cow gift unique cow gifts
cow holstein flashlight
Bend-a-ble Vinyl Holstein !!
Right up front we're going to say - this is the BEST VALVE most bendable cow moo will ever own ! It has 'personality.' Stand it up sit it down or have it lean against the wall. It's vinyl and it's Cute !! Cow-forable (to say the least) at this BLOWOUT price !!!
HA114 three inches long WOW Price 1.99
cow tape
Holstein Flashlight !

Right up front we're going to say - this is the BEST Flashlight Moo will EVER own !

A moo-tiful highly functional BRIGHT battery moo-perated flashlight. cow's eyes are in the flashlight - how cool is that ??

Yet the BEST part is moo DON'T need batteries to use it ! Simple thumb operated lever lights this baby up even if the batteries are Dead ! WORKS WHEN MOO NEED IT !!!

HA110 Six inches long Price 12.95
cow tape
AWESOME!!!!! Wonderful Creativity and quality Snap Box'
A box with Holstein Spots AND beautiful shiny moo-tal-ic corners and handles. Moo MUST get one !!! Box SNAPS together and stores flat... SOOOOO Pretty !

The most moonique item we have ever seen !

XM630 Snap Box for Moo Stuff !! Regular 7" wide x 9" long x 4" high Price 4.95ea. / Large 9 " wide x 12" long x 4" high Price 8.95 ea. / X large 10" wide x 14" long x 4" high Price 9.95 ea.
cow packaging tape
Cow Tape ! !

Holstein Pattern Carton Sealing Tape for less than the cost of ordinary clear tape !!!

Excellent quality carton sealing tape made in the USA. A full 110 yards long not those 'cheapy' 55 yard rolls you get most everywhere. Soo many other uses ! Our favorite is as a border or lettering for parties !

The box and or wall board you are using must be white for the tape pattern to be black and white.

PE800 Holstein Tape 2" x 110 yards 3.50 per roll
cow sunglassses
Moo Look Moo-velous !

High Quality Sunglasses with Holstein Spots !!

Stand out from the herd and be Moo-nique !

Cow stylish!

BG310 Cover Included 34.95
cow reading glasses
Cow Print Framed Reading Glasses !
Moog-ni-fy your World !

Let all the world know you look like moo really love cows !

Op-to-moo-logists love cows, too !.

Available in LOTS of sizes all the way up to 300 !

SS530 High Quality Includes Cover Price 19.95

cow hammer
Holstein Hammer ! !

Everyone has a hammer.. but only cow crazy folks like moo-self would have THIS hammer !

A wonderful contractor grade hammer it is a REAL hammer moo will use it for years and years. Makes a perfect gift.

Don't forget about the ladies they will LOVE this, too ! Very stylish and moose-ful to use around the home or barn. Twenty years from now they'll say 'remember when I got that cow hammer' makes a lasting impression !

HA100 Contractor Grade 9.95
cow utility knife
Moo-tility Knife
Very moo-seful.

Contractor grade Utility Knife

Stainless steel blade it's very sharp.. hides away when not in use.

HA200 Utility Knife Price 5.95
cow screwdriver
Six in One Screwdriver !
Wow !

Six-in-one quality screwdriver with Holstein Spots ! Assorted drivers/phillips heads. Everyone needs a good screwdriver - what a great gift !

HA210 Six in one screwdriver Price 5.95 ea.
cow tape measure
Holstein Tape Measure ! !

This tape measure measures up to the cow-petition.

Quality thru and thru . Hook it to you utility belt - gets the job done right !

HA260 Quality Cow Tape Measure Grade 5.95
cow cell phone holder
Rhinestone Trimmed Cell Phone Soft Case

A Cow Depot Moo-sclusive !

Shoulder Strap Lets Moo cow-verse in Style !

AM260 Fits any cell phone Price 7.95
cow TY plush
BIG Cow Facw MUG!!

The BIGGEST Cow Mug we have ever seen !!!

Thirsty ?? Not any more !! Just Fill up this beautiful porcelain cow face mug and quench moo thirst....While you are at it have a laugh too this is a GREAT Cow MUG !!! Nicely packaged for gift giving.

AM600 Seven inches long Price 19.95
cow keychain
Holstein Keychain

A good quality cow keychain !

Check out those detailed pink udders !

Cow-dorable ! !

HA220 Holstein 3" long Price 1.95
cow keychain
Pop Eyes KeyChain !

S Q U E E Z E IT !!

The eyes 'pop' right out of this funky yellow horned cows head !

A GREAT stress reliever we pop em all day long no worries its kinda sorta unbreakable !!

RL280 Rubber 3 inch cow Keychain Price 2.95
cow keychain
Holstein Itty Bitty Bobble Head ( and Bobble Tail ).

A cow on your desktop ! Keep it ANYWHERE it's only 3 inches long !

Moo-ves ! NOT battery operated ! Noth'in to wear out but it keep going and going (go figure). We keep it on top of our cow-puter. We love cows and the spacial limitations ae not a problem for this little gal !

Very entertaining !

LP600 Resin 3" long Price 4.95
cow football
Holstein Football !!!

A REAL Football !

Throw from one end of the pasture to the other if moo can. Moo will go cow crazy this is the REAL deal.

Full Sized it is a Holstein Football do NOT call it a PIG Skin !!

PE980 Holstein Full Sized 11" Standard Football Price 7.95
cow memo pad holder
Cows Rule !

Me-moo Pad !

This is one cow cool item ! Vivid Colors. Gorgeous graphics ! Nicely packaged for gift giving, too.

Laser'd Plexiglass Post it note or memo pad holder for moo desk. Fits standard size Post it notes. Practical AND inexpensive. Run out of paper ? Just head to the dollars store and get more Post it notes... saves a bundle!

GF780 Plexiglass 5" high Price just 4.95
cow bobble head
Bobble Cow !

She's a Moover and a Shaker !

Moo will LOVE this cow ! She's not 'just ' a bobble head.. the whole cow sort of bobbles.. kind of like cows do anyway. Cute, but not exactly 'graceful.'

Excellent quality porcelain ! Relatively large 8 inches or so long (we couldn't hold her still to get an exact moo-sure-ment) OR smaller four inch long siZe. She'll look great on any desk/table/shelf. FUN !

GF790 Porcelain 8" long Price just 14.95 / GF791 Four inch long just 7.95
cow bank box
Moo-lah Gift Bank !

Moo-lah with a Sch-moo -ch !

How Moo-nique is this ? Excellent quality Holstein bank with big red lips ! Wonderfully packaged in a big bright Holstein gift box with a sch-moo-ch red lips on top!

If you know someone who loves moo-lah - well what more can we say ?

AS100 Porcelain 8" long includes gift box Price 9.95
cow umbrella
Holstein Umbrella !

Gorgeous ! Not 'just an umbrella with cow spots' it is one of the nicest umbrellas moo will ever use ! !

Full sized yet very lightwight. Sturdy clear vinyl cowver protects when not in use rain or shine.

Our cow umbrella has the cutest 'parisol' design on top. You cannot loose this umbrella ! People will come running into the street to hand it back to you if you accidentally leave it in a restaurant ( really they do ).. very moonique.

CF420 Full Sized Lightweight Umbrella Price 39.95
cow umbrella
Cow Folding Umbrella !

Moo cannot beat this gift at this quality and this price !

Folds up nicely !

Moo will use this umbrella and get LOTS of cow-pliments on the moo-ti-ful cow-lorful design ! A cow-lassic !

RL650 Fold up Sized Lightweight Umbrella Price 29.95
cow ironing board
Holstein Ironing Board Cover !

Wrinkle - Free Cow-lothing !

It looks great ! Laundry is soo boring bring a smile to the daily chores. Nice Quality Cotton.

Pad not moo-cluded... but moo probaly have one, anyway.

EM600 Fits any Standard Ironing Board Price 14.95
cow nail file
Cow Nail File

Moo-ni-cured! Excellent! Moo simply have to have it !

NOT a 'cheapo' ...very heavy gauge !

Holsteins on one side, Holstein spots on the udder.

PR120 8" long 1/4" thick 2.50 ea. / 3 for 6.95
cow nail file and mirror
Cows-metic Case Mirror !

Excellent! Moo simply have to have it !

A mirror and a nail file ! Makes moo look good !

Includes little plastic case to help prevent scraches on moo mirror.

MR100 4 " long 2.95 ea. / 3 for 7.95
cow boots
Soft, Warm Adult Bedtime Booty

.A really, really great gift for any adult.

Very nice quality, warm and completely moo-nique cow soft 'boots' are perfect for your feet at bedtime. Dare we say, there's nothing wrong with a little booty.

MA150 Adult Bedtime Booty Price 9.95
cow butter dish
Holstein Shaped Butter Dish

Moo-prise !

Simply re-moove the cow-ver and get some butter !

Shiny plastic cow washable butter dish !

Moolicious and Fun !

BO370 Plastic Butter Dish Holds Butter Sticks Price 3.95
cow organizer
Booty Box ?

Well, check out all those posterior 'views' and indeed the name ( sort of ) fits.

It's a very nice product and a nice package... but we looked at it for 20 minutes or so before we could figure out what it 'is.'

Alas, it's an organizer. It attaches magnetically, so moo may put it on moo refridgerator/freezer or ( larger ) tool box. You could also use ordinary screws to attach it to a wall. Anyway if moo are into 'booty' this is actually a nice gift !

Shake shake shake your ( milk shake ) booty ?

XM250 6 inch long Plexiglass with booty graphics Price 5.95
cow wallet
Shower Cap !

Moo look Moo-vel-ous ! !

Why allow a little water to ruin your perfect hairmoo?

Never have a bad hair day again. Hair it is the world's first and 'one and only' tres stylish Holstein Horned shower cap ! A gift they will never forget !

AP110 Better Quality Vinyl Cap Elastic Band Price 8.95
cow mug
Cow-tho-lic !

Sister Act !

Moo-sterical !

If moo have ever worn a plaid dress to school (or know someone who has) this mug is for MOO! Looks like it came out of the Bucca de Beppo Gift Shop !Excellent Quality. Heavy. Wonderfully boxed in a beautiful package.

JO840 Twelve Ounce Ceramic Heavy Mug Price 12.50
cow chick fil a bobblehead
Chick-Fil=A licensed Bobblehead !

Get LOTS of looks on cow appreciation day !

NOT Gobble Gobble.. but Bobble Bobble.

EAT MOR Chick'n !! Nice quality !

GC280 8 inches tall Resin Price 14.95
cow pool toy
Cow Football ( sorta ) !!!!

Coolest of the Cool.

Moo will NOT be disappointed ! It's sooo moo-nique it's a little difficult to describe.

Waterproof' 'football' with arms, legs and an udder ! Great for outdoor use - even 'pool party' quality' safe for tossing around the swimming hole or patio.

Having said that, even if moo don't have a pool or wanna get one in winter 'go ahead' these are simply FUN FUN FUN. Great quality !

HR160 8 inches long Price 3.95
cow sling shot
Cow Sling Shot !!!!

Relieve Udder Boredom !!

Hand Carved Wooden Cow Handle and relatively good quality 'sling' get stuff fly'in in the air FAST !

Great for outdoor fun when there ain't nothing around but rocks and acerage ! Have a cow-test with moo frineds see who is the slingist !

FUN FUN FUN. Great quality !

SS200 7 inches long Wood Handle Price 9.95
cow handbag
Fashion Brown Cow Handbag
Very chic.

The only brown cow spot handbag we have ever seen. Fortunately she is just moo-tiful.

Cow-lassy. Dressy..

Suede mooterials, vinyl strap and zipper.

ND100 Single cowpartment Price 19.95

Saddle Shape !
Large Shoulder Strap. Easy to carry !

Hanbag is shaped like halp a saddle for fashionion-moobile cowgirls !


EM320 Zippered with large shoulder strap Price 24.95

cow handbag
Holstein and Colorful !!
What a great deal.

Holstein Handbag for everyday AND Saturday Night !

Look at those colors on the 3 separate zippers.

Everyday size 12 inches wide. Holstein pattern and cow-lors!

TS300 Extremely Colorful Zipper Inside Priced Just 14.95 !

cow handbag
Cow Handbags !
Very nice quality handbags. They look great !

Double Shoulder Strap adds good quality. Zipper outside and inside cow-partments, too.

For all those Holstein lovers who wish their cows had just a little color, too ! Karaoke here I come !.

BP350 Shiny 'good looking' Vinyl Price 29.95

cow belt
Rhinestone CowGirl 'Elvis Style' BELT !
WAY too over the top !

This belt is screaming rhinestones ! Big ones small ones diamond shaped ones.. just screaming with 'em.

Moo will feel like you are ON STAGE when you wear this belt. Karaoke here I come !.

Available in LOTS of sizes including VERY large XL size, too !

DL110 Studed with RhineStones Galore Price 55.00 and worth every penny

cow purse
Double Sided Horned Cow Purse !

Easily fits in any handbag. Leather quality and design. The cow face has horns in top ! The back side has a wonderful 'Spanish Style' Cow emblazoned in the leather.

Cow wonderful a GREAT gift !!!

NU460 4 inch wide wallet / 6 inch strap Price 19.95
Holstein Wallet

No its Really a Hostein Wallet... made of genuine cowhide !

Lots of zippered compartments.

Genuine Soft Leather !

SK270 8" long 4" wide Price 39.95
cow makeup bag
Nylon Cow Makeup Bag or Coin Purse

.Cow Cute and Functional ! Great little Nylon Bag is cow-tastic for coins or make-up ! What great price, too ! Inexpensive so moo may get some a few for all moo friends.

NJ600 6" long 5" high Price 4.95
cow makeup bag
Shiny Vinyl Cow Makeup Bag

Fashionmoobile ! What great price, too ! Shiny ! Shiniest ! Looks expensive ( it isn't ).

CF440 8" long 6" high Price 4.95
cow tote
Ladies Tote!

Nice quality zippered 'handbag.' You could use it and wear it as a handbag ( many do ). Cow-Fashionable !

GC940 10" long Vinyl Price 9.95
cow visor
Ladies Udderly Pink Holstein Fashion Visors !
Ladies, this will be one of moo F a v o r i t e s !

Outstanding Fashion at an Outstanding Price !

Just a great visor. Very nice quality ! The pink 'udderly fashion-moobile' color is vibrant and vivid. This visor fits all and has an adjustable velcro high quality 'clasp' on the back. Holstein pattern riser let you cow-municate your inner moo !

A GREAT gift for the whole herd... inexpensive enough to get a few and then some !

EM110 Ladies Pink and Holstein Visor Adjustable Back One Size Fits All Price 7.95 ea. / 3 for 5.95 ea. / 6 for 4.95 ea.
Cow Bracelet Watch !
Moo-tifully Styled Holstein Face Watch. Just look at that shimmering slender silver watch band ! Two Nice Size Studded Rhinestones makes it look like it came from Tiffany's (not Cow Depot... shhh! )
EM900 Slender Bracelet Watch just 19.95
cow watch
Diamond Shaped Watch !
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend ! No real diamonds at all here, but 'fake it till you make it' with rhinestones, Holstein patterns and a diamond shaped watch face. Looks like it costs 40 thousand not 40 bucks ( note to true gemologists - we are not gemologists at all )
EM910 3 inch wide bracelet watch just 24.95 !

cow votive
Mystic Votive
We really like this. Mystical magical ceramic cow votive is great. Get in touch with your spiritual feelings.
MA700 Price 3.95
cow lighter
Milk Carton Lighter !
Wow !

Just two inches tall.

FC930 2" high Price 3.95
cow lighter
Double Flame Out the Nostrils Cow Lighter
Coolest of the cool ! Shoots two out of each nostril... when you press the silvered cow horns.

Double Moo !

FC940 3" long Price 9.95
cow memo pad
What a great gift !

This is a highest quality 'fancy' stationery pad. It is moo-ti-ful and includes 800 sheets of memo paper.. that's a lot of memo's !

It also has a hole in the pad so moo can put a pen int the pad.. very useful. Cows adorn the outside of the memo pad and the green 'pasture' backgrond set it off nicely.

If moo are looking for a gift for a co-worker this is a wonderful gift !

NJ590 4" x4" x4" cube 4.95
cow notepad
Honey Do List
She's knows what she wants and she'll get it !

'Honey Do' lists a gentle reminder of al the things moo Honey needs to do !

Hangs on moo wall if moo want it to.

BH420 6" x4" Wooden Plaque 2.95
cow bookmark
Sticky Bookmark / File Tabs / Page Finders
Way too cow-lever. We have never seen this in a cow or udderwise, but here it is.

Gorgeous cow graphics ! These are about 2 inches long and an inch wide... long enough to use as a bookmark or office file page finder.

Pack of 50. Assorted cow pictures. Better than a file tab Moo will use these !

YK200 2" x 1" Pack of 50 / Price 3.95
cow boots
Letter Openers

.Nice looking and highly functional all plastic letter openers in your choice of breeds !

Open all of your cow-respondence in cow style !

KG370 6 " long Price 2.95 ea.
cow letter opener
Polished Wood Letter Opener

.One of the cutest cow items we have ever seen.

It is not 'just wood' - this is soo polished it looks s-moo-the almost metal smooth.

Moo WILL love this. Just cow-dorable. A timeless classic !

HA990 8 " long Price 5.95 ea.
cow tape
Cow Scotch Tape Dispenser
This little cow is kneeling down to help dispense any standard roll of sctch tape. It works well we moos it all the time !
KO310 Standard Size Tape Price 3.95
cow statue
Desktop Cow
'Itty Bitty' desktop cow.

Not much to say here except that if moo love cows as much as we do, then a cow on your desk is a nice thing to have !


WU100 6" long x 3" tall Plastic Bobbing Head Cow Price 9.95ea.
Poop-ing Cow Key Chain

.Everybody poops, now your keychain can poop, too !

Give it a little 'squeeze' and this little soft, squeezable cow-on-a-keychain will make you smile all day long.

Really, all poop should be like this. Cow-pletely odor free.

MA190 Pooping Cow Key Chain Price 1.95
cow keychain
Cow-dorable PLUSH Cow Key Chain

Look at that moo-ti-ful face !

Shes looking at MOO and she's ready to hoove your keys all oer the place !

Unique, interesting keychain fer sure.

AP100 Three Inch ( approx ) Plush Cow Key Chain WOW !!! Price 1.95

cow watch
Cow Whimsical Watch
Very fahion-moobile ! Cow 'whimsical' watch is all about the dial. This is the most moo watch dial you will possible find !

Check out those udders ! Nicely boxed, too. A great gift !

BH070 Cow Whimsical Watch Price 9.95
cow pin
She's a Beauty !
We have a large selection of Holstein Pins... no need for everyone to wear the same pin at all. This gal has a pink mouth, pink ears and pink udders, too !
EM800 Size 2" Price 7.95
cow pin
Smiling Cow Pin
Almost looks like a calf but she's got udders so she's an youngen. Check out the gold trim daisy on her head and that yellow tail!
EM810 Size 2" Price 5.95
cow pin
Silver Cow Bell Holstein Pin !
Moo-ti-ful ! Silver Cow Bell Glistens with light and makes a 'statement' that Moo are proud Cow-lover ! Makes Moo look good, too ! !
LP510 Size 2" Price 7.95
cow pin
Gold Cow Bell Holstin Pin !
Perfect ! Cow-lassy ! Just like a real cow and a real cow bell. Moo will be proud to wear her !
LP520 Size 2" Price 7.95
cow broach
You'll Like a Rhinetone Cow
Very fashionable rhinestone cow pin shimmers and sparkles as you walk into any room. Looks like you paid a million bucks for it.
MA430 Size 2" Price 5.95
cow pin
Cow in Rhinstones and Gold Trim
A very nice,sparkling.. actually dazzling broach with clasp you'll be more than proud to wear on any moo-cassion. It shimmers ! GREAT QUALITY ! Wonderful Value ! !
XM800 Size 2" Price 7.95
cow broach
Cow Western Sherrif Pin
A classic Western pin. Cowboy hat, bandana, gun and holster, boots and spurs.

Cow much more Western can a cow lover get ?

NO170 Size 3" Price 7.95

cow broach
Holstein Classic Pin
Beautiful Pin certainly looks exactly like what most people think of when they hear the word 'cow.'
EM820 Size 2" Price 5.95
cow pin
Tuxedo Cow Pin
Very nice cow all dressed up will look great on your clothing when you get all dressed up, too. Shiny, glimmering rhinestones sparkle all the way across the room !
MA450 Size 2" Price 7.95
cow necklace holder
Holstein Necklace Holder
Relatvely large, nice quality Holstein Necklace Holder.. What a nice gift ! This cow looks great but she will look even better wearing your necklace !
LG340 Seven " long and five" high Price 9.95
cow silver earrings
Sterling Silver Cow Earrings
Gorgeous matching Sterling Silver cow earrings. Moo will look stunning ! Matches Silver Pendannt Item below.
PF110 Set of Earrings Price 19.95
cow pendant
Sterling Silver Cow Pendant
Stunning. Pure Sterling Silver CowPendant with little cowbell. Perfect ! Matches Sterling Silver Earring Set above. Shiny Cows Rule !
PF500 About 2 and 1/2 inches long Price 19.95
cow earrings
Cloisonne Cow Earrings
Gorgeous matching glossy to the max BROWN cow cloisonne earrings dripping with gold trim Moo will look stunning !
PF100 Set of Earrings Price 9.95
cow necklace
Cow Necklace Charm !
Cow Charming ! Turn ANY old necklace into cow necklace
Go ahead and make someone moo know very, very happy. Keep's everyone smiling even on an udderwise ordinary day. .
PF111 Size about 1" Price 4.95
cow artglass
Tiny, itsy bitsy Artglass Cow!
A cow about the size of a large marble !
PF110 About an inch long Price 4.95
cow lapel pin cow lapel pin
Holstein Lapel Pin Hereford Lapel Pin
CC250 Size 1" Price 3.95 ea CC270 Size 1" Price 3.95 ea
cow lapel pin
Gorgeous Holstein Lapel Pin / Tie Tack ! !

.Gorgeous. Very small.. aout 1/2 inch long.

Really pretty silvered edges make moo (discreetly) stand out in a herd!

PF140 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 8.95
cow tie tack
Gorgeous Brahman Lapel Pin / Tie Tack ! !

.Gorgeous. Very small.. aout 1/2 inch long.

Really pretty whiteand oranged edges make moo (discreetly) stand out in a herd!

PF150 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 8.95
cow tie tack
Gorgeous Brown Cow Lapel Pin / Tie Tack ! !

.Gorgeous. Very small.. aout 1/2 inch long.

Wonderfully detailed and very beautiful. Get noticed !

DD110 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 7.95
cow applique
Iron On Holstein !!

People like to wear alligators on their shirts.. but MOO can wear a cow !

Just iron on ! What a wonderful way to discreetly show the world your true black and white colors !

DD120 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 3.95
cow applique
Iron On Brown Cow !

Make any garment into cow moo-terial !

Just iron on ! What a wonderful way to discreetly show the world your true brown and white colors !

DD130 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 3.95
cow applique
Iron On Bull !

No Bull.. it's an iron on bull !

Just iron on ! Wonderfully detailed cow-lassic bull !

DD140 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 3.95
cow applique
Iron On Brown Bull !

No Bull.. it's an iron on bull !

Just iron on ! Wonderfully detailed cow-lassic bull !

DD150 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 3.95
cow iron on patch
Iron On Red Bull !

Red Bull ! !

Just iron on ! Wonderfully detailed cow-lassic bull !

DD160 Approx. 1/2 " x 2 " Price 3.95
cow broach
I Love Moo Broach !

.Gorgeous. I 'heart' Moo shimmers in Genuine Austrian Crystals with a red heart.

A CowDepot exclusive pin. You may wear it all the time if moo wish, we do.

MB420 Approx. 1 1/2 " x 2 " Price 5.95
cow hair comb
De-cow-rative Hair Comb

.Udderly Cow-dorable !

Wear this pink 'udder color' hair comb in moo hair.

Rhinestone cow on a pink udder comb moo will look tres fashionable-moobile!

We have great stuff !

BH700 4" comb Price 3.95
cow hair clip
Hair Clip 'Jewelry' !

Holstein Hair Chic !

Moo-tif-ul Holstein with bell and pink udders is also a nice, realtively large silvery shiny hair clip !

Tres fashion-moo-bile moo will look beautiful!

Get one and make the milkmaid jealous !

BH710 4" Hair Cip Price 3.95
cow scrunchie
Hair Scrunchie

Pony tails ?

We really need to come up with a name other than 'pony tail' scrunchie. This is not a pony at all it is a moo-tiful Holstein !

Great quality scrunhie thingie, too.

Moo will look moo-velous for sure for sure !

BH810 4" scrunchie Price 3.95
cow hair comb
Fancy Cow Barette

Matching Moolery !

She's got attitude for sure ! Look at those sunglasses on this gal.

She's way too cow cool for sure !

EM610 6" barette Price 1.95
cow earrings
Cow with Sunglasses Earrings
What great cow-stme moo-lery ! Matches neckess to the right and barette above.
EM630 Cow Set of Two Price `3.95
cow neckless
Cow with SunGlasses Neckless !
Moo will look stunning !
EM640 Cow Necklace Price 2.95
Excellent Quality Real Cow Hair EyeGlass Cover

Tres Fashion-moo-ble.

Wonderful craftsmenship.

Bovine Beautiful.

TV430 Standard Size 29.95
REAL Cow Hair Wristband

What a cow-tastic accessory !

Wonderful wristbacnd may be worn with any outfit from casual to dress !

Moo-justable it has two snaps to fit any size wrist. Moo will look Moovelous !

TV940 8" Price 19.95
Gold Holstein Ladies Watch

A real 'keepsake' gift.

Gold plated watch with six mooving Holsteins. Yes, the little cows 'slide' up and down the double braided gold chain.

This watch is FAR nicer in person than pictured. A 'true' anniversary or birthday gift.. she will LOVE it and give moo a big hug and kiss, too !

SE750 Ladies Price 79.95
Holstein Ladies Bracelet Watch

Stunning !

It is expensive but it is worth it !

A 'true' anniversary or birthday gift.. she will LOVE it and give moo a big hug and kiss, too !

LG340 Fits Most Ladies Price 29.95
'Timmy Woods Beverly Hills California Designer Cow Handbag

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is a designer and manufacturer of fashion forward, high quality, wearable art handbags for women. Launched in 1992 by artist and entrepreneur Timmy Woods, Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is the outgrowth of years of design experience developed through a variety of design positions, a former handbag venture and business acumen and international savvy rendered through travel, education and experience in the international real estate market.

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is focused on creating innovative designs that appeal to women with a broad range of interests and lifestyles. Inspired by handmade wooden boxes, Timmy sees these handcrafted wooden handbags as a fresh statement in fashion and as sculptured pieces of art. On the cutting edge of art and fashion, each bag is carved from fallen Acacia trees and is hand-made taking 30 days to complete. Each unique design comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and originality.

Timmy has most graciously shared her one of a kind cow designs with all CowDepot cowstomers. Yes, moo-vie stars DO cow-llect these and moo can, too ! Don't pay Beverly Hills Prices !!!! save 75 % OFF at COWDEPOT!!

FC660 10" Gloss Finish Purse and Long Roped Strap Price 99.00
'Timmy Woods Beverly Hills California Designer Cow Handbag

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is a designer and manufacturer of fashion forward, high quality, wearable art handbags for women. Launched in 1992 by artist and entrepreneur Timmy Woods, Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is the outgrowth of years of design experience developed through a variety of design positions, a former handbag venture and business acumen and international savvy rendered through travel, education and experience in the international real estate market.

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is focused on creating innovative designs that appeal to women with a broad range of interests and lifestyles. Inspired by handmade wooden boxes, Timmy sees these handcrafted wooden handbags as a fresh statement in fashion and as sculptured pieces of art. On the cutting edge of art and fashion, each bag is carved from fallen Acacia trees and is hand-made taking 30 days to complete. Each unique design comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and originality.

Timmy has most graciously shared her one of a kind cow designs with all CowDepot cowstomers. Yes, moo-vie stars DO cow-llect these and moo can, too ! Don't pay Beverly Hills Prices !!!! save 75 % OFF at COWDEPOT!!

AM770 10" Gloss Finish Purse and Long Roped Strap Price 99.00
Moo-la-lah Cow Handbag

AWESOME !!! Beautifull Black Fringed Excellent Ladies Handbag !

Wear it proudly to the Dairy Association meeting !

Styleish !!!

AM890 soft cloth Price 39.95

Cow moo-seful is this ?

Holstein spot tote get the job done in cow sytle.

Moo will like this it is a 'rugged' all purpose tote with strong nylon handles. CowTastic lightweight tote for pool,picnic, beaach or any place at all ! Thousands of uses moo will cow-preciate this tote !

Folds up nicly when the toting is over and saves space, too.

NJ430 Bigger tote 2 feet x 2 feet Price 9.95
'Dress Up' Cow

If you know of any cowpokes who like to dress dolls, have we got a cow for you ! This is just cow-outstanding.

A 6 inch long and 4 " high Holstein is nicely detailed of poly-resin. This 'statue' is easily worth the $9.99 all by itself itis soo nice. - but 'wait there's moooo-re.' You also get 5 cow-stumes to put on the cow.. Yes, you will 'dress up' this cow in several outfits moo-cluding Christmas!! Each of these remarkably detailed costumes inlcudes a hat, too . Any kid will enjoy dressing up this cow for many years. It will become a family tradition and part of their childhood moo-meries. This is just moo good to pass up at this price.

KN690 12" x 6" Statue with 5 very detailed cow-stumes " WOW !!!! Wow!!! Wow !!!Price 3.95
Cow Pom Pom Trim

.OK, so they're not exactly cow spots, per se.. but this Pom Pom trimming sure puts you in the mood.

Lots of uses for the creative moo from sewing trim to party decorations. You decide it's up to moo. Sold by the yard - have fun !

MA200 Size 7/8" Price .95 Per Yard
cow eyeglass holder
Cow "Nose' Eye Glass Holder

CowFashion-abile !

Just the best. Cow Nose is Porcelain and very funny !

Just place your eyeglasses over the cow nose that's about it. Brings smiles even when moo glassses are not on your nose !

BP280 5" high Price 12.95
cow slippers
Cow Slippers in Colors !
Keep your feet Warm and Cow-zy !
Available in Green Pink and Blue Price just 4.95 !!!!!
    Smiling Cow Slippers !

Very nice quality. Warm and fuzzy !

Nice Quality Gift. Check out that big smile on her face !

One size fits most adults.

EM340 One Size Fits Most Adults WOW !!! What a great item !!! Price 9.95
cow spa set
    Pamper Moo-self !

A VERY special gift. Includes (are moo ready for this ?) Lemongrass foot scrub, Nourishing Foot Butter, Chiffon Dream bath sponge, nail file and Cow-dorable slippers !

Do moo spend a lot of time on moo hooves ?? Give your feet the luxury they deserve !

A GREAT gift - beautifully packaged !

AP120 Nicely packaged twelve inch zippered pack ! Price 49.95
cow slippers
    Holstein Spot Slippers ! !

Wonderful !

Excellent Quality ! You can 'spot' these slippers from the udder side of the pasture!

A GREAT gift, too !

PH120 Nice ! Price 34.95
cow slippers
    Cow Face Slippers ! !

Nicer Quality !

This is a 'full' slipper. Not just for the bottom of your feet but for your whole foot. Kinda sorta like 'shoes not sandals.' Very nice quality moo will love them !!

A GREAT gift, too !

AM370 Nice ! Price 34.95
cow flip flops
Cow Face Flip Flops
Blowout Special Price !

A cow-tastic pair of flip flops which say MOOOO on the bottom. No matter which way you flip 'em you're cow-feet-ly moo !

Moo friends WILL know moo were there your footprints say "MOOOO.'

Way too cool

CL400 Cow Face Thongs Price 4.95
cow doo rag
Holstein Spot Doo Rag !

Cow Cool!

Moo will get raves and more raves ( or at least lots of cow-ments ) about these udderly sensational cow doo rags !

Holstein Spot Doo Rags Rule !

GR190 One Size Fits All Price 2.95
cow crystal
A Golden Cow
Little cow trinket box with real Austrian Lead Crystals trimmed in GOLD!
BM170 Size 4" High Price 19.95
cow trinket box
Classic Holstein Trinket Box with Gold Hooves !
Excellent Quality. Hinged Gold Trimmed Trinket box is relatively large ( about 4 inches long ). Moo may keep anything moo wish inside it but jewelry is a wonderful cow-plement to this gorgeous gold trimmed showpiece.
A cow-lassic, timeless gift which will become a 'keepsake' for years and years.
CC440 4" long Price 29.95
cow trinket box
HInged Gold Trinket Box!
Excellent Quality. Moo may keep anything moo wish inside it but jewelry is a wonderful cow-plement to this gorgeous golden showpiece.
A cow-lassic, timeless gift wthe gold and Rhinestones !
HR460 3" long Price 19.95
cow parade trinket box
Gold Trimmed Cow Parade Trinket Box
Beautiful Metal Pink Cow Trinket Box
This is an authentic Cow Parade Gold Trimmed Trinket Box. It is beautifully packaged. The details on this are gorgeous.
SE910 3" x 4" Price 19.95
cow tie
Cow Barn and Farm Tie
A very nice quality full length tie with a 'traditional' cow, barn and farm scene. Really, a very quality tie .. and not 'just a novelty.'
MA940 Size Adult Price 9.95
Moo Tie
What a cow-versation tie ! Moo ties are FUN! People come up to you are go 'mooo' while you are wearing this tie Gotta have it !
SN290 Size Adult Price 9.95
Cow Head Walking Stick
Finally, we have it ! A wooden cow head walking stick ! Check out that Holstein Head doesn't it make moo proud ?
Needless to say ( we're saying it anyway ) this is great waliking stick, but it is NOT an 'orthopaedic device.' Use it an enjoy it, but if moo have serious orthopaedic concerns about your health consult a Moo-dical Doctor !
SE510 Wooden Stick 30 inches tall Price 9.95
cow socks
Ladies 'Fold Down' Daisy Cow Socks
Our cutest socks ! Top has a red cow in the barn.. fold it over and you get daisies!

Ladies 9-11

NY860 Price 9.50 Per Pair
cow socks
'Grabber Socks' - No shoes needed !

O.K. that's a bit of an exaggeration you will likely want to wear shoes, too.. but moo don't need them with these socks !

The front of these socks are cow-dorable - but the BACK have 'rubber grabbers' so moo don't slip and slide !

Cow's a good idea !

TV230 9-11 Price 9.95
Moo and Blue Socks !

Moo - la - lah !

Ladies 9 to 11 Cow crew socks say MOO on top. Great Fashion. Great Fit.

Cow's a good idea !

BG450 Ladies 9-11 Price 8.95
cow socks
Moo Blue KNEE Socks !

OMG can moo see these Line Dancing or on Cow-ra-oake night ?

Great for dress, too ( JK )

Actually a very nice quality sock moo may never take them off !

BG460 Ladies 9-11 Price 7.95
cow grabber socks
'Grabber Slippers ' - No shoes needed !

This is such a good idea we should have thought of it ! NOT socks but not quite slippers, either .... just throw-em on your feet and start moo-ving.

The BACK have 'rubber grabbers' so moo don't slip and slide !

Cow's a good idea !

FL100 One size fits most ladies Price 12.95
cow holstein socks
Cushioned Holstein Socks !

Very cow-comfortable !

Traditional Holstein black and white pattern and a cow picture on top !

Nice quality for moo feet.

PO980 Size 9-11 Price 9.95
cow toe socks
Toe Socks !

Well, we don't know why someone didn't think of this about a thousand years ago. Every pair of gloves has five fingers.. right ? Well, this pair of socks has five toes !

Udderly fashion-moobile, too. Great, pink toes !

Cow's a good idea !

EM390 9-11 Price 9.95
cow cell phone cover
Cow Cute Cell Cover
This IS cute! What a cute cell phone cover ! It is soooo cute ! Really, just too cute for words ! Fits flips and includes a sturdy stainless steel chain and clasp.!
DO240 Fits Flips Price 3.95
cow socks
Cow Socks
t's an-udder day so you'll need an-udder pair of socks!
Available in all sizes kids thru adults.
DO250 Holstein Socks Price 7.95 Per Pair
cow ladies socks
Ladies Holstein Socks
Have you herd ? Ladies size 5-9 can now take advantage of this excellent price. Just 5.95 a pair ! Buy a few of 'em they're priced to Moo-ve !
YK240 Size 5-9 Socks Price 4.95
cow socks
Ladies Colorful Holstein Socks
Eye popping Fashion Socks Moonique A Great Gift! !
TX110 One size fts Most Set of Three Socks WOW Price 9.95
cow socks
Lightweight Ladies Scream'in Green Socks
The are practically weightless like walking on air! Look great, too !
JO250 Ladies 9-11 Socks Price 5.95
cow socks
Scream'in Hot Ladies Blue Socks
Vibrant Cow-lor ! These blue 'hotsox' will blow moo away with the color intensity. Lightweight. Cute. FUN !
JO260 Ladies 9-11 Price 5.95
cow winter hat
Heavy Duty Knitted Winter Cow Head Hat !
BEST QUALITY ! Stay Warm in Winter ! Everyone knows how inportant it is to stay healthy by keeping moo head cowvered. We know of no other hat that does it quite soo fashion-moo-bly ! Check out those nice warm ear flaps and the cut tail tassles ! Moo WILL think of us when its cold outside but moo are still warm and cow-zy.
PR760 One size fits most large kids /teens or Adults Price 29.95
cow winter hat
Cow Winter Hat !BEST QUALITY !!
Here's an-udder style winter hat ! Excellent Quality !! These are simply the most darn popular things and they 'surprised us' with their pop-moo-larity. Everone wants a heavy wool cow hat with tassles ( well, more than a few of you do ! )
GC600 Adults Wool Hat Price 24.95
cow mittens
Matching Mittens!
Just the most cow-dorable things you can get your hooves into ! Very toasty warm. Check out the way they open thier 'mouths', too ! A moo-cessity in winter ! You won't find too many things this 'cool' which will also keep moo this warm !
GC610 Wool ! Warm ! Price 9.95
Cow Winter Hat !
Here's an-udder style winter hat ! These are simplhy the most darn popular things and they 'surprised us' with their pop-moo-larity. Everone wants a heavy wool cow hat with tassles ( well, more than a few of you do ! )
XM180 Adults Wool Hat Price 9.95
cow mittens
Matching Mittens!
Just the most cow-dorable things you can get your hooves into ! Very toasty warm. Check out the way they open thier 'mouths', too ! A moo-cessity in winter ! You won't find too many things this 'cool' which will also keep moo this warm !
XM190 Wool ! Warm ! Price 4.95
cow sleeves
VERY fahion-moobile sleeves ! What a Bargain !!!!
NOT gloves !

Brand MOO!

Moo have probably never seen anything like them before ! What a GREAT item ! Keep moo arms warm in any weather. Knit and very moo-tiful!

Great for indoors, too !

UV100 Cow Ladies Knit Sleeves Price 5.95
cow keychain
Moo-ving Cow Keychain !
Cow Waaaay Cool ! Close it up and it looks like an 'egg.' Non-descript - moo may use it as a 'bing' make'r if you wish. Cow-ever, OPEN it up and it 'comes to life.' the little itty bitty cows inside start to 'moove' and 'graze.' Cow unbelievable yet cow-fordable.
PR340 Little Cow Grazing Keychain 3.95
cow watch
Little Moo-lery Watch
Cow Fashionable ! Clip this little cow time piece with the very shiny mootallic clasp to a belt, bag or strap. Show the world you're a cow fanatic ! Great for kids too, kids need to be on time every once and a while, don't moo think ?
FC390 Little Cow Timepiece 2" with clasp 7.95
cow jewelry
World's Smallest Holstein !
Extraordinarily Detailed 'thimble' sized Holstein. Great things Do come in (very) small packages. A keepsake ! A cow-versation piece. If moo are considering a very special 'token' of appreciation gift these are just great. Porcelain.
HR200 About the size of a thimble 9.95

cow bank
Bobble Hooves Cow Bank !
Shakin all day and all night ! Not a bobble head.. a bobble hoove ! VERY happy look - she'll make mooo smile along with her fer sure.
PO700 Porcelain 8 inches wide 9.95

cow bank
Excellent PORCELAIN Cow Bank !
One of our Favorites ! This gal is moo-ti-ful !!! Even if she did not hold moo-lah she's worth the moo-lah !! Very pretty ! Check out her udder !!
SK350 Porcelain 8 inches LONG 24.95

cow shelf sitter
Shelf Sitter Bank with Dangling LONG Feet ! !
Cow is ON EDGE ! That's right.. the edge of any table or shelf. Long dangling feet 'dangle' and make moo smile. She's sittin - but those very attractive long legs are the center of attention sorta like Marilyn Moo -roe (not really just needed a punny name for cow-parison ).
PO710 Porcelain 10 inches tall 9.95

cow scotch tape dispenser
Cow Tape Dispenser
Organize your home and office with this moo-tiful tape dispenser. Fits standard rolls of tape.
MA370 Cow Standard Size Tape Dispenser `4.95
cow rubber stamp
Holstein Spot Rubber Stamp !
Put it to good moos you can ge cow crazy with this little stamp !
NV770 3" Wood Block Stamp Price`7.95
cow rubber stamp
Deja Moo Rubber Stamp.
Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before

No doubt you'll be able to use this rubber stamp more than a few times a week !

NV780 Size 4" WoodPrice 8.95
cow rubber stamp
Funny Cow Rubber Stamp
Rubber Stamps are fun and soooo inexpensive. Moo can make a whole herd of cows from this one stamp for years and years !
PE970 Great Quality Wood Size 2 " x 2 inches Price 9.95
cow rubber band box
Cow Shaped Rubber Bands !
Well have Moo ever seen cow shaped rubber bands in a Milk Carton Miniature Container? Moo have now!!! What a GREAT Gift !
JO300 4 inch tall Miniature Milk Carton Price 3.95
cow erasers
Cow-lorful Cow Erasers !
The prettiest most vivd color cow erasers are in the little box. So nice you won't want to use them on your lead mistakes ! Kind of like those NICE soap bars they are too pretty to use. For folks who either don't make mistakes or don't admit they do ! Moo-ti-ful ! Packaged nicely. Price 7.95
cow eraser
Holstein Eraser !
Its one eraser.. but what an eraser ! Engineered to exacting quality... moo will NOT want ot make any mistakes ! It's too cute to actually use ! Keep on moo desk 'just in case.'
Price 2.95
cow eraser
Better Quality Brown Spot Cow Keychain !
Engineered to exacting quality... this is the ONLY brown spot cow keychain we have ever seen !! Functional !! Squeezze it to relieve stress ( or boredom. )
Foam Approximately ome inch foam.
cow clock
Matchbox Dairy Clock
A most popular clock from 50 years ago..available again ! Its's an oversized matchbook yet an undersized clock. A cow-lectable !
MB190 Size 4 " x 6 inches Price 7.95
cow alarm clock
Blue Moo Alarm Clock
Mooo won't go back to sleep ! Blue Moo alarm clock wakes you with a big loud MOO. Get up before the roosters !
MB180 4" diameter Price 9.95
cow boots
BIG Tee Shirt

A very high quality garment..A large cow on a very large tee shirt. This has LOTS of extra moo-terial we don't even have a small !

MB130 BIG Cow Tee Shirt Price 19.95
cow boots
Gift Boxed BIG Tee Shirt

A gift boxed version of the identical tee shirt above. Makes a moo-tiful presentation is the shirt if not for moo

NJ250 BIG Cow Tee Shirt Price 21.95
cow tee shirt
Very Moonique Hoof-print Tee Shirt

Wow.. what a moonique shirt.

Nice quality all cotton durable tee shirt with a Holstein embroidered . You can't seen this in the picture, but there are five 'hoof prints' created by a special process which are stamped into the tee shirt. You can see the cow and the hoof prints !

NO430 White Cow Tee Shirt 9.95
cow tee shirt
Udderly Exhausted Ladies SleepWear Shirt

Well, it's not only moo-sterical it's also a very nice high quality garment !

Nicely packed for gift giving the sleep shirt moo-cludes it's own cloth carrier. Moo will LOVE this !! Moo-ti-ful and useful - doesn't everybody sleep?

RL660 Moo-roon Red Cotton Sleep Shirt 29.95
cow iron on transfer
Iron On Mootiful Embroidered Patch !

Make Moo Own Tee Shrt ! Just Iron On !

Relatively large about 4 inches diagonal.

Looks great on ANY garment. How about the back pocket of moo jeans... moove - it !

NU340 4 inch Embrodered Price 2.95
cow iron on transfer
Iron On Embroidered Patch !

You don't really want an alligator or a 'designer' as an emblem on moo jeans or tee shirt.. moo want a COW !!

Our most cow-fordable iron on .. just 95 cents !

Looks great on ANY garment. How about the back pocket of moo jeans... moove - it !

LP660 one inch Embrodered Price .95
cow iron on patch
Cow Waving Hello Iron On Patch
Cow-dorable. Just iron it on that's it. Sticks to tee shirts, jeans, caps or anything else moo wear.
EM870 2" Iron On Price 1.95
cow iron on patch
Smiling Cow Patch
You want 'easy'? This is easy ! Just iron it on ! Your denim always looks better when it moo-ves!
EM880 Two inch Iron On Patch 1.95
cow iron on patch
Chubby Cow Iron On Patch
Cow-dorable. Heck.. cows are chubby an so it this little gal, too ! Sticks to tee shirts, jeans, caps or anything else moo wear.
EM890 2" Iron On Price 1.95
cow  patch
Smiling Standing Cow Patch
She's sooooo cute on all fours ! Just GOT to hoove this ! Iron her on easy as simple can be do de-cow-rate moo wardrobe.
EM900 Two inch Iron On Patch 1.95
cow stuff
C.O.W.S. Cute Old Women Cosmpolitian Tee

Oh those cute old ladies have an-udder 'winner' !

Gorgous graphics. The picture, which is moo-sterical - says' I'll have a Cosmooopolitan and the stud at the next table'

Get granny this shirt she'll feel seventeen again !

LG740 Price 9.95
cow stuff
C.O.W.S. Cute Old Women Rump Big Tee

Oh those cute old ladies have some sarcastic sense of humor.

Gorgous graphics. The picture, which is moo-sterical - says 'does this make my rump look big' ?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder !

LG840 Price 9.95
cow stuff
C.O.W.S. Cute Old Women Lets Go Graze Tee

Definitely for the more moo-thletic folks out there.

Gorgous graphics. The picture of two ladies golfing says 'Enough of this - lets go graze'

Maybe it is time these old ladies did go out to pasture !

LG850 Price 9.95
cow stuff
C.O.W.S. Cute Old Women Big as a Cow Tee

Gossip !.

Gorgous graphics. The picture of two 'ladies' says 'Bless Her Heart - she's as big as a Cow !

This stuff is too funny we laughed for 20 minutes when we saw this !

LG860 Price 9.95
cow stuff
LONG Leg cute as cute can be cow plush. BEST PRICE ! BEST QUALITY ! BEST VALUE !!

Ladies, She IS absolutely cowdorable !

YES ! Those very long legs remind us that she likes to hoove it up!

Moo will fall in love with her.

BZ170 Very long 18 inch legs Price 7.95
cow hooded nightshirt
Nite Shirt / SwimSuit Cow-verUP

Ahh, one of our favorites.

Moo will feel very, very cowfortable in this all cotton, soft and comfy, wonderful coverup.

Moo look moo-velous !

DL120 All cotton Price 29.95
cow bikini
Swimsuit B i k i n i

Wow..and we do mean wow !

Gorgeous Cow Bikini. The bottom is pure Holstein Spots accented by pink straps. The top is quite unbelievably a picture of a cow on one side and a sparking 'got milk?' in the other.

It's also a very hi-fashion quality bikini stetch lycra. Just gorgoeus. If moo ever did find this is a store it would be a very hi fashion Mailbu type of shop they are very expensive !

* please note: although this kind of goes without saying the sizes on this garment do run small. Sizes are small to extra large but the extra large is for a tall women.. the fit on these bikinis is still quite slender to say the least. Also, due to the nature of this item they are NOT for return or refund at all !!!!

NJ550 Bikini 259.95
cow skim board
Cow Surf Breaker Wave Skim Board

Beach Moo-niac Skim board !

Skim boards are FUN ! Just wait fro the wave to break and 'skim' in the beach ! If moo are from Cow-lifornia ( and moo know who you are ) these are a 'must.' but anywhere from maine to Florida and up to Canada on the West Coast will work great !

Skim board has Outraegous graphic s of a cow and says 'Moove it "

GR160 Excellent Highest Quality FiberGlass Regulation 3 foot Skim board 19.95
cow skim board
Cow Surf Breaker Wave Skim Board

Beach Moo-niac Skim board !

Skim boards are FUN ! Just wait fro the wave to break and 'skim' in the beach ! If moo are from Cow-lifornia ( and moo know who you are ) these are a 'must.' but anywhere from maine to Florida and up to Canada on the West Coast will work great !

Skim board has Holstein graphic nd sez 'Moove it "

GR160 Excellent Highest Quality FiberGlass Regulation 3 foot Skim board 29.95
cow squezie
Squeezie in a Bikini

If the above bikini isn't quite for moo, why not get this cow squeezie wearing a bikini ?

It is by far our largest squeezie about 5 inches tall.

Nothing beats a good sense of humor, don't moo agree ?

BO160 5 inch squeezie Price 3.95
cow holstein belt buckle
Holstein Belt Buckle

The Ulti-moo-te belt buckle ! Wear'em with pride this is a wonderful bright blue metal belt buckle with of course Holstein emblazoned on the buckle. Belt not included.

NY910 3" x 2" high metal Price 3.95
cow belt buckle
Justin 2003 Cow Belt Buckle

A Cow-lassic ! Shimmering shiny reflective and realtively large, they will see moo coming ! Limited edition for sure.. they made this belt buckle in 2003 and they're 'gone.' We are fortunate to have 2 though .. do moo want one ?

CC370 4" x 3" high metal Price 19.95
cow hat
Holstein Fashion Cap
One of our favorites at a Cheap Price!

Some folks would say this is a baseball cap, but it is much more.

This is a very fashionable cap indeed. It has a high profile. Moo-lieve it or not this cap looks like some ultra hip wardrobes in L.A. ! What a GREAT price, too ! Moo won't ever find something like this in a 'bargain store' - yet here they are at 'bargain store' prices !

Having said all of that, if you are looking for a baseball cap... a very nice baseball cap... this one's a dandy.

NO610 Fashion 'Baseball' Cap Adjustable Back One Size Fits All Price 7.95 ea. / 3 for 5.95 ea. / 6 for 4.95 ea.
cow fashion cap
Cow-lifornia Girls Fashion Cap !

Be a Moo-vie Star !

Dreamy Moo-ti-ful Fashion to the max cap makes moo look GOOD ! Yes, we DO wish they all could be Cowlifornia Girls. Beautifully emboridered in PINK stitching .

A CowDepot Moo-sclusive !

SS820 One Size Fits All Price 12.95 ea.
cow gift cap

Hey Woodstock was on Yaqurs Farm not in Times Square. Lets Not forget there are more cows Upstate then there are people Manhattan ! I LOVE MOO YORK and so do MOO !

Wear it proudly! Cap is adjustible so it fits all !

A CowDepot Moo-sclusive !

SS830 One Size Fits All Price 12.95 ea.
cow boots
M A G I C Boxer Shorts

You won't moo-lieve this. Put these beautifully packaged 'cow to the max' boxer shorts in water and they become an adult sized, high quality cotton boxer.

This is just too much fun we would carry this product even if they were not 'shrunken' they are such high quality shorts

MB290 MAGIC Boxer Shorts 4.49

cow shirt
M A G I C Ladies Shorts and Shirt Set !

Stay cool when it's hot with this moo-riffic cow shirt and shorts set. It is actually a very nice garment set, but it is also MAGIC !

This TWO  PIECE set is 'shrunken' into a small package as shown.. and expands into the larger garment set. Looks good and cow comfortable, too  !

NJ260 Ladies Magic Shorts and Tee set Price 12.95
cow shirt
M A G I C Ladies Capri Outfit !

One of our most pop-moo-lar items ! One piece capri outfit !

This one  piece set is 'shrunken' into a small package... but don't be fooled it EXPANDS into a very fashion-mobile, wearable (over and over) tres chic Capri garment. Just slip it on ! One piece so it's easy to wear. Looks good and cow comfortable, too  !

GF700 Ladies Magic Capri Outift Price 14.95

cow wine holder
Her arms are out to 'hold' things. This wine corkscrew is moo-cluded, but really she may hold just about any smaller object from cell phones to keys as size permits.

Cute and functional that's a good cow-bination.

BH650 10": tall Price 5.95
cow wine holder
Cow 'n Grapes Wine Bottle Holder includes Stopper !
OK, this one is cool. Cow is surounded by grapes ( Moo-lot, perhaps ? ). The cow is very happy ( no wonder why with all those grapes ). Includes a moo-tiful wine bottle stopper just too cool !
PE790 Two piece Resin Set / 10 " Tall Price 14.95
cow grapes holder
Drunk Cow 'n Grapes Wine Bottle Holder includes Stopper !
This cow looks like she's been sipping more than milk ! One too many perhaps but shucks a liitle cheese may sober her up a bit !
SE200 Two piece Resin Set / 10 " Tall Price 19.95
cow wine topper
Larger Springy Metal Bottle Topper !
It's a Topper NOT a Stopper !

One of the BEST and EASIEST TO USE items we hav ever seen ! It's great for wine and ANY udder bottle. We have it over our olive oil and Chianti Bottles ! Cow-dorable !

Why wait to open your wine bottle to de-cow-rate it with a cork stopper ?? Cow Cool ! Corked bottles, open bottles, recorked bottles.. empty bottles ! Buy 'em by the bunch !

CC510 Fits Over Neck of ( almost ) any bottle. Price just 5.95
cow golf ball
Golf Ball Wine Stopper !
Cow-lassy ! Golf Ball on 'tee' wine stopper !!

A true 'for the person who has everything' gift.

Holstein Spot REAL GolfBall adorns a very shiny silvered wine stoppper 'tee.'.

TV110 Golf Ball Actual Size 22.95
cow wine stopper
Realistic Cow Head with Grapes Wine Stopper !

Wonderfully detailed very 'realistic' cow head ona cork stopper

Uncork your wine, eat some cheese then savor them both !

HV910 Approximately Actual Size as Pictured Price 9.95
cow wine stopper
Udderly ridiculous Wine Stopper !

Enjoy most of the bottle and let the jokes fly when you cork it with this ridiculousy moo-sterical wine stopper !


ss160 about 2 inch legs Price 7.95
cow wine stopper
NIcerly Boxed Bottle Stopper !

A Great Gift !

Nicer quality at great price, too !

XM390 Art Glass Cow and Stainless Stopper 4 inches tall EXCELLENT QUALITY !! Price 14.95
cow apron
Wine Cow-Noisseur Apron
This is just a must for any bovine wine lover. This is actually a very high quality 'full length' apron very siutable for daily 'kitchen use. Of course, it is also hysterical if you love cows and wine as much as we do.
KM870 Fill Sized Quality Woven Apron 9.95
cow martini glass
Holstein Accent Martini Glass
Straight Up or on the Rocks, moo Moo-tini will taste better in this wonderfully accented Hostein Spot Moo-tini Glass !
SE400 Full Sized Martini Glass Price 9.95
cow whiskey glass
Holstein Accent Margarita Glass
Waste Away in Moo-garittaville with ths Hostein Spot Moo-tini Glass !
SE410 Full Sized Margarita Glass Price 9.95
cow steak apron
What Do You Mean We're Out Of Steaks ?
Cookouts are fun. Make them even more fun when you wear this hilarious apron. Get LOTS of cow-ments cause it says 'What do you mean we're outta steaks?'

This is also a nice, fill sized apron to wear as you barbeque.

KM880 Full Sized Apron Price 9.95
cow steaK
My Favorite Animal is Steak !
No Mis-Steak about this apron! Where's the beef ? Looks like it's 'whats for dinner' for sure for sure/

This is also a nice, fill sized apron to wear as you barbeque.

HA180 Full Sized Apron Price 8.95
cow kitchen gift
Cow Tortilla Maker

This is a MUST have item for every home ( just kidding ).

Well, it certainly is a cow-ver-sation piece. This is a real. tortilla maker. It is made of high quality wood and has a precious cow /calf/ pasture de-cow-ration on top.

Pull the handle and flatten a tortilla.

Not much new here this technology's at least 5,000 years old.

Heck if it ain't broke don''t fix it.. this tortilla maker it works great !

ND150 Tortilla Size Price 9.95
cow kids spoon
"Funky Kids Spoon and Fork

This kids spoon and fork is soo cute, we just had to put it her in Moonique.

Definitely the most glossy, funky cow kids spoon and fork moo will ever see.

The type of stuff moo see in LA, NY or Paris it is tres moo-derne.

Spoon and Fork are nicely, individually boxed.

A great gift for any and all cow kids !

PE190 Kids size Spoon and Fork 9.95
cow computer accessory
Cow-puter Wrist Rest
Definitely moo-nique yet functional, this is a 'jelly' filled highest quality cow so you can rest your wrist while mouse-ing around the cow-puter.

Cow Comfortable !

For adults and kids, too !

HA230 Jelly Wrist Rest Cow Price 2.95
cow mousepad `
Mouse Pad
Keep your cow-puter running smooooo-th and smile a lot too when you use our Marylin Moonroe mouse pad. Actually a very nice mouse pad.
MA410 Price 1.00

cow notebook
Cow Evolution Smaller Notebook
Smaller version of notebook to the left. A 'keepsake' for sure moo will have it for years just to show how interesting a person moo really are.
ND880 Size 8" x 10" Price 7.95
cow bookmark
Lil Moo Bookmark Love You Loads
It's just a little bookmark but we really do love this Lill Moo. It is 'beter' than a greeting card because moo will actually use it 'forever.' Includes a pink envelope for mailing. the back says 'to and from' so moo may write a litte moo-sage, too !
MP980 Price 1.95
cow bookmark
LiL Moo Bookmark I need a Hug !
What a nice sentiment to receive in the mail from someone moo loves moo
MP990 Price 1.95
cow bookmark
Lil Moo Bookmark Thinking of You
Lil Moo bookmarks are 'really' greeting cards. they all include a pink envelope for mailing to moo friends and loved ones. cow Cute !
CL100 Price 1.95
cow bookmark
Lil Moo BoodMark MIssing You
Sad as sad can be cow with tears in her eyes. Missing you.
MP970 Price 1.95
cow notepad
Cute Old Women C.O.W.S. Pad
Beautiful Pad wth Big Red Bow makes a great gift for Granny !
TV190 Size 5" wide x 5" Price 3.95
cow stationary
Very Pink Fine Stationery Cards

These are definitely not for everyone.. they are very expensive but also very beautiful .

Extremely moo-nique pink on pink design is very classy.

Blank inside. Whenever moo send these cards the note will be 'remembered' with a lasting impression.

LG830 6 inches tall 10 cards and envelopes Price 19.95
cow pad
Pink CowSpots/Green Cow Note Pad
Moo will LOVE this !

Wonderful Pink CowSpot with Green 'pasture' cow design.

Extremely moo-nique and very classy.

Nicely packaged for gift giving !

PO510 10 inches tall Price 9.95
cow notebook
Moo-ti-ful Pink Notebook

Do moo know someone who like to express their thoughts in words ?

Extremely moo-nique pink spots and green cow design.

Moo have all those pens hanging around moo home.. why not put your thoughts on paper ?

PO500 6 inches tall Price 9.95
cow magnetic note pad
An Udder Disaster Magnetic Memo Pad
Moo need this Me-moo Pad !

Relive stress and make fun out of daily annoyances when you write your udder disasters down on this (very) funny ) note pad. magnetic back easliy stick to the fridge so when disaster strikes moo are ready to cope !

ss180 10 inches tall Price 5.95
cow sticky notes
Sticky notes !

An Udder Disaster !

Moo-sery loves company so let everyone know when disaster has struck. Place a sticky note to escalate the issue !

An attention grabber 4 sure !

SS170 Four inch square Price 3.95
sticky notes
Sticky notes !

Udderly Important ! !

If it is important enough to waste a piece of sticky paper on it then it IS Udderly Important !

An attention grabber 4 sure !

SS170 Four inch square Price 3.95
cow ruler
Cows Rule !
To prove it to the world, we proudly present this stylish cow ruler !

Cow pretty !

HR370 12 inches ( duh ! ) Price 2.95
cow note pad
Cow-lorful Note Pads !
Cow-respondence !

Beautiful Cow-lor Coordinated Bovines !

Choose Moo favorite cow-lors!

Write Stuff !

PO440 4 by 4 Note Pads Blank Inside Price 1.95
cow postcard
Coolest Cow Postcard
Cow-respondence !

The most cow-outrageous postcard we have ever seen !

Check out those shades !

Write Moo Moosage and address it on the back..

TV390 USPS Regulation Postcard Price 1.50
cow computer screen wipe
Cow Computer Screen Wipe !
This little gal can sit on top of moo cowputer if moo wish !

Cow-dorable and functional !

Lemon fragrance, too !

TV920 Fits in your Hand to Wipe Computer Screen Price 4.95
cow keyboard stickers
Keyboard Holstein Stickers
Un-moo-ievable !

This is a full set of STCKERS for moo keyboard. Just stick em on moo keyboard and 'instant' Hostein spots.!

This one is F U N tell them moo got it at CowDepot ( please ).

SE160 Fits Standard Ful Sized Keyboard Price 2.95
cow IPOD case
Cow IPOD Case
What a great gift !

As the whole world knows IPODS and MP3 players are a kids 'necessity.' Those IPODS are expensive and if moo drop one.. well we hope you don't.

Just in 'case' though we highly recommend an IPOD case such as our cutest cow IPOD case. Too cute yet functional, too.

SE170 Fits any IPOD Price 2.95
cow blanket
Very, Very Warm Blue Blanket
Southwestern stlyle very warm and cozy LARGE woven wool blanket will keep moo warm and or decor-rate your walls. Beautiful and quality thru and thru.
NO390 4 foot x 6 foot Price 69.95
cow blanket
Holstein Queen Sized Blanket !
We have it !

Holstein 100 % polyester 'mink' luxuxy blanket will keep you warm till the cows come home !

ND850 84" x 96"Price 79.95
alt="cow stained glass">
Cow Friends Sun Heart
Big blue translucent heart with two very cute and friendly cows looks just like stained glass. Great for any window .. especially when the sun in shining. Suction cup hangy thing included, too !
DN390 Size 4" x 4" Price 2.95
cow sunchaser
Little Gold Sunchaser
A moo-stical experience awaits as you watch these earth crystals glisten in the sunlight. Little gold sunchaser is just 2 " long!
DN400 2" long Price 1.95
cow sun hangar
Cow Sun Art Hanger
Hang this cow anywhere the sun shines and watch her glisten. She'll always brighten your day ! WOW Price ! Let the sun shine for 1.99 !!
KG340 4" x 4"" Price 1.99
cow eood key chain
Back to Basics Wooden Cow Keychain
This key chains is brand moo but this style of art has been around for thousands of years. Soft drinks come and go - milk and cows endure forever !
YK980 Size 3" wide Price 3.95
cow key chain
Eat Chicken Key Chain
We agree !
KG330 Size 2" WOW !! Price just .75
cow rope swinger
Metal Cow on a Rope
If moo like your cows hanging around this is the cow for moo.

Metal Holstein cow about 5" long hangs from just about anywhere. It is flat so it easily hangs against any wall.

NJ460 5" long Price 2.95
Cool...Your Inital Cow Key Chains !

Personally for MOO.... B...S...L...V...K...B...D...

R Cow KeyChain
Moo are in luck and cow stylish if moo inital has a F .. yes moo are !

DD160 Pretty Vinyl Price 7.95
Moo are in luck and cow stylish if moo inital has an A .. yes moo are !

AM340 Pretty Vinyl Price 7.95
cow keychain
V Cow KeyChain
Victor, Valerie, Veronica, too.. this V is for Victory keychain's for MOO.

DD170 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
cow keychain
L Cow KeyChain
Lucy, Linda, Larry, Lenny, Lester and Loretta LOVE Cows and so we we !

DD190 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
S Cow KeyChain
Susie, Sharon, Sue Ellen and Sammy - have you herd there's an S cow keychain for MOO !

DD200 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
T Cow KeyChain
Terry, Tom, Tammy and Timmy - have you herd there's an T cow keychain it's T errific! !

AM390 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
o Cow KeyChain
If you have an initial O ( and moo know who moo are ) then you are fortunate !

DD240 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
B Cow KeyChain
If you have an initial which also has a B ( and moo know who moo are Barbara and Brianna, etc. ) then you are fortunate !

DD241 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
G Cow KeyChain
G is for Gail, George, Gary and and Georgette! If your name has an initial which also has a G then this keychain will make you feel G reat!!

AM360 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
I Cow KeyChain
I is for Izzy, Isabel, Irene and Ike ! If your name has an initial I then this keychain will make you feel I nitally Proud !

AM400 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
N Cow KeyChain
N is for Nancy, Norma, Norm and Neil !! If your name has an initial which also has a N then this keychain is a N atural !

AM350 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
P Cow KeyChain
P is for Paul, Paula, Patty and Page! If your name has an initial which also has a P then this keychain will make you P roud!!

AM330 Pretty Vinyl 3 inch letter Price 7.95
cow key chain
L.E.D. Cow Key !
She'll light up moo life (really ). Cow many times do you need a little light to locate moo keyhole in moo dark, locked door ?

Cuter Holstein Style.

Moo will LOVE her - she Moo's, too !

PO880 2 inch cow Price 4.95
cow water bottle holder
Cow Thirsty Bottle Holder
Quench your thirst with this ther-moo-ly insulated cow drink bottle holder. Includes an adjustable strap. Strap it on the bicycle or carry it moo-self. Cold moo-freshment !
DO620 12" long Price 2.95
cow picture frame
Cows at the County Fair
These two cows sharing a ride in one of those 'bumper cars' at the county fair is also a picture frame for special moo-mories.
DO310 Size 6" and cute ! Price 7.95
cow alarm clock
Funky Alrm Clock
Wake up in style with this hot pink and lavendar oh so stylish cow spotted alarm clock.
MB310 6" Diameter Price 14.95
cow alarm clock
This is a very large ALARM clock, about 10 inches tall and wide. It looks about as MOO as it can get with all those cow spots all over the outside. We LOVE it but you may never sleep late ever again !.
MA510 10" Diameter Price 24.95
cow clock
itty bitty Clock

The smallest clock. Sort of 'opposite' of the big clock above. Tell time on yur desk or even windowsill... just 3 inches tall ! ! Cute !

AS250 12 "BIG Price 3.95
cow fishtank
Cow Terrarium - Fishtank !
Round up the critters in this extremely moo-nique cow 'critter' keeper. This is a wonderfully designed larger wooden de-cow-ration for your home.

The top opens and inside is a plastic aquarium ( about a gallon ) which is moo-cluded. Suitable for use for terrarium or small animals such as hermit crabs or any fish which can thrive in a goldfish bowl. You may use it as a 'starter' herb garden... or simply put nothing at all except for keys or 'odds and ends' in there. Moo won't forget where you put your keys if you put them in here !

OC120 14" wide x 18" tall WOW !!!!!! Price 12.95
purple shelf sitter
BIG Smile Purple Shelf Sitter
Place this very happy purple cow with pink udders porcelain at the egde of any shelf. Warch her feet dangle as she gives you a smile as bright as hers.
NJ510 Size 18" Price 4.95

cow windchime
Gorgeous Metal Shiny Cow Windchime
Excellent !!! Gorgeous. Shiny.. and what a 'sound.' All chimes all the time when the wind blows just a bit. It's CHIME TIME !
SK210 Size 18" Price 19.95

cow windchime
Mootiful WOOD Cow Windchime
Moo-ti-fil ! All chimes all the time when the wind blows just a bit. It's CHIME TIME !
SK510 Size 18" Price 18.95
cow bank
Bag Lady Cow Bank
Just moo much fun !

She's a doll faced porcelain larger figurine with lots of handbags all over her - ready to shop till she drops. She's also a bank and she'll need the noo-lah to do that much shopping !

She's 'wearing' a necklace and has ruby red lipstick lips, too

Put her anywhere and smile, smile,smile.

NV140 approx 12"long x 8" high Price 9.95

cow golf ball set
Holstein Golf Balls
You'll milk the competition with these Holstein Golf balls
MB380 Set of 3 Golf Balls Price 14.95
cow golf ball cover
Cow Golf Club Cow-ver !
Just excellent quality so your golf clubs stay in excellent shape, too !

This is one moonique golf club cow-ver. Also, dare we say this, it also makes a wonderful SOCK PUPPET !. We don't want the grade school kids stealing your golf club covers, but as long as they return them these are lots of fun ! The back has a little tail, too!

EM790 12" Tall Price 14.95
cow golf ball cover
'Chubby Chipper' Cow Tailed Golf Club Cover
Chubby Golf Ball Cover is cute and has a little tail,too ! Also makes a wonderful sock puppet ( shhh... they are supposted to be golf club covers, only )
EM800 10 inches high and very round 17.95
cow golf balls
Cow Golf Balls
Set of three red, green and blue Long-flite color coded golf balls with a little imprinted cow. Hey, at least you'll know it's your ball !
MA610 Set of Three Price 12.95
cow golf tee set
Cow Golf Set !
It's not very proper cow-ever it is FUN ! Set of three golf balls and golf tees. Two of the very yellow golf balls say 'certified Cow tipper.' We do not advocate tipping cows with golf balls... nontheless this is a FUN Gift !! VERY nicely packaged !
SS150 Set of Three plus tees Price 14.95
cow golf cover
Udder-ly Moovelous Golf Club Cover
Your golf Clubs are expensive. Protect them in rain or shine with our udderly moo-velous cow golf club cover ! One of the most moonique items we have ever seen, it is also on of the nicest. Excellent quality golf club cover, too. Who knew that cows and golf were made for each udder ? Available in Kids club size, too !
DQ200 10" high plush cover 24.95'
cow camera
Smile for the Cow-mera
How moo-nique is this ? A great pocket camera made of high impact moo-terial that you can take along in cow style ! Standard 32 mm film is all moo need.
MB280 6" long 4.95
cow postcard
Amazing Cow Hologram Postcard
The most moo-nique postcard we've ever seen. Moo-ve the postcard back and forth to reveal different head positions for the same cow. Use ordinary postcard postage rates to mail. Amaze your friends with this one !
MA650 Price 1.95
cow clip holder
Cow Suction Pencil or Toobrush Holder
Great for kitchen or bath. Suction cup Cow holds long, thin things like pens, pencils and toothbrushes..Cowmical !
MA570 Size 1.5"H x 1.5" W 2.95
Vibrationg Cow Throw Pillow
This is a moo-ti-ful and moo-nique cylindrical throw pillow.

It is soft and pretty and stuffed with polyester fibers. you may put it on the end of a couch and it will be very functional and soft.. well worth the price.

Ahh, but this is also a v i b r a t i n g pillow ! Put a couple of AA batteries inside and 'press' it.. it will vibrate on moo lap to keep moo warm and cozy.

Having said that, even if you never put the batteries in it at all moo will really love it!

NJ700 Aprox 18" long and 12 inches diameter Price 5.95
vibrating cow pillow
vibrating cow
Vibrating Cow Beady Pillow
Huggable !

Not just an ordinary plush cow at all, 'cause this gal V I B R A T E S when you give her a hug.

Softest 'cushi beaded cow.'

She is worth the hugs and affection for sure.. Vibrations moo cluded she is quite a sti-moo-lating friend !

BH580 Aprox 18" high and 12 inches wide Price 9.95
cow footrest massage
Foot Massage Pillow !
Cow Cool ?

Well, stick moo feet in this and it vibrates giving moo a geat foot moo-sage !

Kind of like two slippers stuck together.. or a pillow 'divided in half'

Anyway put moo feet in it and feel the good vibrations ! Relax for a change moo deserve it !

HA510 Aprox 12" wide Price 5.95
cow footrest
Square Footrest / Pillow
Cubed Cow !

Very mooniique. Much larger 'pillow' about 20 inches each edge.

Soft, yet Durable. Looks like a 'ffotrest' to us but certainly may be used ans a pillow or decowration.

Very nice quality oto a great additon to any cow space !

DL020 Aprox 20" each side Price 14.95
cow footrest
Square Deal !
Brown Cow Cubed !

Cow-panion Footrest/Pillow for Black Cow above.

One of the most moonique plush cows will ever see.

Smiling Face yet larger 'cow' sized, too. Makes you feel right at home leaning up against her.

DL010 Aprox 20" wide Price 14.95
pillowcase cow reverse
Reverse Pattern Pillow Case
Stunning !

Cow-fordably turn any ordinary bed with white sheets into a 'must-see' stunning cow cow-lectors's dream bed !

"Reverse' prints 'set off' an entire bedroom in an artistic display of cow-lever patterns. All Cotton, too !

SN130 King Pillow Size (pillowcase only pillow not included ) Price 9.95
holstein cow pillowcase
Holstein Pattern Set of Two Pillow Cases
Cow-fortable !

Better than sleeping on a bale of hay !

All cotton for a great night's sleep.

SN150 King Pillow Size (pillowcase only pillow not included ) Price Set of Two 14.95
cow eye comforter
Beauty Rest Eye Mask
Moo or someone moo know deserves a good night's sleep.

Block out everything and get some beauty rest moo are entitled to quiet time for moo-self.

NJ170 Nicely stiched soft cotton on soft foam rubber Price 4.95
bobble keychain
Shiny Bobble Head Cow Key Chain

Bobble Heads are the best !

How many times a day do you use your keys ? Now you can LOL whe you do this little gal is too cute !

HV530 4" Shiny Bobble Head Price 3.95
cow pen
Wiggle Eyes Squeaky Rubber Key Chain

Moo-ve this little squeaky keychain and the goo-goo eyes go ga-ga ! Watch'em roll outta control they are sooo cow-mical ! A very moo-nique keychain.

You won't loose your keys because you'll like the keychain too much !

DE090 4" squeaky rubber Price 2.95
cow key cover
Cow Key Cover
Moo won't forget this key !

Key covers are useful, but why be boring with a generic green, blue or red cover.

This cow key cover is for moo or anyone moo know who has a key !

TV130 Fits One Key Price 1.35
cow croc shoe decoration
Cow Croc Shoe Charm
Way too Moo-nique

Here it is the only Croc Holstein-esque shoe charm we have ever seen !

Croc Shoes NOT moocluded but moo probably have a pair of them, anyway !

SE640 Croc Charm WOW !! just Price .95 per charm
cow croc shoe ornament
cow key chain
Mooing Plush Cow Key Chain
It's just an inexpensive itty bitty plush cow keychain. Moo may moos it for keys or just attach it to a purse. Great fro kids, too. Squeeze it, it moos !
NV730 2" Plush Cow  Keychain Price 2.95

cow diet statue
One Cowlery Skinny Cow
What a great gift for any dieter ! Skinny little one cowery cow in 'lo cal' box is great moo-tivation for those tryng to get into shape !
FC640 3" Tall Price .95
Porcelain Crazy Hair Cow-medy Plaque
Oh these are sooo cute ! Say's 'You will always be my friend.. you know too much !

Gossip rules !

SE600 4" tall x 6" wide Price 9.95
cow friends plaque
Porcelain Crazy Hair Cow-medy Plaque
What a sense of cow-medy ! Says 'Dear Lord: If you can't make me skinny - make my friends fat !'
KG160 4"tall x 6" wide Price 3.95