Bag Holder !
Graphics Coordinated Coasters
Cows in the pasture !

Set of Four Coorinated Coasters to xow-pliment Serving Trays and Teabag Holder

Save a table use a coaster !

EM610 4" long x 4" high Set of Four Price 14.95
Matching Cup for Melamine Trays !
Cows in the pasture !

Gorgeous Graphics

Makes a coordinated set with trays above !

EM540 Porcelain Dishwasher Safe Price 10.95
Tea Bag Holder !
If moo are planning a cow tea party this is for moo !
EM590 Porcelain Price 5.95
Cow Mini Masher
It smashes and it mashes ! Best for small potatoes, and so it the price !
OC710 6" wide Price 7.95
Cow Small Whisk
Whisk away all small chores with this great cow-tensil !
OC720 8" Price 9.95
Long Cow Whisk
Longer cow whisk for bigger jobs. You may want to consider getting a minimasher, small whish and large whisk just to 'hang on the wall' they are very de-cor-rative and make a nice gift set.
OC730 10 "long Price 12.95
Smallest Cow Whisk
Very functional. If moo are not cooking for the whole herd, why not get this cow-dorable little cow whisk? Just for moo and moo singificant udder to scramble an egg or gets the job done with udder perfection !
AS210 8 "long Price 8.95
Cow EGG Cup
Cow-dorable Egg Server ! Hard Boiled eggs are good for moo ! Now you may enjoy a moo-licious and healthy egg served cow-vieniently ! It's an egg server that's sure to bring a smile to your face ! Nicely package and nicer quality, too !
MS100 6 "high package Price 6.95
Reverse Pattern Cow Oven Mitt
Add to your 'reverse print' cow-lection ! Stunning ! Excellent Quality !
SN400 Price 9.95
'Industrial Strength' Oven Mitt
Have you ever been in a kitchen ? We're not talking your kitchen at home... we're talking a REAL kitchen - where they cook for hundreds of people (not just you and your kids). Well THIS is an oven mitt for such a place. Huge Pots and Huge Pans deserve this extremely strong 'rubberized' oven mitt. Keep your hands from from getting burned big time.
YK920 Rubberized Adult Extra Large Price 19.95
Cow Motiff Apron
Show them your true colors with this deep pocketed, beautifully tailored cow pattern apron. Like all aprons, it ties in the back so it will not reveal all of your dairy-ierre..
KA590 Adult Size Price 24.99
'Waitress Style' Cow Apron
Cow nice is this ? If you are cooking in your kitchen or serving guests - this double pocketed half apron is totally for moo. Great for cookouts, party, and even if moo have a restaurant.
KM700 Twin Front Pockets Price 19.95
Hanging Towel
Mootiful. Keep one or two of these hanging around on cabinets or drawers. This thick pile towel will keep your hands clean and dry.
KM710 Kitchen Size Towel Price 8.95
Cow Chef's Hat
Cotton Soft with an elastic band to fit gently around your forehead. Chef's Hat makes moo feel as if you are E-moo-ril or Moo-tha Stewart !
NJ980 Cotton Cow Chef's Hat Price 19.95
Tuxedo Style Cow Apron !
Cow Classy !

One piece tuxedo apron has black ( and white ) tie and cow-merbund all sewn in. Just tie it on like any apron moo will look like a moo-linaire !

ND270 One Size Fits All Price 29.95
Moo-la-la !
Well, this probably falls into the 'after dark' cow-tegory.
Holstein Pattern Apron has a very cow-lassy but very see thru top ( and a Holstein Bowtie, too ! ) We just sell the aprons, folks... how moo use them is up to moo !
SE680 Fits Small to Medium Adults Price 29.95
Full Sized Cow Chef Hat
Moo don't have to be an Iron Chef Moo-merica to look like one. We give it five stars !
HV370 16 "high Price 24.95

Round Cow Cutting Board
Make quick work of those little jobs in the kitchen, This Tuff Top Cutting Board handles slices and dices from knifes, cow-leavers and moo-chetes.
KA390 Size 12" Diameter Price 26.00

Ice Cream Cone Scoop

The handle looks moo-licious as a chocolate,vanilla, and strawberry ice cream cone.. but you can't eat the handle.

Lucky for moo this is a very high quality ice cream scoop.

Enjoy the ice cream !.

NY780 Price Price 9.95
Condiment Cow

Spinning 'Lazy Susan'

Cool ! Very nice quality, nicely'Holsten Gift' boxed condiment spinner. each 'spinning jar' has pink 'udders' an holstein Spots ! The cow bowl at the top of the spinner is a little larger than the udders.

What a bargain ! Very nice gift makes an excellent presentation !

CL490 About 16" Round Price 29.95
Cow Print Pot Holder
Ranch hands are strong and versitile, but when it comes to touching a hot oven they could use a little help. Get a handle on things with our insulated cow pattern pot holder.
KA840 Price 4.50
Reverse Pattern Cow Pot Holder
Reverse Pattens are so beautiful ! Add to your reverse patten cow-lection with this one, too !
SN600 6" Pot Holder Price 4.50
Moonique Oven Mitt!
Keep your hands cool with this cool looking oven mitt !

Matching oven mitt to this ulta- cool looking kitchcn ensemble of trivet, matt and glove.

The neat thing about these is that they ae soo decorative, they can serve as decorations even when you are not serving !

XM120 12" Urethane Set Price 12.95
Cow 'Everyday' Kitchen Towel
A BIG kitchen towel and a BIG bargain !

Nice quality kitchen towel. Not only for show, this one can also stand up to dirty grime and grease !

Sort of 'rubberized' for heavy duty use... but it is also quite moo-ti-ful !!

PR750 14" 10"wide folded as shown Open 28 inches tall x 20 inches wide Price 6.95
Moo to the max Kitchen Towel
Traditional Milk can milk Bottle design will please ANY cow crazy folks.

Dairy design on a nicer quality towel

Hang it in moo kitchen as a de-cow-ration. Even we want some and were LOADED with cow stuff !

PR750 14" 7"wide folded as shown Open 28 inches tall x 14 inches wide Price 6.95
Cow-lored Kitchen Towel
BIG Towel !

Pretty Much every color in the rainbow on display on this 'interesting' and unique offering !

Wash and reuse.... but it's so pretty you could ( almost ) wear it as a scarf.!

PR755 Open 28 inches tall x 20 inches wide Price 8.95
Brown Cow Kitchen Towel
BIG Towel !

How now Brown cow 'interesting' and unique offering !

Wash and reuse.... a larger kitchen towel that will look good and be put to good use !

BG800 Open 28 inches tall x 20 inches wide Price 8.95

Moo-derne 'look' Timer
Very moo-dern design timer is ultra chic ! How Now Round Cow with a black nose !
XW100 timer 3" round Price 14.50

Chic Timer
Very moo-dern design timer is ultra chic ! Hi gloss enameled finish makes it a perfect timer if you like shiny glossy things in moo kitchen.
NO960 60 min timer 3" tall Price 14.50
Brown Cow Enameled Timer
The only enameled brown cow timer we have ever seen !

Great 'moo-derne' looking 'chic' quality timer.

Looks great she will make your kitchen even more cow moo-tiful !

TV770 4 inch diameter Price 14.95
Classic Brown Cow Farm Timer
Traditional Timer.

Cow-lassic Pastoral Styling !

Turns any kitchen into a cow kitchen in no time at all ( sorry we just had to say that ).

GF730 4 inch diameter Price 12.95

Cow Absorba-Stone Coasters
This is a popular item. These coasters are thick.. about 1/4 inch thick and made from absorbent stone.. so the drink that spills gets absorbed by the coaster.. and not by your table !
KB420 Set of Four Price 14.95
Cow Mug and Coaster Set
Cow crazy for daisies mug and coater set makes a nice gift. Nice quality Mug and matching absorba-stone coaster.
KB450 Set of 2 Price 14.95

Gorgeous Silicone Trivet
Most excellent quality. Likely you have never seen this item anywhere before now. Glossiest, highest quality flexible silicone trivet is a great gift !
TV900 8"round Price 14.95
Green Pasture Oil or Vinegar Ceramic Bottle
A very large 16" tall 'heavy' ceramic bottle for oil, vinegar or 'Italian Butter.' Consider ordeing a pair they are very pretty !

ND720 16" Tall Price 29.95
Stove Top Expresso Maker !
Wake up and smell the expresso ! There is no doubt about it moo will be quite awake after enjoying moo most aroma filled expresso. Who need to spend 3 dollars on cup of expresso, anyway? Save a bundle, and get moo morning off to the right start !

PR350 Size 10 inch high Price 19.95
Cowpuccino Maker
Why drink cowfee when you can enjoy cowpuccino ? Really a very nice high quality, gift. It will be most appreciated... especially if you do not have a Starbucks in the neighborhood. No electrcity needed just place on stovetop !
KA450 2 Cup Cappuccino Maker 90.00
Designed By Tim Davies
Limited edition Cow-llectable designer glasses de-cow-rate any kitchen or wall cabinet. Very high quality design for cow-puter geeks.
KA460 16 oz Price 24.95

Cow and Calf Artglass Cutting Board
Beautiful, large, sturdy artglass cutting board with cow and calf pictured against a pastoral fence. Nice for the price, too.
KG390 Size 17 x11 Price 19.95
Hand Crafted Traditional Hardwood Cutting Board
Sure, moodern mooterials are pretty and cow-lorful - but nothing beats wood for a cutting board ! This cutting board is THICK and shaped , well, like a cow of course !
CF110 Size 14 x10 Price 29.95
Holstein Porcelain Pitcher !
Thirsty ? Then quench your desires for all things moo withthis larger Holstein Porcelain Pitcher !! Pour it on !
OF110 Size 14" high Porcelain Price 29.95

Moo-derne Whisting Cow Teapot
Look at the smiling cow's face ! Her 'nose' pops up and whistles when it's tea time!

Moo-tiful design elements, too.

Demi-arched handle makes it easy to pick up without getting steamed.

Even if moo never use it for cooking at all 'she' is a beautiful kitchen de-cow-ration.

PR700 Full sized Teapot 10" diameter Price 69.95
Cloth Cow Shelf Sitter
Wonderful woven cloth Holstein shelf sitter in your choice of 'sayings.' Choose from ( as pictured ) ", "Laughter and Love Make this House a Home" and "The Best Man For the Job is Usually a Woman."
HA170 8" tall woven cloth with dangling legs Price 12.95
Cow Table Top Vacuum !
Oh what can we say other than 'for the cow kitchen cow-lector that thought they had everything.' Let this little battery moo-perated table top vacuum cow sweep away the crumbs ! We tested this it actually works great, too !
KM620 Size 6" long Price 19.95
Sealed Top for FRESH Cookies !
Finally a cookie jar that actually helps keep cookies FRESH. Lift the head this gal and there's a 'seal -tight' fit. Cute design , too - don't mooo agree ? She's holding cookies ! We'll that's a good design for a cookie jar!
YK900 Porcelain 14 inches tall Price 39.95
Milk Carton Porcelain Creamer
Just great ! About a pint size use it as a creamer or even a vase. Cute, cute, cute !
FC980 Porcelain 6" high Price 7.95
Udder Spreaders
Spread some butter with these udders !

Nicely boxed set of 4 udder spreaders makes any delicious food look even moo delicious!

ZA120 Set of Four Price 14.95
REAL Looking Cow Spreaders
Holstein to the absolute maximoo !

These very attracticve spreaders look like real cows ! We are ab-so-moo-tely thrilled to offer them !

MD300 Set of Four Price 14.95
Cow Funny Spreaders
Smile as you spread !

These very attracticve spreaders. Dip into smiles.

MD995 Set of Four Price 14.95
Cow itty bitty Spreader
Small Spreader

The smallest cow spreader we have ever seen !

GC310 Three inches Price 4.95
Cute Little Cow Spreader Set
A very nice accent for butter, sour cream, cheese spreads and dips. Four little spreaders per package.
KA620 Set of Four Price 10.00
Designed by Susanne Dopkens
Counting Calories ?? Drinking two percent or skim?? This Dopkens designer glass will inspire you to reach your goals.
KA500 16 oz 24.95

Holstein Cow-fee Moo-suring Scoop
If moo love milk or cream in moo coffee ( and most folks do ) . then may we suggest this wonderfully packaged Holstein scoop ?
SE850 Eight inches high 12.95

Cowboy Cow and Saddle Salt and Pepper
Oh, thi sone is moo-nique for sure. Cow dressed as a cowboy and saddle salt and pepper. What a cow-verstaio piece at any table !
NJ480 Set of two 9.95
Shiny Metal Cow Trivet
Trivets are very useful in any kitchen.. you use them often. This nice quality metal bronzed trivet hangs on your wall or fits neatly in any kitchen drawer. Cow cute and functional !
WN130 6 " x 6" Price 9.95
Cow Scrubbie Soap Sponge
Scrub away all your kitchen grease and stains with our pretty little cow shaped sponge scrubbies. Yes, these do have a 'scrubbie' side and a sponge side.. very moo-seful indeed. About one inch thick we suggest you buy'em by the bunch. A nice practical scrubbie !
WN140 5" wide 1.49ea / 11.95 a dozen
Cafe au Lait Cow Parade !
Udders go directly into coffee cup. Fresh milk for sure !
MP660 6" boxed porcelain Cow Parade Price 24.95
Silver and Glass Cow Butter Dish
Shiny ! Cow Head Silver and Glass Top with glass botttom.

Hand crafted by Southwestern Silversmiths.. it is just moo-ti-ful !

Looks almost as good as real butter tastes.

ND690 Standard Butter Stick Stze Price39.95
Larger French Creamer
Holstein Decor at it's finest !.

Just moo-tiful. This French design 'speaks for itself.'

A most beautiful addtion to your home. It is 'nice sized' hold lots of creme and is larger than any other creamer we offer.

TV700 Size 6" long 29.95
Cow Creamer
A ;must' for every cow kitchen ! Milk is white and so is this cow creamer. Shiny porcelain creamer looks great on any table. Very attractive. Great Value !
KB320 Six inches long White Cow Creamer Price 7.95
Udderly Irresistable Cow Mug
What a cow-dorable mug !'
A relatively tall mug, it not only says 'Udderly Adorable' - it IS Udderly Adorable. Cow's head and pink udders make this mug moo special !
PE370 16 OZ 14.95
Udderly In Love Cow Mug
What a cow-dorable mug !'
A relatively tall mug, it says Udderly In Love.' Cow's head and pink udders make this mug moo special !
SA100 16 OZ 14.95
Moognetic 'Kissing' Salt and Pepper Shakers
Great, just great !

Happy Holstein salt and pepper shakers have mOOg-nets on their lips. Keep them apart and they are too cute.. but moo-ve them together and lo and behold they 'kiss.' ! Opposites attract !

Lots of fun salt and pepper will never be boring again !

HR180 Set of Two Salt and Pepper Ceramic Cows Price 14.95
Moognetic 'Kissing' Salt and Pepper Shakers
Longhorn love !

Relatively large sized salt and pepper shakers have mOOg-nets on their lips. Keep them apart and they are too cute.. but moo-ve them together and lo and behold they 'kiss.' ! Opposites attract !

Lots of fun salt and pepper will never be boring again !

YK930 Set of Two Salt and Pepper Ceramic Cows Price 19.95
Palm Tree and Hammock Salt and Pepper Shakers
She's a REAL Swinger !

Gosh do we have nice stuff ! This is 'one of the best!'

Absolutely the cutest porcelain shiny cow wearing a 'bikini.'

She's 'really' a magnetic salt and pepper shaker. The magnetic salt and pepper shaker is 'worth is all by itself' it is moo precious.

Also moo-cluded is a hammock and palm trees so she can 'rest' when she's not at work flavoring your dinner ! A REAL cowversation piece !

BH010 6" x 6" Hammock and Palm Trees approx 4 inch Moogenetic Salt and Pepper Price 19.95
Udderly CowDorable Salt and Pepper Shakers
No udder salt and pepper shakers like these !

Relatively petite sized.. about 3 inces tall and wide.. these are the most cow-dorable salt and pepper shakers moo will ever see. They rest on their bottoms.. and not their feet.. so the pinkish udders are completely 'exposed' for all to admire. Beautifully boxed what a cow-tastice gift set !

Moo will use these for years to come !

MP740 Nicely boxed Ceramic Cows appox 3" x 3" Price 9.95
Black 'n White Cows Salt and Pepper Shakers
Cow-lassic design !

Nice quality. Nicely packaged for gift givng. About 4 inches wide.

Moo will use these for years to come !

GC780 Nicely clear packaged Ceramic Cows appox 4" long. Price 9.95
Cow and Milk Can Salt and Pepper !
\What a cow-kever design. ! Milk Can 'halves' are salt and pepper shakers. If you prefer your butter 'lightly salted' ( like it says on the label ) the we would highly recommend this salt and pepper shaker !

Cows Can Shake It ! !

CT100 4 " wide Price 7.95

Cow Farmer Creamer
\What a cute design. ! Pour milk or cream in the little cow's head and out of it's outstretched arm !

Moo to the max !

NO638 6 " tall Price 9.95

Cow Farmer Sugar and Creamer Set
What a cute design to match the above cow farmer creamer. Porcelain set of sugar and creamer makes you feel as if you are down on the farm for sure.

Moo to the max !

NV210 6 " tall Price 17.95
Cow Linen Napkin
High Quality linen napkin with 'reverse' Holstein print. Very llarge fold it abd fold it again. Very interesting design a little moo-nique for sure.
NV220 13" square Price 4.95

Inexpensive Cow Cookie Jar
We got a great 'deal' on these and were passing the cookies and the savings on to you.

Good quality and a bargain, too !

SN140 12" tall porcelain Price 19.95
Apple Cow Cookie Jar
This cow is wearing a gramer's red bandana and overalls.  She's cow-lected apples and wants to 'share' them with you.

What a nice pleasing 'look' for moo kitchen !

ND930 12" tall porcelain Price 24.95
Larger Cute Cow Cookie Jar
Holds LOTS of Larger Cookies

Friendly, cutest cow cookie jar is 'up to the task' of holding LOTS of cookies for the whole fa-moo-ly !

EM700 14" tall porcelain Price 34.95
Clear Cow Glass
A very subdued look. Inside the oval on the front of this glass is a raised etched cow. Inspried by the classic 'vache' look from France they add a bovine touch to this everyday glassware.
OC830 16 oz. Clear Glass 3.95

Salt and Pepper Chubby Cows
Matching chubbiy cow set to creamer and sugar set above. Nicely boxed they're pretty, too !
NV450 Set of Two Price 6.95

Miniature Kneeling Cow and Standing Cow Salt and Pepper
Itsy bitsy.. but who need a lot of sal and pepper anyway ?? Much more interesting than moo 'typicow' salt and pepper. Nicely boxed a great gift item !
KD130 Set of Two Miniatures approx. two inches long Price 12.95 per set

Here's Look'in At Moo Salt and Pepper Shakers
Identical Holstein Cows are 'poised' so that no matter how you turn them they are always looking at eachother. Beautiful green porcelain Base keps 'em both 'out to pasture.'
NJ420 Set of Two Cows and Base Porcelain Price 14.95

Cow Face Pasture 3 Piece Salt Pepper
What an interesting design.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Cows. Cows sit on a cow face porcelain bottom painted like a pasture. The cow's face eyes and nostrils are daisies !

One of our favorites !

HA350 3 Piece Porcelain Set Price 9,95

Cow Checkered Bandana Porcelain Teapot
Great Western Look.

Just a moo-tiful, quality teapot. The design 'speaks for itself.'

Matches sugar and creamer below.

SE880 Quart Capacity Porcelain Price 39.95

Cow Checkered Bandana Porcelain Set
Red and Blue Matching Set of Two

We have creamers galore, but we have only one sugar and creamer matching set.

Just precious ! We love the blue and red 'cow-plimentary' color cow-bination.

SE890 Six Inch Porcelain Pieces Set of Two Price 39.95

Cow Checkered Bandana Salt Pepper Set
Cow-lect all the red and blue bandana cows- they match and really are quite moo-tiful ! Excellent quality !

Salt and Pepper MATCHING Set.

Just precious ! We love the blue and red 'cow-plimentary' color cow-bination.

BG810 Approx. Three Inch Porcelain Pieces Set of Two Price 19.95

Cow Porceliain Smaller Jar
Matching item to salt and pepper/sugar creamer above, this little jar 'looks' like a cookie jar but it's half the size.

More for storing smaller items like sweetner packs or even wrapped candy.

NIce quality and fits nicely on your cow-ter top !

BG860 Approx. Nine Inch Tall Porcelain Price 29.95

Mi'steer and Mrs. Salt and Pepper Shakers
Spice up you life with these cow-dorable ceramic shakers. These 'superszed' shakers hold lots of spice so you won't have to change your cow-ndiments too frequently.
KA890 Price 14.95
Cowasaki Glass
Artisan quality translucent fine dinner glass with a cow on a motorcycle. Cowasaki !! Designed by Eugen Fleckenstein .
KA470 16 OZ 24.95

Designer Frank Keller
Take a break from the daily chores and enjoy an udder style of life.
KA510 16 oz 24.95

Designed by M Young & Katrin
About as dairy and milk as it gets. We love it !
KA610 16 oz 24.95

Designer Harm Keilholz
You go girl ! There is nothing more important than being moo-self. This one of a kind designer glassware is for moo.
KA530 16 oz 24.95

Designed by Nilesh Mistry
Arabian themed cow glass!
KA520 16 oz 24.95

Fresh Baked Bread Basket

Everyone loves fresh baked bread hot from the oven. Keep your bread warm and looking of soo moo-freshed in our cloth woven string tied fresh baked bread basket..

Just mooti-ful what a great cow accent for any dinner table !

NJ150 100% cotton 12" square approx. Cows Price 19.95
Cow Placemat
Whether you're inviting the whole herd over, or enjoying just a cow-zy dinner for two, this high quality placesetting will set the moooood.
KA860 Size 14" long 7.45
Gorgeous !
Really 'sets off' a table setting.

Just look at these reverse prints ! They are soo 'fashionmooblie'

These are not only beautiful they are excellent quality placemats !

SN330 100% cotton 14" longPrice 7.95
Flour Sack Kitchen Towels
One of our best sellers. These are two 'flour sacks' which adorned by a beautiful cow with a rooster sitting on it's back. Beautifully folded and tied you may hang them on any wall as a decowration. Two sacks moocluded.
NJ130 Size 14" long Set of Two 19.95

Cow Pot Handle
Get a handle on things in the kitchen with our cow decorated pot handle. No need to touch or loose your grip on things in the oven when you keep one on the handle.
DN930 Fits all pots and pans 5.95
Beautiful Cloth Napkins
Not much to say udder than these will add an elegant touch to any table setting. Nicer quality.
GC950 Set of Six 24.95
Cow Corner Shelf
Excellent quality 3 tier corner shelf makes space in any kitchen. This is a very high quality shelf laminate with cast iron cow 'supports' to decowrate and functionally hold up the shelf. Requires very simple assemby with a screwdriver. You will be very proud to have this in your kitchen it is beautiful moose-ful, too.
KO100 18"high x 10" wide Price 39.95

Hi Quality Cow Shelf
Excellent quality long shelf matches the 3 tier corner shelf above.

This is a very high quality wood laminate shelf with cast iron cow 'supports' to decowrate and functionally hold up the shelf. Requires very simple assemby with a screwdriver. You will be very proud to have this in your kitchen it is beautiful moose-ful, too.

NO980 Size 30" long 10" wide Price 39.95
Porcelain Cow Waitress
Roller Skating "Gorgeous' Cow Waitress !

If moo love the 50's, or perhaps are in food service..moo will LOVE her ! She stands about a food tall and is really quite moo-tiful. Shiny gold trimmed porcelain with a very pink carhop outfit and roller skates of all things.. she is one moo-nique cow-verstaion piece ! Large enough to easily get noticed but still eaay to fit on any cowtertop.

She is also a votive moo may re-moove the cowver on her tray.. but really why bother she doesn't need a light she's shiny enough on her own !

DE210 Size 12" tall x 6" wide Price 29.95
Holstein Ceramic Tile
This is a ceramic tile. Moo may hang it on your wall it has a little hook on the back so moo may do so. Moo may also use it as a trivet for any special moo-casion.

We think moo will like this it has a nice pastoral look !

NJ310 Size 8" x 12" wide Price 29.95
Very Cow-lorful Cow Ceramic Tile
Kind of has a cow parade 'look' to it. Simply beautiful with all of those colors.

Easily hangs on wall or just put it on the counter.

CF290 Size 8" x 12" wide Price 34.95

Larger Porcelain Servimg Tray
Larger, rounded porcelain ceramic serving tray has a cow's head as a handle. This very pretty and interestingly designed tray may be used to serve everything from cheese to fruits to garnishments.

Very moo-seful when company appears and nicely priced for the size and quality, too.

OC300 16" long x 12" round Price 19.95
Larger Porcelain Servimg Tray
Larger, Holstein-esque serving tray with tree, fence and 'pasture'' adorning center. Moo may moos this gal fro everything from pickles to hors' d'oeuvres she will present moo guests with a smile !
BH800 16" long x 12" round Price 24.95
Imported Italian Cow Serving tray
A very beautiful and unique porcelain condiment dish.

You won't find too many of these around as this cow has a European 'flair.' Suitable for celery, pickles, olives and cold garnishes... this will be a most welcomed addition to your kitchen.

Makes a great gift and a moo-riffic impression in those fortunate enough to be the recipient of such a beautiful tray.

OC660 12" long 'deep dish' Price 39.95
Imported European Style Cow
Classic French European design. This peice is hand painted with wonderful attention to detail.

Porcelain Brown Cow on 'pasture' base. Moo will treasure this for years and years what a beauty !

MP800 6" Poreclain Price 29.95
Imported European Design Butter Dish
This one is speciql. A matching cow-pliment to the creamer above, this kneeling cow on top of a hand painted butter dish is very beautiful.

A very European French look it is a wonderful addition to your tablesetting.

MP810 8" Porcelain Price 29.95
Holstein BIG butter dish !
Oversized butter dish holds way more than one stick.

Moo to the max!

BZ200 8" Porcelain Price 17.95
Green Butter Dish
Make sure ya pasture butter

Relatively large ceramic butter dish will get put to good use!

GC100 8" Ceramic Price 19.95
Look... Cowlored Creamers Cow-lect them all!
Green Creamer
Wow...check out these very cowlorful creamers.

Relatively large ceramic green creamr will put hu in a good mood!

GC110 5" Ceramic Price 9.95
Blue Creamer
Lots of people have a favorite color.

If it's blue then this is the creamer for you!

GC120 5" Ceramic Price 9.95
Yellow Creamer
It would be cool to have a herd of multicolored cows,

It's a lot easier to collect these creamers.

GC130 5" Ceramic Price 9.95
Red Creamer
Red Herfer lovers rejoice!

Collect these creamers.

GC140 5" Ceramic Price 9.95
Maroon Creamer
Now thar's a cow of a different color !

Collect these creamers.

GC150 5" Ceramic Price 9.95
'Old European Design Creamer
Classic design similar to the Old World.

Grandma remembers.

GC450 6" Ceramic Price 14.95
'Cheerio Creamer
Definitely falls into the gift giving cow-tegory. Nicely boxed wonderful qualiy white creamer has 'Cheerio' patterns on her.

We can just picture in our minds a bowl of Cheerios and milk served in his nicely boxed creamer.

GC160 6" Porcelain Price 22.95
'Fruit Loop' Creamer
Definitely falls into the gift giving cow-tegory. Nicely boxed wonderful qualiy white creamer has 'Fruit Loop' patterns on her.

We can just picture in our minds a bowl of cereal and milk served in his nicely boxed creamer. Box not pictured though so moo can get closer look at the moo-chandise.

GC170 6" Porcelain Price 22.95
Cow-lorful Daisy Creamer
Definitely falls into the gift giving cow-tegory. Nicely boxed wonderful qualiy white creamer with daisyflowers on her.

Perfect !

GC180 6" Porcelain Price 22.95
Holstein Contact Paper !
Finally, contact paper that's cow-tact paper! Go ahead and do the whole kitchen it looks great and sticks great!

Washable and re-moovable for walls, shelves and drawers!

KM510 Size 9 feet x 18" wide Price 7.95
Gorgeous Cow Cheese Knife
OK, this is the real thing ! When serving cheese, this is a 'must.' Shimmering nicely boxed beautiful handle. Slices thin makes cheese taste even better !
CF400 10 " Price 19.95
Cow Cheese Grater !
Give it a twist and out comes grated Cheese !
CF410 6 " Price 17.95
Cow Cutting Board
The Swiss, of course, are known world over for precision and cheese. Welcome to where these two somewhat unrelated areas of expertise intersect.
CF430 10 " x 8 " Price 19.95
Cow Cheese Handled Cutting Board !
Ahh, the perfect 'entertaining sized' mootiful cow bordered cutting board on to whch moo may cut the cheese.
CF410 10 " Price 19.95
Cow "Pie" Art
What else can we say?
KB180 8 x 10 Price 14.95
Cow Ice Cream Art
We love dairy, and so does this cow ! Two scoops, pleeze !
KB190 8 x 10 Price 14.95
Cow Glass
This very nice drinking glass says it all. Cow... milk... OK... we get it and like it !
KA920 12 Oz 9.95

Milk Carton Cow Cover Slip
Looks just great on your kitchen table. This very decorative foam 'EZ grip' cover wraps around any standard half gallon milk container. Very moonique, very decorative, and just plain nice.. Useful, too !
KA970 Price 7.95
Wiggle Feet Mug !
There is no better way to brighten your kitchen than to keep these wonderfully cow-lorful Italian designed cups 'hanging around.'

The are beautiful but due to the incredible detail and beauty they are not at all for the dishwasher and must be hand washed, only.

NJ760 Dangle Feet Cup Price 12.95
Doukie Surprise Bowl
There is a surpise on the bottom of this bowl.. a Doukie! A nice matching product for your Doukie Cow-lection. Cow-lect them all !
KM720 Surprise Cup Price 19.95
Cow in the Red Barn Sugar Bowl
What a pleasing design. We love these... they are soo colorful. This is a relatively larger sugar bowl. The cow-ver to the sugar bowl is the roof of the barn !
NO810 8 " high. Price 14.95
Cow in the Red Barn Creamer
You will enjoy pouring cream or milk from this relatively large cow creamer. The gold leaf trim on all these items adds a 'touch of class.'
NO820 Holds about a pint Price 14.95
Cow in the Red Barn Mug
A very nice, sold quality decowrative matching mug. Most folks get a couple or more of them for a table setting !
NO830 8 oz. Mug Price 9.95
Cow Matching PotHolder
You'll love these high quality linen cow products. This is the matchning potholder.

NO862 Full Size OnenMitt Price 8.95 ea,

Cow Hot Pot Grabbitz !
Cows to the rescue ! Keep your hands cool when the pot's hot.

Higly functional and looks great, too !

NO860 Pot Grabbitz Price 6.95 ea,
Cow Kitchen Napkin
Very moo-tractive fringed end towel is moo pretty and a great kitchen napkin, too
NO870 Price 3.95
'Handsome' Linen Wide Table Runner
Quality on Your Dining Table

Quality 'thick' fringed linen table runner centerpiece. Place it on your finest table to set the moo-d !

TV950 40 inches x 18 inches Price 14.95
Sturdy Tote !
Our least expensive tote ! Nice, sturdy, washable canvas and cow cute ! It's time to re-cy-cow. One tote does the job of perhaps 10 thousand plastic bags. Sounds like a good idea !

Matches ovenmitt, bread basket and grabber, too !

GF150 14 inches tall canvas Price 7.95
Matching Bread Basket
This is one heck of an item ! Matching Coordinated Green Pasture Bread Basket folds away to 'nothing' but assembles very quickly at dinner time. Adds a touch of class !
GF160 Twelve inches diagonally Price 7.95
Pasture Potholder !
Just stick your hand in there and grab a pot. Inexpensive but NOT 'cheap' this is heavy duty potholder that will do the job cow-rectly !

Matches ovenmitt, bread basket and tote, too !

NV430 Napkin Holder Price 12.95
Matching Oven Mitt
This is a nice kichen set of matching itmes with a green pasture trim look and cow on front. Inexpensive but 'nice' quality, too.
GF120 Adult Size Oven Mitt Price 5.95
Napkin Holder
This is a better line of some of our desgner table top pieces. Look at these designs ! This is high quality ceramic with a brownish 'earthenware' hue.

This cow napkin holder has a cute lttle bell !.

NV430 Napkin Holder Price 12.95

Purple Cow Sugar
Just look at the hand painted quality and attention to detail. These pieces border on 'exquisite' moo will be most proud to diplay them on your table or in your home.
NV570 Purple cow sugar Sugar 9.95
Purple Cow Plate
What can we say udder than moo-ti-ful!

The most gorgeous matching cow in her bonnet is an exquisite piece for sure.

Not only beautiful, it is also a 'real' plate you may eat off of it.

Dishwasher safe, too.

NY730 12" Purple Cow Dinner Plate 9.95
Mommy Cow and Calf Porcelain Measuring Spoons
What a beautiful kitchen decowration !

This is really a very pretty piece. The measuring sppons are made of porcelain, and the wall hangar is moo-ti-ful colored resin. Classic cow, calf and daisy design with checkered black amd white accents on the spoon handles.

You may use these spoons for measurements they are true measuring devices, but we have a set of measuring spooms in the drawer for 'use'.. these are too pretty to take off the wall !

ND600 12" wide resin hangar with 4 spoons Price 29.95
Paper Towel Holder / Napkin Holder COMBO
What a beautiful kitchen decowration !

Two for the price of one ! Very pretty 'green pasture' design cow napkin holder ALSO includes a paper towel holder ! Keep moo kitchen neat and cow-lean!

Highly functional, very pretty ! Something moo will actually use !

DD300 6" wide x12 ibxhes tall Porcelain Price 24.95
Fruit Wagon Porcelain
Celebrate the harvest !

It's a relatively large very shiny and cowlorful cow 'pulling' a wagon full of ceramic fruit. It is 'fun' to look at all this fruit - too bad you can't eat it it looks delicious ! If you are looking for a centerpiece for table or kitchen this is a wonderful decowration. My goodness if you are really serving fruits and cheeses look no further this is for moo !

ND640 16" long x 10" high Price 29.95
Four Mugs on a Wooden Tree
Classic Design Cow Calf and Daisy Mugs !

These are very nice mugs !

This is somewhat of a bargain. The four mugs are very nice quality mugs. They are not 'just printed' they are molded into this interesting shape and that always adds value to a product.

Right up front we want to say tha the wooden tree is somewhat of a disappointment. It is very lightweight.  if you put all four mugs on it they will stay put, but if you put either one or three and do not 'balance' it .. well over she goes. We still think that moo will be very pleased with this purchase at this price.. the mugs alone are easily worth it !

ND610 Four heavy large ceramic cow mugs and wooden stand Price 19.95
Spice Rack !
Much as we hate to admit it, you cannot live by milk alone. Spice up your kitchen decor with this very pretty 5 cow porcelain spice rack. The spice holders are about the size of small salt and pepper shakers, and the little fence is cute, don't moo think ? This is for 'powdery' spices like cinnamon or garlic powder... the holes in these spice cows are no larger than those in any salt and pepper shaker.

Hangs on moo wall or just sits on any cow-nter-top.

ND980 About 12" long Price 24.95
Look ...Absolutely Gorgeous Coordinated Placesetting // Welcome Mat. A CowDepot Exclusive !
Small Napkin Holder
Great little chef cow porcelain napkin holder for everyday use.

Only about 5" high so it won't take up a lot of room !

NY660 5" high 4.95
Cow Dip Spreader Set
What a cow-lever idea ! Put your dips in this porcelain bowl cow-plete with a little chef cow spreader !
KB220 10" Diameter Price 12.95
Cow Four Compartment Tray
We love entertaining, don't you ? Perfect chef cow porcelain tray for nuts, friuts, chips and dips.
KB210 8' Diameter Price 14.95
Look... Little Cow on Handle Mugs to De-cow-rate moo cow kitchen !
Pink Blue Green
.AT170 Size 8 oz. Price 9.95 ea AT180 Size 8 oz. Price 9.95 ea AT190 Size 8 oz. Price 9.96 ea
Blue LongHandle Green Longhandle
AT200 Size 8 oz.Price 9.95 ea AT210 Size 8 oz. Price 9.95 ea
Look... Coordinated Green Pasture Porcelain Kitchen Decor !
Pasture Scene Porcelain napkin Holder !
Everyone gets a little dirty when they're out to pasture.

Clean up good and easy - just take a napkin !

HV230 6" wide" Porcelain Diameter Price 9.95
Pasture Scene Porcelain Jar

Store LOTS of stuff in the moo-tiful and inexpensive porcelain pasture Scene Taller Jar. Decorative only not for foodstuffs.

HV240 12 inches high Porcelain with cover Price 9.95
Porcelain Pasture Cow Covered Decowration

It 'looks like' a pot with a cover, but really it is a decoration for moo kitchen.

Somewhat functionsal, it may be used to held teabags or whatnots, too ! Cow pasture design fits in any home...inexpensive, too !

LG270 8 inch diameter Price 9.95
Porcelain Pasture Green Matching Spoon Rest

Very stylish and matching, too.

Add to your cow-lection with this inexpensive ( it doesn't look it ) spoon rest !

LG280 10 inch long Price 7.95
Porcelain Pasture Green Matching Utensil Holder

Very stylish and matching, too.

Add to your cow-lection with this inexpensive ( it doesn't look it ) wooden utensil 'vase.'

TS500 8 inches high Price 7.95
Just 4.95 for ANY Coordinated Smiling Cow Porcelain Kitchen Item ! Cow-lect 'em all !
Smiling napkin Holder !
Everyone will want a napkin from this smiling cow !

Look at that smile no meesy mouths at this dinner table !

HV180 6" wide" Diameter Price 4.95
Double Moo !
Cutest Porcelain Double Set

Milk or Cream anyone ? Decorative only not for real foodstuffs.

HV190 About 8 inches long x 6 inches high with holder Price 4.95
Porcelain Cow Decowration
It 'looks like' a pot with a cover, but really it is a decoration for moo kitchen.

Somewhat functionsal, it may be used to held teabags or whatnots, too ! Cute as cute can be ! brightens up any 'space.' Inexpensive, too !

HV210 8 inch diameter Price 4.95

Smiling Cow Wall Hangar
Oh, moo don't have to hang it on eht wall, but moo can ! Nice place to keep 'knick-knacks' - even a plant !

The enitre Smiling Cow Cowlection is just 4.95 per piece - dirt cheap !

TS510 4 inch diameter Price 4.95
Smiling Cow Cup and Saucer Set !
BOTH cup and Saucer moo -cluded at this blowout price !

Go ahead put moo milk in moo cofee or tea, it will make moo smile - just like this smiling ocw !

TS520 Six inch saucer 8 oz cup. Price 4.95 per set !
Smiling Cow Tea Pot Decoration

Not a real teapot, per see.. but a wonderful decowration for moo kitchen... especially at this blowout price !

Cow-fordable, but not 'cheap looking' at all. You can store knick knacks in here.. very pretty !

TS530 8 inch wide Price 4.95
Porcelain Cow Decowration with 3 Wooden Utensils Included !

What a bargain! Smiling Cow Porcelain brigtens your kitchen, your smile AND your wallet !

TS630 8 inch tall Price 4.95
Look... Coordinated 'Little Holstein' Porcelain Kitchen Decor !
Porcelain Holstein Napkin Holder

Relatively large 'sturdy' white Holstein Napkin Holder

Cow-fordable, but not 'cheap looking' at all. A wel-cow-med addition to any kitchen.

HV250 8 inch wide Price 7.95
Matching Pocelain Holstein Salt and Papper

Matching Smiling Cow Salt and Pepper Shakers with Porcelain Holder !

Cow-fordable, but not 'cheap looking' at all. A wel-cow-med addition to any kitchen.

LG290 6 inch wide Price 9.95
Porcelain Milk Carton Vase
The best of both worlds - cows and milk !

Porcelain vase is very functional.. moo may put mootensils, pens or pencils artificial flowers in the opening on back. !

HV260 10" tall Price 9.95
Porcelain Pot !
Cow cute is this ?

Decorative only not for real foodstuffs. Take a break from cooking ! Cow cute ? Very cute !

HV270 About 10 inches long Price 9.95
Inexpensive Napkin Holder
A decent quality budget minded porcelain napkin holder !

Matches salt and pepper to the right. Its a blue 'Chef Cow' holding a loaf of bread !

BP840 6" tall Porcelain Price 5.95
Inexpensive Salt and Pepper Set !
Cow cute is this ?

Matches Napkin Holder to the left !

BP850 About 3 inches tall Price per set 5.95
Inexpensive Chef Cow Oil/Vinegar bottle with small plates.

Inexpensive Oil/Vinegar Bottle with little serving plates.

Chef Cows Know how to make moo dinner table cow-plete! !

PO600 12 inch tall bottle and 3 serving plates Price 14.95
Look... Coordinated Dutch Blue Willow Porcelain Kitchen Decor !
Blue Willow Porcelain Creamer
How many times can we say it we love our Blue Willow. Great details and a little bell, too. Cream, anyone ?
DN420 6 " wide Price 9.95
Salt and Pepper
Blue willow Salt and Pepper in a porcelain tray. Perfect !
DN430 3 pc. little set Price 9.95
Cow Blue Willow Butter Dish
The Blue Wilow 'traditional' look is hundreds of years old, yet it is still very popular today. This is a clsssic Blue Willow Butter Dish.
DN160 Size 6" long 12.95
Itty Bitty Dutch Windmill Magnet
This miniature plate is a magnet which attaches to your refrigerator. A little cow adorns the pasture in front of the windmill. Very nice quality.
DN170 Size 1 1/2 " diameter Price 4.95
Blue Willow De-cow-rator Plate

Blue Willow Porcelain Plate with Cow and Wiindmill

Nice quality but not at all expensive. A wonderful look in any kitchen. Decoration only not for food use.

LG240 Eight Inch Plate Price 9.95
Blue Willow De-cow-rator Tile

Blue Willow Porceliain Hanging Tile with Cow and Wiindmill

Nice quality but not at all expensive. A wonderful look in any kitchen. Decoration only not for food use.

LG250 Five Inch Tile with wall mount Price 9.95
3-D Set of Four Tiles !

Blue Tint Holstein Tiles are 3-D. These are NOT just tiles with pictures of cows, the cows themselves are 3-D! Kind of looks as if you took a 'statue' - cut it in half... and mounted it on a tile shaped back.

Cow-dorable and 'lifelike' poses of Mommy and calf, too. Little wall hagars on top so you may easily mount hang on a wall or just stand on any shelf. Great VALUE, too !

XM990 Five Inch Tiles with wall mount Price per set of 4 just 12.95
Moognetic !
Sing-a-Moo Cow Chick
.DO610 Size 2" Price 2.95 ea DO620 Size 2" Price 2.96 ea
Soccer Cow Wave Hello Cow Chicks'n Cow
.NJ330 Size 2" Price 2.95 ea .NJ340 Size 2" Price 2.95 ea NJ350 Size 2" Price 2.95 ea
These are beautiful magnets with soft pants that sway as you open the fridge door !
Cake Pants Cow Magnet Rosey Pants  Magnet Baby Bottle Cow Magnet
DR118 Size 5" Price 6.99 ea DR119 Size 5" Price 6.99 ea DR120 Size 5" Price 6.99 ea
Chef Moo Bread Magnet Chef Moo Cookbook Magnet Chef Moo 'The List' Magnet
CL270 Size 2" Price 3.95 ea Cl280 Size 2" Price 3.95 ea CL290 Size 2" Price 3.95 ea
BIG Holstein Magnet
Very Large Holstein Magnet. If you like you magnets as large as your cows, this is the magnet for moo !

NIce quality shiny porcelain.

ZA410 5" wide Price 1.95
BIG Red Holstein Magnet
Large Red Holstein Magnet. If you like you magnets as large as your cows, this is the magnet for moo !

NIce quality shiny porcelain.

ZA420 5" wide Price 1.95
Cow-lassic Holstein Golf Ball Magnet !
Standard golf ball 'cut in half' with a Holstein ! Back size of golf ball is moog-netic - so stick it to the fridge to hold your score card ( if you dare ) for everyone to see !

Cow entertaining - a great cowversation piece !

EY100 Standard Golf Ball Price 9.95
Moo-nique ! A yellow Cow Tipping Golf Ball magnet !
Get it , the writing is upside down ! Cow tipping on the Golf course ! Get the cows out of the way you gotta putt !

EY110 Standard "half' Golf Ball Size high Price 9.95
FUN Wiggling Cow Moog-net Magnet
Spring has sprung ! This magnet has LOTS of little springs so it wiggles and wiggles more. The vbiration from your refrrigerator compressor is enough to keep this little gal 'going and going' with no batteries at all.

Cow entertaining moo will LOVE it !

HV710 4" Price 7.95
"Holstein Version' Wiggle Magnet
Double Fun ! OK so it is not a 'strict' Holstein per se.. it does have 'poetic license' but it is black and white so 'Holstein -esque' it is !

Wiggle and Shake it, baby !

HV720 4" high Price 7.95
Dishes Clean Dirty Moog-net !

It's called a dishwasher magnet, but you can easily use it for the sink, too. Pretty wooden 'nice sized' 4" cow with a storng magnetic strip in the back attaches to dishwasher, fridge or metal cabinet. A precious little red heart with a pretty ribbon hangs on the bottom ! Just flip the ribbon to show 'clean' or 'dirty'.

OK, it's cute and you will like it but the little heart still won't make you 'love' to do the dishes !

NJ220 4" wooden cow with pretty ribbon and heart Price 3.95
Picture Frame Magnet !

Ahh.. this is a great mag-net! . Cute as cute can be cow lying down looks great all by herself.. but she'll 'go to work' for moo, too ! ! Just flip the ribbon to show 'clean' or 'dirty'.

Each half is moo-netic, so moo may but 'things' between her such as pictures ! Also suitable for recipe cards, things to do lists, etc. Very stylish moo will LOVE this moognet !

HV380 4" Porcelain wiht Magnets Price 9.95
Not Just Anudder Magnet

Coolest of the cool !

Here it is all shiny and pink and moognetic, too !

Udder Manget is just about an inch and a half long but it gets the point across extremely well.

Oh, well say it again it's the coolest cow magnet we have ever seen !

BH500 1 1/2" long x 1inch: diameter Price 7.95
Beware of Attack Cow Magnet !

One should always be alert moo never know ?

CF210 4" All Plastic Price 3.95
Four Hooves Moog-net

She'll hold a lot of moomo notes !

Cutest little Pink Cow has moo-gents on each hoove.

Stick LOTS of notes to moo refridge-moo-ator !

TV410 6" x 10" approx Price 7.95
Arms and Legs 4 String Magnets

A moognet on the end of each arm and each hoove !

Cow Cute ! She's here to help !

SE720 5" x 3" approx Price 5.95
Four Hoove String Magnets

A moognet on each hoove !

Cow Cute ! She's here to help, too !

SE730 5" x 3" approx Price 5.95
Bobble Head Magnet

Oh, this is a cool as cool can be moog-net !

Shiny , shimmering and 'fun' boble head moognet moo-taches anywhere.

It is NOT 'just a magnet' it also has a very decent 'alligator' clip in back.

Moo can't go wrong with this bobble head cow !

HV640 4" moocludes sturdy clip in back Price 8.95
Cow Face Alligator Clip Magnet

Get a Grip !

Shiny , shimmering and too cute cow face moognet moo-taches anywhere.

It is NOT 'just a magnet' it also has a very decent 'alligator' clip in back.

Moo many uses to list but you will USE this moognet over and over again.

UC140 4" moocludes sturdy clip in back Price 6.95
Set of Three Cow Magnets

Nicely packaged.

Shiny , shimmering and too cute.. but this set of three magnets is also nicely packaged for gift giving !

One of our better values, too.

Designed in France.

UC150 Set of Three Nicely Packaged n Clear Gift Box Price 14.95
Plush Cow Magnet

A favorite here at CowDepot !

This is a cow cute little plush cow.

Cow-ever, this is ALSO moognetic ! It will also MOO if you add a battery ( sorry, battery not moocluded )

It is also very inexpensive. Moo will love these on your refrigeraor door and they are 'cost effective' enough to purchase several for party favors or stocking stuffers.

NJ800 Approx. Four inches Price 2.95
Wiggle Eyes Magnet
Very lightweight magnet with 'wiggle eyes.' This moog-net is made of foam so it is very po-moo-lar you can drop it but you can't break it.

Cow Cute and it's a moog-net, too !

NJ170 4" wide Price 3.95
Sadly Men Created Equal Refridge-moo-ator Moog-net

Cow Stylish !

'Great Hair'

Strong, sturdy ceramic refridgerator magnet. Cow-mical but somewhat accurate !

LG220 Approx. four inch Ceramic Magnet Price 8.95
Holstein Refrigd-moo-ator Moog-net

Nice quality magnet.

Nice price.

Strong, sturdy ceramic refridgerator magnet.

Nice udders, too !

BO400 Holstein Ceramic Magnet Price 2.95
Cow Face 'Primitive' Magnet

Our least expensive magnet !

Less than the dollar store !

Wooden Cow is lightweight so it makes a great magnet.

Cow-sider getting a few at this price !

PR670 Approx. Four inches high Price just .95 ea.
Surfer Cow Magnet Biker Cow Magnet Ballerina Magnet
CF220 Size 2" Ceramic Price 1.95 CF230 Size 2" Ceramic Price 1.95 CF240 Size 2" Ceramic Price 1.95
Artist Cow Magnet Farmer Cows Magnet Holy Cow Heart Magnet
CF250 Size 2" Ceramic Price 1.95 CF260 Size 2" Ceramic Price 1.95 CF270 Size 2" Ceramic Price 1.95
Moognetic Hooves ( lots of 'em !)
Hi quality and cow-fordable.

One of our 'best value' magnets . !

It's shiny and spring-y, too. Each hoove has a magnet and these are VERY strong magnets ! You may have LOTS of fun just re-positioning this gal. Kind of like a 'Gumby magnet' ( sort of ). Holds 4 notes for the price of just one !

EM830 6" wide Spring Ceramic Cow Magnet Price 7.95 ea