cow bathroom gifts
cow bath accessories
cow bathrooom decor
cow nail brush
Little Cow Nail Brush
This litle cow is help for your cuticles ! Keep the dirt away with this de-cow-ra-tive little friend.
BA160 Size 2" x 4" Price 2.99
cow shower curtain
Holstien Matching Shower Curtain and Hook Boxed Set

.No shower is cow-plete without one.

This is the real thing ! Holstein better quality Shower Curtain and twelvie Holstein spot shower hooks.

Clean up good !

BH020 Standard Vinyl Shower Curtain and 12 Hooks Price 49.95
kids cow nail brush
Kids Nail Brush !
Cow-dorable, stylish AND sturdy ! Keep the kids nails CLEAN !
XM980 Size 3" tall and long Strong Vinyl Price 2.95
cowgirl razor
CowGirl Razor
For the woman who likes a close shave. This very detailed Cowgirl razor is a 'must' and will become a very treasured gift. Cowgril handle fits any standard twin blade razor.
BA230 Price 7.95
cowgirl gift set soap
CowGirl Gift Set
One of the nicest gift sets you can get for any Cowgirl. Set includes the Cowgirl razor, body lotion and shampoo. Clean up good after a long day at the ranch.
BA240 Price 14.95
Cow Bath Glove

.Kids Bath Mitt with a little cow sewn in the middle makes it fun fow all cow kids for bath and shamp-moo !

BA200 Cow Bath Glove Price 2.95
cow bath glove
Cow Bath Mitt

Kids Bath Mitt ! Kids seem to a-moo-sed ! It's anudder way to get them to stay clean, too !

BP820 One Size Fits Most Kids Price 2.95
cow bath mitt
cow toothbrish holder
Cow Toothbrush Holder

Kids need to be 'encouraged' to brush thier teeth.. and this 'flipper' tooth brush holder makes grabbing moo toothbrush FUN ( imagine that !) Sticks to any bathroom surface with suction cups. It is WAY cuter than pictured !

The little hands of the cow 'open up' to hold moo toothbrush. Also, in addtion to being a very cow-lever design it is functional and sturdy as well as cute.

KD210 About 4 inches Price 5.95
cow bath towel
Cow Bathroom Guest Towels
<These bathroom towels are so moo-ti-ful you will want to set the out for 'company.' Satin trim cow pattern band wraps around the whole towel. They are just too pretty for everyday use !
DO400 Bath Guest Towels Price 8.95

cow guest towel
Full Sized Cow 'Luxury' BathTowel

.A Full Size Bath Towel with Satin Holstein Band.

What's worse than getting out of the shower and not getting dry quickly ? This FULL sized luxury bath towel will gentle cow-ver moo or moo guests with quality cotton so moo will look and feel moo-ti-ful.

CL170 Full Size Cotton Price 19.95 ea.
cow shampoo
Shampmoo !

.A very nice vanilla milk shampoo.

What a great gift ! Eight ounces of pure moo-sturiizing shampoo is the most cow-dorable 'Lost Cow' bottle with Holstein spots. Buy 'em by the bunch they make a wonderful gift and you won't find this in Walmart !

FC700 8 oz.Unbreakable Bottle Price 2.95ea.
cow hair conditioner
Lost Cow Conditioner !

A very nice conditioner / detangler.

What a great gift ! Eight ounces of conditioner in the most cow-dorable 'Lost Cow' bottle with Holstein spots. Buy 'em by the bunch they make a wonderful gift and you won't find this in Walmart !

LG190 8 oz.Unbreakable Bottle Price 2.95 ea.
Indulge Mooself like Moo-Donna !

Holstein Spot Milk Bath !

Sugar Cookie Scented ! What a wonderful gift for someone moo needs a little pampering. Relax and enjoy a spa like treatment with moo favorite bubble bath !

NU370 32 Ounces Price 4.95
cow milk spa
Cow Blue Willow Toothbrush Holder

.Blue Willow for bath ! Great looking Blue Willow bath cow can hold four toothbrushes if you wish..

BA420 5" long porcelain 7.95
cow black soap
BHolstein Cow Soap Package

.Nice quaility European Cow Guest Soap.

This fragranced black cow soap makes a nicely packaged gift and adds a moo-ti-ful touch to any bath. Especially nice to display if company is on the way !

BA220 3.2 Oz Black Cow Soap Price 2.95
cow bar of soap
Holstein Boxed 'Latte' Soap Imported from Italy

.Beautifully scented and thick hand poured cow soap from Italy.

A cow-tastic gift the packaging is 'Moo to the max.'

Lucious thick milk soap inside ! 'Lotta Latte.'

SE690 Four Inch Square Thick Soap Price 14.95
cow soap gift set
Cow Soaps Black and White

.Beautifully scented and detailed hand poured set of two cow soaps from France.

This is a 'must' for any bovine bath space. The soaps are simply exquisite you will never want to wash anything with them they are so pretty. They are finely scented and packaged in a wonderfully western rodeo box- an extra bonus for any cowboy or cowgirl.

Set includes one chocolate color cow soap and one milky white cow soap.

BA500 Set of Two Cow Soaps about 5 inches long Price 7.50
cow soap
cow scrubbie
Cow Yellow Scrubbie
She is just so cute. She look like she could be a bal-moo-rina but she's just a little scrubbie for the bath. Hang her up and smile.
BA290 Terry Scrubbie Price 2.95
cow toothbrush
Cow Toothbrush Holder
Matching item to soap dish above. Holds lots of toothbrushes. Sturdy resin relatively heavy sculpture.
NO650 Size 5" Tall Price 3.95
cow kids bath toy set
Cow Kids Floater Soap and Toy Set
AWESOME !!! AWESOME Price !! Set of Four high Quality items. A floating soap dish and 3 floating cows !! Fun ! Happy bath = Cleaner kids !!
NO660 Soap Dish and floaters Hi Quality Vinyl Brush Price 4.95
cow scrubbie
Baby / Youngest Kids Scrubbie

Soft and small.Gently bathe moo youngest famooly members with this cowdorable scrubbie !

TS790 4 inches Price 2.95
cow soap
Smiling Cow Soap !

Fun... and Funny ! Wide brimmed SMILInG cow face is really soap ! De-cow-rat-ing moo bath space was never this easy - just add this soap!

PR320 'Nice sized' about4" high Price 2.95
cow soap
Smiling Green Cow Soap !

Fun... and Funny ! Smiling cow really is cow-lor-ful soap ! Do NOT come back from the green pastures smelling like dung.. use this very fragrant green soap and clean up good !

AM430 'Nice sized' about4" high Price 3.55
cow kids soap dish
Cow Kids Soap Dish

Nice quality Cow Soap Dish will be 'bathroom tough.' Made of Latex. Easy to clean. Unbreakable !

HV330 6" long Price 1.95
cow scrubbie
Cow Kids 'Real Clean' Bath Scrubber

.There's clean and there's REAL clean.

Rub a dub dub a little more with this cow scrubber with the 'heavy duty' rubber belly !

BH560 6" long Rubber Scrubber Price 3.95
cow soap pump
Cow Kids 'Real Clean' Soap Pump

Cow Cute and Nicely Packaged, too !

Moo Kids will LOVE to stay clean with this cutest little cow soap dispenser!

CC300 6" tall Rubber Price 1.95
cow bath mitt
Cow Kids 'Real Clean' Bath Mitt

.There's clean and there's REAL clean.

Kids learn when they're having fun ! Teach them to get clean and stay clean while the wear this moo-fiffic wash mitt !!

CC310 Little Kids Size Price WOW PRICE LOOOK just .99
cow bath gifts set
Cow Kids Gift Set !

ON SALE!!Nicely Packaged and Cow-fordable Bath Kids Set !

Set of three items.. slippers mit and sponge ! For younger kids.. but defintely something they will ( O.K, they should ) use.

NU440180 One size fits most younger kids Price 3.95
cow soap
Cow Soap TV
If you love watching the TV soaps have we got a soap for moo !

This is soap TV, folks and we have no clue why anyone would make such a thing. It is bar of soap.. ok it is nice green fresh soap but it's soap.. and it is packaged in a TV package. Mooo-ve the TV and a cowmical cow appears and disappears. For the person or kid who really has everything.

KG190 Price 4.95
cow bath gel
Cow Cute Bath Gel
What a beautiful package ! This cow cute bath get looks great in any cow bath for guests. Packages in this most cow-dorable vinyl printed package, it will surely be a pleasant surprise for all who get to moos it. !
KO370 3 inches wide 1.95ea. / 3 for 4.85 / 12 for 15.40
cow bath jell
Large Cow Bath Gel
Holstein Lotion Soap that Glitters ! ! Let this relatively large bath lotion gel gal give you hours of s-moo-thing, cleansing relaxation ! Squeeze a little on moo-self at bath or 29/Dec/2018 14:41 time.

Great for kiddies too they love glitter just like moo!

FC370 4 inches wide 2.95 ea.
cow bath jell
Fancy Cow Bath Gel
She's a moo-tiful gal and she 'flaunts' it with a large brimmed hat and ruby red slippers. Very fashion-moobile bath gel for sure !
FC380 3 inches wide 3.95
elvis cow bath gel
Elvis Moo-personator Bath Gel
Ahh, this is why it is sooo moo-freshing to visit CowDepot. We have lots of moo stuff that moo probably never even knew was moo-vailable. We couldn't believe this one either but here it is .. Elvis Moo-personator cow cowplete with udders ! It really is a wonderful bath soap jell just apply to your body it is already all shook up..
FC400 3 inches wide 3.95
kids cow toothbrush holder
Kids Moo-nique Toothbrush Holder
Kids love these things... maybe moo can even get them to brush your teeth !

Put a toothbrush in the pretty little cow's hooves.. then stick it to any bath surface or miror with the suction cup in back.

Moo too cute !

PE100 Vinyl Toothbrush Holder Price 6.95
cow soap
Cow and Chicken Soap
Brilliantly colored, scented 'cow and chicken' soap adds a wonderful accent to any country bath decor.
FC290 Price 5.95
cow soap
Cow Jumped Over the Moon Soap
Classic Cow Jumped Over the Moon design is brilliantly colored and adds a touch of beauty to any bath space.
FC270 Price 5.95
cow bathroom tissue
Cow and Daisies Design Soap Art

.What a classic design ! Cow and daisy soap art is just too moo-tiful !

You may want to consider getting two or three soap art designs they are soooo pretty !

FC300 Price 5.95
cow bathroom tissue
Happy Cow Tissues
At least you can get a smile when you have the sniffles with Happy Cow Tissues !
NO440 Package of 10 tissues Price 1.95
cow tissues
Holstein Pink Handy Tissues
Feeling a little blue ? May we then suggest our pink cow hanky pack ! Cow-lorful enough to cheer you up on blue sniffle days.
CF120 Pack of Ten Price 1.95
cow toilet brush
Toilet Brush

Cow-mical !

What can we say udder than we want one in our homes, too !

Cow sitting on the 'throne' holding a newspaper. Udders displayed for anyone brave enough to take a peek, and the cow 'appears' to be, shall we say, cleaning her nostrils with the udder hoof !

Believe it or not this is a very sturdy, porcelain piece with an excellent quality brush... go figure.

Moo will welcome her into your home and gently place her where, like it or not.. you will look at her every single day.

NO510 About a foot tall Price 49.95
gift cow bath set
Set of FOUR Bath Set

Cow-plete set of cow bath items is very nice quality. Included is a cow toothbrush holder, a cow soap dish, cow lotion dispener and a nice little cow bath cup. All made of porcelain it is really 'nice stuff!'A great value ! Four for the price of one ( sorta.. it's a bargain ! )

KM541 Bath Gift Set' Cows Price 14.95
cow toilet cover
Cow Toilet Lid Fabric Cover

Traditional woven Holstein Pattern moo-terial with elastic strap sewn into the back!

Fits any standard toilet lid.

Makes moo bathroom moo beautiful with this touch of cow-l-ass !

PE400 Fits Standard Toilet Seats Price 4.95
cow bath art
Cow Outhouse
Who thinks up this stuff ? Cow in the Outhouse says 'Next'. Check out the gagging critters all around. Again, it's really a very nice piece of matted artwork !
BA370 8 x 10 Cow Art Price 14.95

cow shower art
Cow Shower Art
She's thru with her shampmoo and out of the shower ! She looks quite moo-freshed, don't you think?
BA380 8 x 10 Cow Shower Art Price 14.95
cow bath art
Cow in the Tub
She loves to moosturize and soak in the tub. Some folks think a bit moo much !
BA390 8 x 10 Cow in Tub Art Price 14.95
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