cow kids toys cow kids clothing
Cow King Iron On Applique
Take any old gament and make it cow kids chic! Excellent higher quality and cute!
SE650 Large 4 inches tall Kids Price .95
cow kids moo moo noisemaker
cow kids apparrel aplique
Cow Moo Moo
Our timeless moo-maker is a treat your parents loved when they were just cowpokes. Flip it upside down for a somewhat realistic slow 'mooooooooooo.'
CA150 Price 2.95.
cow music toys
cow kids socks
WOW !!!! Best Value Save Moo-lah !!
Cow Kids Grabber Socks !!! Just cowdorable. Heavy knitted 100 percent polyester. Wash and wear over and over and over !
AM250 Price just 3.99
cow kids lunchbox
Cow Backpack LunchBox

.Ultra Stylish AND Functional !

It is a rare product where the functional use is as good as the styling... but here it is! Lunchbox is vinyl 'great quality.' Zippered up it will keep moo kids lunch fresh and delicious. However, it ALSO has shoulder straps for more than easy carrying. Great syling, but 'wait there's more.' Check out the hanging cow on the zipper.. way too cute AND playful !

XM820 Fits young and preteen kids. Lunch Box Size. WOW !!! Price 12.95
cow kids baking game
Make your Own Cow Pie !

Ohhhhh the little chefs in the fa-moo-ly are going to LOVE this !

Lots of stuff included the timer alone is worth half the price. Spatula, whish, molds, timer and directions.. everythings included except the cake!

BG260 Six Piece Set ! Price 15.95
cow kids apron
Dress just like your Moo-ma !

A VERY nice quality velour double deep pocketed kids kitchen apron !

Put it to good use and Bon app-moo-tite !

LP430 One Size Fits most young ladies 8 and up. Price 9.95
dairy farm toy set for kids
Milking Station Play Set!

Oh we can just see the little kids smiles when they get this 'realistic' 3 cow milking station !

The doors in the back swing open and moo can take the cows in and out! Moo kids are gonna go ba-zonkers !

BG270 Three Piece Set ! Price 12.95
dairy farm toy
Three Holsteins Play Set!

Oh we can just see the little kids smiles when they get this 'realistic' 3 Holstein cow play set !!

It says 'Dairy Life' on the top of the box... that's for sure ! A GREAT gift nicely packaged. 'Hay" moo-cluded, too !

JO710 About a 10 inch packaged three piece set ! Price 9.95
dairy farm play set
Dairy Farm Play Set !

It's BIG just like a dairy farm !

Look you get ALL of this ! Fences Cows Hay Barn Moo get it all ! Moo kids will LOVE this !

BG280 BIG Box foot and a half long ! Price 24.95
cow hay play set
Hay Hay Hay!

Somebody's gotta get the hay to cows and Moo can do it wit this read hay loader/transport.

Includes cows and (fake plastic) hay, too !

BG300 Box About a foot long. Price 14.95
cow kids card
Our FAVORITE Kids Card ( by Far )

Bright Yellow 'Sunny Hello' envelope starts off the attention getting praise ! It looks like this sweet little kid did LOTS of good and earned the red ribbon tucked not so neatly in that back pocket.

On the inside of the card it sez "You Done Good !" A keeper !

JO860 5 x 7 card and envelope Price 2.95
cow kids slippers
Cow Cute !!!

Kids need slippers just like moo do !

Cute slippers with loopy cow faces will keep moo kids feet cow-mfy !

SK630 One Size Fits Most Kids Price 9.95
cow kids bank
Cow-lor-ful Kids Banks !

Kids LOVE these colorful cows AND they're also great for saving Moo-lah !

Six inch long Ceramic in moo choice of colors ! Sold separately.

JO770 Each piece About 6 inches long. Price 5.95 each
cow kids watch
Girl's Cow Watch from Paris

.Ultra Stylish Cow Watch for little Girl's from France !

In the style of 'Swatch Watch' , these are simply extraordinary timepieces. The clock itself has a little cow wagging its tail as the seconds tick, and the watchband has a cow face, milk bottle, cow spots and daisy. Made of just gorgeous highest quality ultra shiny moo-terials and packaged in a case with original French language all over it.

NO500 Fits young and preteen girls Price 29.95
cow kids color watch
Cow Kid Watches

What a bargain !

These are cute ! Extremely vivid color kids cow watches are as good as it gets. Great quality - great price !

There are cow-dorable cows all over the watch band they are moo cute. The best part though is the cow in the center of the dial. As the seconds tick away the cow spins all around.

Moo will LOVE these !

NJ410 Kids shiny band cow watches Price 4.95 each.
cow kids clock
Udderly Cute Kids Metal Wall Clock

Time to De-cow-rate !

Nicer quality metal wall clock adds cow-lass to any cow kids room !

Pen-du-lum Udder !

NOT a toy - a very nice adddition to moo home !

FI100 Approx 10 inch mootalic wall clock. Battery Moo-perated! WOW !!! Price 19.95
cow kids clock
Wagging Cow Tail Kids Metal Wall Clock

Time to De-cow-rate !

Nicer quality metal wall clock adds cow-lass to any cow kids room !

Tail Wags back and forth just like a real Cow ! !

NOT a toy - a very nice adddition to moo home !

FI110 Approx 10 inch mootalic wall clock. Battery Moo-perated! Price 29.95
cow children vest
Cow Head Vest

Oh the kids Love this !

Nice for the price...warm and fuzzy ! Holstein Hooded Cow Vest

GC350 Small ( 5-8 yrs old ) Medium ( 8 to 12 years old ) Price 12.95
cow kids hat
A Cow Hat and Mittens in One !

Warm and moo-ti-ful !

Cow-dorable! Miittens are at the end of that hat. Cow-lever! Holstein chic !

GC270 Younger kids teeens One size its most Price 7.95
cow kids hat winter
A Cow Hat and 'tassles'!

Warm and moo-ti-ful !

Cow-dorable! A hat that looks lke a Cow ! Holstein chic !

GC300 Younger kids tweens One size its most Price 4.95
cow kids halloween costume
Cow Costume ! !

Excellent Quality !

Check out the long horns and the long tail. Elastic body 'stretches' to acommodate most any size kid. Shiny, too ! Very fashion-moo-bile!

BG700 One size its most younger kids Price 29.95
cow kids sweater
The Ultimate Gift!

Every now and then we are proud to offer something that really stands out from he crowd.

Here it is! Hooded warm sweater! NOT a toy a real garment you can wear. Bring Moo Camera !

GC500 Older kids tweens Price 39.95
cow kids mittens
Cow Mittens !

Warm and cowdorable !

Cow puppet mittens ! Hands fit so the mitten opens and thats waay too cute!

GC310 Kids tweens One size fits most Price 9.95
cow kids winter hat
Cow Head Winter Hat !

Woven Warm !

Cow hed hats are too adorable. Waay too cute!

GC320 Kids tweens One size fits most Price 14.95
cow kids Cherokee headress
Authentic Indian Holsttein Spot Headress

.Moo-thentic ! Hand made by Real Cherokee Indians NOT made in China !

If moo live playing Cowboys and Indians this is moo headress !

HV280 One 'Size Fits all Kids Price 9.95
cow girls kid medium skirt
Size Medium Girls Indian Vest and Skirt
Authentic. Hand Made by Cherokee Indians in North Carolina !Nice quality, stylish cow-stumes !
SE140 Price 14.95
cow kids cherokee vest
Large Girls Cherokee Indian Vest and Chap Cow-stume !
Dress up in style ! Hand made on the North Carolina Cherokee reservation - NOT in China !
SE150 Size Large Girls Price 14.95
cow kids shorts
Kids Cow Spot Shorts !

.Made in A-moo-rica !

Moo-sures 9 1/2 inch waist flat and about 11 inches elastic waist expanded.

For younger boys or girls. NO fly..

AL150 One size fits most kids Price 7.95
cow kids construction hat
KIDS Cow Tipping Construction 'Hardhat'!
Just like Dad !

Plastic 'good quality' and Definitely FUN !! Battery Powered Flashilght in Front !!

Yes it says Cow Tippin on the side ! Moo-ve Over Cows the hardhats are here !

GC230 Hi quality plastic Price 12.95
Cow Backpack Sack

.A Cow 'Silly Sack' Backpack may be fun, but it's not so silly. Its a great backpack for kids.

The highly functional meshed sack has a BIG zipper so you can easily get at your stuff. Kids love it and moms love 'em, too !

DC100 Price 8.99
cow kids backpack
Kids/Teens Holstein Sturdy Back Pack
Two sizes available ! We have backpacks for elementary school kids... and middle / Jr. high / High school kids, too !

A good quality , relatively cow-fordable 'plush' style backpack. Have moo every seen those heavy textbooks? Let this cow backpack do the heavy lift'in work and tote'm 'em around.

Very moose-ful and sturdy!

GF150/151 Price 12.95/7.95
cow kids red backpack
cow kids boots
CowKIds Boots
Kick up a storm and get go'in with these cow-dorable great quality vinyl boots. For cow girls and cow boys alike.
CA200 Price 9.99
cow kids slippers
CowKIds Slippers !
Keep moo kids feet warm and cow-zy with these cow-doable cow kids slippers.
SS850 Price 14.95
Kids Bowl
A bowl of cereal and milk never looked better !.
ND390 Size 6" Diameter Price 7.95
cow jump rope
Cow Jump Rope !
Back to Basics !

Oh my goodness a good quality wood handle jump rope with cows and cow spots on the rope !

Skip to the MOO my darl'in !

PR410 Standard Size Jump Rope Price 9.95
cow kids pillow
Square Spot Cow Pillow GREAT PRICE !!
Square deal ! Put it in any corner of the room and it always looks great.
CA210 Size 12" x 12 " WOW !! Price 5.95
cow kids pillow pet
Huggable "Secret' Zippered Pillow

Excellent quality Plush Cow

Relatively large about 16 inches long !

Cute and cuddly!

But wait - there's MOOre ! She has a 'secret' zipper on her bottom. Open it up, and out folds a soft resting area fir moo little one's head !

PO260 Approx 16" long Price 19.95
cow kids plush
Huggable Plush Cow with Polka Dot Neck Ribbon !

Nicer quality Plush Cow

Easily positions to 'sit' on any shelf.

Oh go ahead and give her a big hug !

Almost 'human like' she is 'dressed up' with a lovely polka dot bow around her neck !

RL110 Approx 12" long Price 14.95
cow kids folded plush
Folded Cloth Plush !

Cow Cute is this?

Kinda sorta larger about about 10 inches high.

Cute and cuddly!

All those folds make you feel warm and welcome just looking at it !

BG100 Approx 10" long Price 14.95
cow children toy
Love Peace Music Cows !!!

Unmoolievable Quality and Moo-niqueness !!

NOT an imm-moo-tation this is a Genuine Webkinz Cow-lector Plush approx 9 inches.

Cute and cuddly!

A Best Buy !! Get 'em while they still in stock !!

SS660 Approx 10" long Price 9.95
cow kids plush toy
Black and White 'curly hair' plush !

CowDorable Better Quality Huggable plush cow.

Too cute !!! Kinda sorta curly hair is soft and cuddly !

AM710 Approx 9" Price 7.95
cow kids chubby plush
Chubby Cow Plush !

Cute and chubby - just like a cow !

Moo cannot resist this plump and pudgy plush !

Hold her and give give her a BIG squeeze !

BG120 Approx 10" long Price 9.95
cow kids seat cushion pillow
Seat Cushion Pillow!

Mooove into your seat comfortably...

Are you looking for the perfect seat for your little girl during many occasions such as story time, movies, sleep overs and even picnics? This cute little cow cushion might just be the answer for you. The adorable pink and purple print behind the cartoon cow will be the love of girls of all ages.

Did you know that this cow cushion multi-tasks as a pillow? Your daughter will be pleased when their friends take notice of their cow cushion at sleep overs. Try indoors & out!

AS290 Approx 12" round Price 7.95
cow pillow pet
Huggable Genuine Pillow 'Pet'! A REAL BARGAIN !

Two in One !

Moo will receive this large 'very cow-rtable and ultra soft' kids pillow.

Attach the velcro strap and the pillow becomes a plush friend !

Very high quality - a really nice gift item for some special kid!

XM710 Approx 18" long x 12" high x six inches thick Price 19.95
cow pillow pet
Chubby Cows Rule !!

Cow cow-dorable is she ???!

Give her a BIg hug there's plenty to hug !! Moo will LOVE her !

Very nice warm and fuzzy quality - a really nice gift item for some special kid!

FT140 Approx 12" round Price 14.95
cow tooth fairy plush
Tooth Fairy Cow!

Highest Quality.

We don't have any gifts more special for a child who has gone through the rite of tooth passage than this one ! There is a little red pouch labeled Tooth Fairy which ( of course) holds the baby tooth !

Approved by Dentists everywhere no extractions needed !

This is an extremely high quality knit 'plush' cow which will hold your kids enameled makeovers for years and decades.

JO480 Approx 12" long with tooth pouch Price 12.95
Cow Soccer Kids Luggage
Attention Soccer Moms !

Our largest kids luggage carrieris cowtastic !

You'll get a kick out of all the cow-partments.

Colorful yet functional it doesn't get moo better than this !

OC320 Size 36" high with handle Price 39.95
Brown Travel Backpack with Holstein Cow / Luggage Combo
The best of luggage and backpacks for your kids !

HIgh quality Brown Plush Design with Holstein moo-tached has lot of cow-partments for travel. Handle and wheels may be used for airports, yet they cow-pletely this is a backpack, too !

Very high quality luggage for cow kids on the go !

OC330 Size 30" high with handle Price 29.95
cow kids red backpack
Great Quality Very Moo Luggage/Backpack Combo

Perfect !

Holstein 'esque' plush and very cow-dorable cow adorns this nice sized kis 'roller' luggage with moo-justable handle. When moo are thru using the luggage roller just use it as a bckpack.

Very functional - and a great gift.

Sometimes, things are not 'just' toys they are also highly moos-ful and this item is a cow-tastic gift !

WU240- Approx 30" high with handle Price 29.95
cow kids luggage
TOP Quality Rugged Holstein 'Carrier'

4 Kids up to 4 years old !

Rugged ! Ready for outdoor use. From riding a bicycle to school to campping... this VERY durable Holstein backsack with rugged zippers is a real treat for any cow girl or cow boy !

Very functional.

Youngest kids need backpacks, too. What a GREAT... moo-nique gift ! HIGH QUALITY

TS230 Approx 10" Price 14.95
cow brown backpack
Brown Cow Kids Backpack !

Excellent design and quality !! FUN !!

Back straps and Zippered Cowpartment keep moo stuff mooving when moo do !

Nicer quality, too ! !

Bring Moo Ca-moo-ra and take a picture ! Cow Cute !

FT150 Approx 14" Price 14.95
cow purple backpack
Purple Cow Younger Kids Backpack !

4 Kids up to 8 years old !

Purple ! Check out that cow-dorable 'toffee sticks' cow and the littel purple heart !

Very pretty !

Bring Moo Ca-moo-ra and take a picture ! Cow Cute !

TS420 Approx 10" Price 14.95
Die Cast Miniature Blue Cow Transporter Truck
Shiny and she really rolls. These are not Hot Wheels brand but they sure look like 'em. Yee ha !
NV330 Size 4" Blue Metal Price 7.55
cow yellow die cast truck
Die Cast Miniature Yellow Cow Transporter Truck
Shiny and she really rolls. Two cows in the back of every truck! Moo-ve out of the way !!
NV340 Size 4" Metal Price 7.95
cow kid backpack
Brown Cow Backpack
Moo Cute !
Younger kids will smile all the way to school -just cowdorable !
BZ210 Size 24" Price 14.95
cow kids plush
Smaller Cow Plush !
Perfect Plush ! Just six inches long... so it's a cow-tastic size for play, parties, gift baskets or gift giving. Cow can moo re-fuse she's cow cute !
YK100 Size 6" Price 7.45
cow kids finger puppett
Cow Finger Puppet !
Now everyone can 'play' with a little cow ! Simple, inexpensive finger puppet will keep kids a-moo-sed for hours. Knitted finger fun !
CA250 Size 3" Price 2.45
cow gumby toy "
Playful Cow 'Gumby'
This little guy will literally bend over to keep you smiling ! Posable, moo-ti-ful, and fun. A great place to keep it is everywhere and anywhere.
CA110 Size 4" Price 1.95
cow longfellow plush
Cow 'Longfellow' Plush
It's a little Taller than the average plush item.. but if you like things a little larger than most this wonderfully soft plush cow is for you.
CA320 Size 21" Long Price 14.95
Cash Cow Banks Assorted Colors
Cute little greeen tint is a small bank. A very pretty kids room decowration it is only 5 inches long. Cow Cute !
NV800 Size 3" Price 4.95
'CowBoy' Holstein Cow (sorta)
We dunno this cow is a little different. It's not a soft plush but more of a boyish 'handsome' look to it. Tough to say why we think this way maybe 'cause it has no udders but DOES have a belly buttom Nicer quality - not 'soft' more of a 'rugged' plush cow !
AL100 12" HIgh Nice Quality Price 4.95
Cow childrens plush toy
One Spotted Eye Holstein Plush
Moo-nique looking little cow, isn't she ? Kind of reminds us of that dog on the Little Rascals witht the spotted eye! Nice quality soft plush cow !
AL160 9" HIgh Nice Quality Price 9.95
cow kiddies plush toy
Lying Down (for a change) just like a cow Plush
Soft, cuddly... however she also 'catches the artistic essence' of a cow. This plush obviously was designed by an artist which 'knows cows' so it's reaally quite a moo-ti-ful yet simple plush toy for kids.
SS900 12 " long Nice Quality Price 12.95
cow kids pink plush
Lovely Little Pink Cow Plush
Aww shucks she's too cute for words!
GD120 10" Price 5.95
Inexpensive Holstein Plush
Hairy is ! Little 'unusual' cow long haired plush looks like it needs a shave !
GD130 10" Price 4.95
cow kids placemat
Kids Placemat
We have looked high and low for this... mercifuly here it is. Excellent quality kids vinyl 'heavy duty' placemat. Stands up to a dishwasher and your kids.. not bad! Matching bowl available below, too !
GF990 Size 5" Price 2.95
kids coww mooing cup
Kids MOO-ing Cow Cup !
The only KIDS mooing cup we have ever seen ! Cute, too !
GD140 Standard Mug Size Porcelain Price 9.95
kids cow clothing hook
Kids Cow Apparel Hook !
Very lightweight and simple to hang on the wall. Get your kids organized now ! Cow Cute !
GC990 Kids Cow Face Apparel Hook Price 5.95
cow kids finger toy
Fun-tastic Wooden Finger Toy
This little guy is really moovable. Just press the bottom with your finger and make it dance any way you want. A classic and it is still FUN !
CA360 Size 5" Price 3.95
cow kids hangar
Kids Cow Hangers
Keep the closet very moo, too. Kids love these kid sized cow-dorable cow hangers so much they'll actually want to hang up their clothes. Okay...well maybe they will.
CA580 Size 12" Price 3.95
moo magnet
Moo Magnet
Fascinating, but true! This magnet is placed in a cow's first stomach to collect metal objects they might eat. Cows just cant tell the difference between grass and nails. Learn all about it with Moo Magnet activity book.
CA450 Price 3.95
cow kids bucket hat
Moo Kids Hat !

Here's some good moo's. Now your kids can stay stylishly dry in the rain ! Waterproof hat !!!

HH080 Infants/ Young Kids Cow Vinyl Bucket Hat Price 7.95
cow kids mittens
Cow Kids Mittens
A most cow-dorable pair of cow mittens. About as cute as it gets in the freeaing cold !
DN370 Price 7.95
cow kids scarf
Cow-dorable matching scarf !!
Outfit moo kids in matching wardrobes ! This cow-dorabel 'ladybug' scarf matches mittens and hat above. CUTE as cute can be !
AM800 16 inches long Price 3.95
cow kids bank
Cow Kids Should Learn to Save Moo-lah!
Kids should learn the importance of saving moo-lah ! The fun way... is to put their hard earned money in this bank! It's a cow-dorable plush cow, too !
JO430 7 inches long Price 3.95
Younger Girls Pocket Scarf
Precious. This is a most cow-dorable scarf. If has a little cow head which wraps around for warmth and fashion.. and it also has a little fuzzy tail on the end of the scarf. Get one and make someone happy !
LG750 Kids Size Price 4.95
cow girls purse
Girls Cow Purse !
The younger little ladies are going to LOVE this cow purse ! Very fahionmoobile and 'chic.' 'Loopy' design is very moonique and 'cool.' It is sturdy , cute and has zippdered cowpartments. Make someone happy !
NU340 Pre-teens / Young Teens Price 12.95
cow girls handbag
Younger Girls Cow Purse !
What an adorable little girls purse. Wow ! Lets see.. it has a shoulder strap for 'pocketbook' carrying, and glitter shiny handles to hold on, too ! Pink face is oh soo cute and zipper cow-partment on back holds lots of stuff!
XM810 Pre-teens 10 inch purse 3.95
cow kids purse
Cow Face Purse!
Cuter than cute.. the little cow opens with a zippered cow-partment ! Moo-ti-ful ! Better quality and check out that pink bow, too !
RL130 Tweens/ young teens 6 inch purse w/strap. 12.95
cow plush kids toy
Cow Plush Looking UP !
Cow-fordable plush ! A nice size and nice for the price, too. Different from just about any other cow you have ever seen , cause this cow holds it's head high and is always looking UP at moo !
PR620 Eight inch Plush Cow Price 5.95

Perfectly Collared Cow
She's too pretty to be called a plush toy.. kind of more like a doll. Perfect collar hangs flawlessly around her neck. She's a treasure that will be treasured.
DP220 12 " Tall Price 9.95
cow kids coin carrier
Moo-lah-lah Coin Carrier
Kids need coins too ! Let them carry their 'moo-lah' in style with this very pretty and highly functional coin carrier.
LG800 Approx. 3 inches diameter Price 3.95
cow bank kids toy
Moo-lah Coin Carrier
Kids need coins too ! Let them carry their 'moo-lah' in style with this very pretty and highly functional coin carrier.
MD180 Approx. 3 inches diameter Price 3.95
cow kids tote
The Co Face Carrier OPENS UP into a tote ! This little cow face has a surprise inside ! A very nice relatively large red tote is packed inside. Open the zipper compartment on the cow's face and out pops the tote bag ! Great for school or chores !
BP760 8 inches tall ( unopened )Price 3.95
vaca kids purse
Vaca Kids Purse !
Cow Fashion ! Cute little zippered purse for younger girls. Holds enogh stuff to say Moo with style !
GF100 12 inches tall Price 3.95
vaca kids toy
Kids Pocketbook !
Cow Fashion ! Cute zippered pocketbook for younger girls. LONG shoulder strap is very stylish !
TS440 12 inches wide 24 inch strap ! Price 7.95
cow change purse kids
Cow-leverly designed Holstein Change Purse !
Oh the little ladies will go ga ga over this SOCK purse. It sure looks like a sock, but it's really a purse to sock away your moo-lah ! Cow-lassic Holstein print.
MD140 5 inches Price 4.95
kids cow socks
CowDorable kids GRABBER Striped Socks !
Keep the cow kids feet fashionable - Moo cool ! These are GRABBER socks so moo kids can stay more moo-tached to the floor.
BZ250 Cotton Kids choice of size 2-4 / 4- 7 Price 7.95
cow kids fashion cap
Holstein on Moo Head !
Warm Kids Fashion Hat
Pull this cow over any kids ears and stay cozy warm. No matter which way moo turn the little cow is coming or going.
BZ340 Price 4.95
BEST QUALITY !! BEST VALUE !! Vinyl Pasture Green Lunch Box with Straps
We don't care how good the commissary is at your school.. nothin's better than a meal by Mom. Nice Qualitiy lunch box. There is anudder zipper cowpartment on the cow face in front. Carry or shoulder strap it's up to moo kids. Cow-venient ! Moo will NOT be disappointed this is a wonderful product !
CF920 Standard Lunch Box size with strap and handle WOW Price 4.95 !!!!
cow kids magnetic plush
Moognetic Itty Bitty Plush !
Little cow kids love to play with little plush cows. This little gal is 'extra special' though 'cause her feet have little magnets in them.' You can try to keep them apart but those feet are attracted to one an udder !
RH150 Plush 6 inch magnets in feet Price 3.95
cow kids sticker
Cute Itty Bitty Foam Stickers
Oh kids LOVE Stickers ! Moo will LOVE these itty bitty most cowdorable cow face stickers. Each one of them is just about a quarter inch wide... too cute ! CHEAP, too !
LP720 Pack of approx 50 Foam stickers Price .95 per pak
cow bobblehead kids
GRSAT QUALITY !! BLOWOUT PRICE !!! WAAAY TOO CHEAP !!!!Cow Bobble Head Picture Holder
Bobble Head Cow Rule ! Every cow we have ever seen has a head that moooves.. maybe that's why boble heads are soo pop-moo-lar !
TV370 Size 6" 1.95
cow kids picture frame
Alligator Clip Cow Picture Holder
Cute Porcelain Cow has an 'alligator' clip to jaw your pictures where moo all can see them !
TV510 Size 5" Tall 6.95
cow kids picture frame
Cow Bobble on spring Shiny Porcelain Picture Frame
BEST QUALITY !! BEST BUY !! MOO WILL LOVE IT !!!This cow's head gently bobbles on this beautiful,shiny,very moo kids quality picture frame with udders. Make a kid happy every time they look at it !
DE050 Size 7" 3.95
Bobble Body Bank
Not just a mere bobblehead - but a bobble body ! She mooves and shakes all over the place.

Very springy legs


PE490 Size 10" Tall Price 19.95
cow kids bank
Cow Bank with Great Udders !
t's not just an-udder cow bank - it's an UDDER Cow Bank. Chexk out those udders they are udderly moo-velous !
PE480 Size 8" Tall x 6" wide Price 12.95
Walking Cow
This is neat ! A cow that 'walks.'

No batteries required just a short incline.. even a 2' x 4' The cow starts walk'in downhill. Look at the little cow's feet jiggle around as it moves ! Race'em they're fun when you are cow-pleately bored ! We suggest you race.two or more.

DZ520 Size 3" 3.95
cow children football plush
Football Uniform !
You'll have lots of fun getting this cow ready for the big game. Check out the little holein the back of the uniform for the tail.. kind of reminds you of that Lion on the Wizard of OZ !
LG570 Footbll Cow Uniform only cow sold separately 4.95
cow kids baseball plush
Cow Baseball Uniform
Holy Cow it's a cow in a baseball uniform ! Four piece outfit includes cap, shirt, trousers and 'baseball.'
LG730 Uniform only plush cow sold separately above Price 5.95

cow marionette
Our Favorite Moo-rionette

.Good old fashioned fun that never goes out of style.

Entertain anyone/anywhere with these 'puppet on a string' moo-rionettes.

Moo-ve the wooden handle and watch 'em go up, down or every which way you wish.

CA430 Size 10" Tall Price 3.95
cow kids puppett
Cow Hand Puppet with Daisy in Pocket !

. Calling all Moopetteers !

The most cow-dorable plush 'velvety' hand puppet will keep moo kids entertained fo hours ! Check out the re-moo-vable strawberry in the pocket ! Cow enterteining !!

TV600 Fits any hand Price 7.95
cow kids puppett
Better Quality Gorgeous Larger Cow Hand Puppet

. Calling all Moopetteers !

Larger 'full head" cow hand puppet. Open her mouth WIDE and im-moo-tate a cow ! Really nicer plush - this is good 'quality' FUN !

HH490 Fits any hand Eight inches Wide Price 14.95
cow kids puppett
Better Quality Gorgeous Larger FULL BODY Cow Puppet

. Calling all Moopetteers !

A precious, cow-dorable plush ! Look at her she is soo cuddly ! Now, she is also a puppett !! Stick moo hand inside the satiny puppet sleeve and make her come to 'life'.

HH540 Fits any hand Ten inches Long Price 19.95
cow kids medieval toy
Medieval Cow Toy
Kids have been enjoying this little cow for 800 years ! Jump on the bandwagon and get this hand made unique cone puppet imported direct from the Czech Republic.
DN370 Size 18" Tall Price 9.95
cow kids holstein plush
'Realistic' Calve Plush

.This is one of the more 'realistic' calf small plush we have ever seen. Realistic, perhaps, yet still very cute. This plush 'toy' seems to capture the 'essence' of the animal and that's a nice cow-pliment, don't you think ?

Nice tail too !

NY840 Relatively large about 10" in length x 6" high Price 7.95
inflatable kids chair
INflatable Cow Kids Chair !

A moo-riffic item !

Just a great idea - finally someone got it right !

OK, let's talk cow furniture. This is 'furniture.' It does not look at all like 'just an inflatable' it looks like a chair. When you see it, you my think it is a 'bean bag' chair. but not an inflatable. Well, it IS an inflatable ! Includes pump just stomp on the pump and blow it up. Fantastic ! Strong, sturdy not junk

Best yet, of course it is easy to moove. Take it to tour summer home or dorm room and take it back afterwards. Folds up about the size of a pillow. Cow-forable to buy AND to ship !

XM610 Relatively large about 30" wide x 24" tall when inflated Price just 24.95 - a 'bargain'
cow kids nite light

CowDorable and Cow Cute Nite Light For Kids !!!

Having said that, it is also quite important. Nite lights are great.. especially in a child's room.

Just plug it into any outlet easy as (cow) pie ! !

SN180 5 inches tall Price 2.95
cow kids purple smock
Organic Purple Cow Smock !

Calling all Creative Kids - this one's for moo !

Just the most cow-dorable purple cow artist smock. Not only is it a wonderful 'Van Gogh' type of smock, it is also environment-ally friendly ! Made of re-cy-cowled nylon and Eco spun felt !

XM620 One Size fits most young kids Measures 17.5 x 15 inches Price 14.95
cow shoe kids organizer
Large.. Long... Organic Purple Cow Hanging Organizer !

A great wall decoration / organizer. Purple Cow themes always get smiles !

Oh, so many positive things to say about this very unique and useful gift. First of all , it is very decorative and pretty ! It hangs on the wall so it is also art ! It's sturdy.. . made of 100 percent organic cotton ! Also, it's an orgainzer.. and a relatively large one ( 40 x 14 inches.. that's big !). Three 'pockets' accomodate larger items from shoes to schoolbooks - moo name it but it will probably fit. Each pocket is 11.5 x 14 inches. Wonderful quality, great for the envionment... and great for your kid's room. Just cow-tastic !

XM620 Organic Cotton Measures 40 long x 14 inches wide Price 19.95
cow kids costume
Cow Costume

.Kids love to play and act. When a school or church activity calls for a cow costume, we can help. Also a great Halloween cow-stume !

Your kids will look totally moo-tiful in this very lightweight, very moo cow costume.

DN490 Ages 3 - 9 Price 7.95
cow kids apron
REAL Kids Apron !

Wear it in the kitchen just like Moo-ma!

Nice quality ! Start your cow-linary career now !.

GD100 One size fits most kids. Price 9.95
cow kids smock
Cow 'Smock'
Easy on Easy Off. Simply attach around your neck. Kinda for larger kids even teens or ladies. Has many uses from artists 'smock' to lobster ( O.K. - steak ) bib. May be used for theater or just play. Excellent quality !
SN410 Size 14" Long PWOW !!!!! LOOOOK!!!! Price 1.95
cow bib
Dress Up Cow Tuxedo Bib !
A little larger for older kids.. even young teens or ladies petite. May be used for costume, theater, entertaining or party !
SN420 Age 8 and up Price 5.95
cow lip gloss kids makeup
Cow Lip Gloss

.Moo young teens will LOVE this !

Cutest little cow is loaded with lip GLOSS ! One of the most moo-nique and inexpensive cow items we have very seen for younger cowgirls.

Shiny, glittery, glossy to the max !

BH120 approximately 4 inch clear plastic cow LOADED with lip Gloss Price 1.95
cow kids puppett
Cow 'Eating' Daisy Hand Puppet
Moo willl love this. Very high quality 'glove' fitting hand puppet. Looks great all by itself, but there is a little silk 'daisy' which the cow 'eats.' Very pretty kids love to play.
FC880 Size 14" Long Price 7.95
cow kids hand puppett
Simple Design Play Hand Puppet
This lightweight, simply puppet fits over any hand. Great for younger kids and teachers, too !
FC890 Fits and hand Price 3.95
cow kids hand puppett
Cow Hand Puppett
Ahh the stories she can tell. Bring out your inner Jim Henson and start moo own show ! Nice Plush, too !
SS250 Plush 12" Price 12.95
cow kids bobble plush
Cow PLUSH Bobblehead !
Moo probably have never seen anything like it - we didn't ! Smaller 6 inch or so cow bobble head plush always makes moo smile !
SS280 Plush 6" Price 5.95
cow childrens birthday plush
Cowdorable Sitting Cow Plush !
Friendly ! Take one look and moo will fall in love with her for heifer !!
SS690 Plush 9" Price 7.95
cow childrens toy plush
Cowdorable Cow Plush !
One Big Eye makes her stand ( or in this case sit ) out in the crowd !
SS700 Plush 10" Price 8.95
cow kids toy plush
Smaller Cow Plush !
She's only about six inches lomg all stretched out! Perfect for outing on a tabletop, counter or shelf... cow-ever moo may also give her a hug and play with her. She's all cuddles !
SS710 Plush 6" Price 5.95
cow plush larger kids
Larger Cow Plush !
Big Squeeze.. Big hugs ! She's cute , soft, friendly and cow-dorable. Get her for moo kids and watch'em smile !
SS290 Plush 15" Price 12.95
cow bungee toy
Bungee Moo !
A cute as cute can be little plush cow even if it didi't mooooove.. but it does ! Pull the string and watch it hop around. Belts out a good loud MOO when it bumps into anything on contact !
DN980 Size 6" Plush 12" Bungee Price 4.95
cow porcelain bank
Cow Paint your Own BANK
Little cOW bank is SMALL on size BUT BIG ON fun !! Just 3 inches long with LOTS of paint colors included !!!
SK200 Size 3" long Price 4.95
cow porcelain bank
Cow Sunshine Porcelain Bank
Cows spend a lot of time in the sun. Sunshine Cow is ready to enjoy the rays !.
NV170 Size 12" Tall Price 14.95
Singing Cow Puppet
This one's a little different.. the cow actually 'sings.'. So instead of getting a straight moo moo moo whenever it opens it's mouth - you knd of get a moo la dee moo dah. -->

<Anyway it's cute, interesting and kiddies love it !

FC500 Size 12" Full Sized Hand Puppet Price 14.95
cow porcelain bank
Cow Dreamin Porcelain Bank
She's too cute in a pink 'blanket' and feather 'slippers'. Rest assured the kids will love her.
MA830 Size 12" Tall Price 14.95
cow kids porcelain bank
Fantasy Cow Porcelain Bank
Pretty little 'fantasy' cow painted with all sorts of interesting patches. A wonderfully unique gift.
MA840 Size 12" Tall Price 14.95
cow kids porcelain bank
Pink Dress Porcelain Bank

She's Cow-Dorable !

She's all dressed up and ready top step out in style. Probably got this dress at the local bovine boutique ! Any little cow-girl would LOVE this bank !

BP680 Size 12" Price 14.95
cow kids porcelain bank
Smaller Moo-sic Note Bank
Smaller Smiling Cow Porcelain Bank has music notes all over it! The cow itself does not moo or play music, but the ca-ching of all that money in the bank wil be music to your ears !
BP770 Size 8" long Price 12.95
cow kids porcelain bank
Bal-moo-rina Porcelain Bank !
One of our favorites for sure. She's shing an bright and those wings lind of look like Moodame Butterfly. Sure to light up any kids eyes !
BP780 22.95 Size 8" long Price 12.95
cow kids porcelain bank
Porcelain Holstein Bank

Cow-lassic & cute she is !

Holstein ! Moo-tiful design. Porcelain Cash cow 'cuz she's a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a grainy day !

BZ500 6" wide Pice 5.95
cow kids porcelain bank
Porcelain Red Feet Bank

Kinda funky look she's got attitude and comes cow-plete with earrrings !

Moo-ni-quue design. Porcelain Cash cow 'cuz she's a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a grainy day !

SK160 6" wide Pice 5.95
cow resin bank kids
Resin Holstein Bank

Cow-lassic & cute she is !

Holstein ! Moo-tifl design. Cash cow 'cuz she's a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a rainy day !

SS200 6" wide Pice 14.95
cow kids bank
Resin Holstein Bank

Cow-lassic & cute she is !

Holstein ! Moo-tifl design. Cash cow 'cuz she's a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a rainy day !

SS210 6" wide Pice 9.95
cow kids bank
Resin Holstein Bank

She's all stretched out waiting for moo to 'feed' her some moo-lah !

Holstein ! Moo-tifl design. Cash cow 'cuz she's a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a rainy day !

SS230 7" wide Pice 9.95
cow kids bank
Resin Holstein Bank

She's all stretched out waiting for moo to 'feed' her some moo-lah !

Holstein ! Moo-tifl design. Cash cow 'cuz she's a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a rainy day !

SS240 7" wide Pice 9.95
Cow Kids Sunglasses

.Kids love cows as much as you do !

Fancy foam fun cow sunglasses with wiggling cow eyes let every youngster act just like a moo-vie star. UV400 Protection. Fits youngsters 3 to about 7 years old.

DO460 6"wide 2.95
cow kids sunglasses
cow clock kids
You are Mine Clock and Cow
What a mooving sentiment ! Battery operated Pink'n Purple clock says 'You are Mine' and attaches to grazing cow. Cow is always attached on the little chain
CA727 Size 8" with Chain and Cow Price 3.95
cow bank kids paint
Paint Your Own Cow Bank
You can't print your own money, but you CAN color your own cow bank!
DN990 Size 6" Price 9.95
cow kids plush
Little Throw Cow
When kids get the urge to toss things around.. this will work. It will bouce right back to them. Plush little cow is cute and filled with bouncy foam. Go ahead hit the wall.. no harm done.
DO220 Size 5" Foam Filled Price 4.95
cow kids plush
Black 'n White Throw Cow
Plush little cow is cute and filled with bouncy foam. Go ahead hit the wall.. no harm done.
WU270 Size 6" Foam Filled Price 5.95
cow kids toy
Smiles !
Cute as cute can bee and calf the price of similar items !
JO120 Size 5" Price 5.95
Kids Cow Art Print
Kids love to look at colorful things on the wall. This very suitable for framing print by world famous children's artist JA Fleming will keep them smiling till the cows come home !
CA750 Size 9 x 12 " Price 12.95
swimming pool cow inflatable
Swimming Pool Inflatable
Kids can calf a lot more fun in the pool when they splash around in this Little Calf inflatable. Suitable for babies to splash around as they please. This goes without saying but p l e a s e do not leave kids unattended in any pool.
CA760 Size 32" x 22 " Price 7.95
cow kids plush
Sitting Cow
This cute little cow does a great job of sitting. Put it and any desk, dresser or cow-puter table she'll always be there to sit with you !
CA470 Size 6" Price 2.95
cow kids plush toy
Tube Cow
This cow is ready to get wet. Splashing is no problem for our adorable tube cow. She's ready for beach, pool, river or watering hole !
KO200 Size 10" tall Price 7.95
cow kids mooing plush
Smaller Excellent Quality Mooing Plush !
Precious little cow for precious little cow kids !

Excellent quality through and through.

Buy one for everyone !

HA500 6" long approx. Price 5.95
cow kids magnet
Larger Smiling Bobbing Kids Magnet
This ia actually 6 magnets in one. Each leg is a magnet.. the tail is a magnet and the body is moog-netic. The head also gently bobs back and forth.

This is designed for kids what a friendly cow!

By the way, the gray board behind the cow is included.. but it really has no function it is part of the packaging. This makes the moo-get a very nice gift as it is packaged for gift giving !

NJ530 6" tall and wide approx. Price 4.95
Moognetic Head Rest
We've been looking for an item like this for quite a while.. what a great product ! This is a beautiful plush head rest for girls...great for riding in the car or plane. Just place it around the neck and shoulders so they can relax.

The little purple cow in the middle attaches with magnets to the headrest.. so it won;t get 'lost.'. When you are using the head rest the little purple cow is for play !

KO230 Size 12" headrestPrice 9.95
cowboy cow kids push
Plush Cowboy Cow
Say howdy to your kids new 'partner' - a plush 'cowboy cow' cow-plete with leather stirrups and a bandana. Put the cow back in cowboy when you git the young' or two of these.
KO260 Size 8" Price 4.95
doukie kids plush
Dangling Doukie
This is a unique plush cow for sure. The body is a 'classic' Doukie, very plush... and the arms and legs are cords. These appendages kind of 'dangle'.. they just hang out and hang on. Very moo-nique, these arms are very skiiny and fun to re-arrange !
KO270 Size 12" Price 9.95
cow kids plush
Pink Cow House !
Girls, girls, girls ! Cow cute for any little ladies room ! This is an all porcelain very pink and very moo-derne looking cow 'house'. Place one cow at the top of the house and watch it waddle it's way down to the bottom. Cow lovely !
KG380 Size 10" x 8" high Price 14.95
cow necklace kids
Girl's Cow Shell and Bead Necklace
If moo have a young lady in the fa-moo-ly who loves jewlery, this little cow 3 bead 'puka' style necklace is for her.

Sweet !

NV640 Girl's beaded necklace Price 2.95

Classic Wooden Ramp Walking Cow
There is something very moo-pealing about classic, timeless toys. Just put this wooden ramp in the incline position and watch the little wooden cow 'waddle' it's way all the way down.
KO160 Size 12 " long Price 17.95
cow stickers
LargeSheet of Realistic Cow Stickers !
Kids love stickers.. cow kids love cows. Put'em together and it just doesn't get any more fun than this. These are great quality stickers with beautiful gold trim.

Each cow is about an inch so put them on scrapbooks, book covers or anywhere else.

They stick great, too !

NO290 Set of 25 Stickers Price 1.95
cow memo board
Large Memo Board
This cow will allow moo to leave important moo-sages for all to read. Great for parents leaveing moosages for kids and visamoo versa. Write on, wipe off.

Easy, mooseful, and de-cow-rative. This cow is funky cool !

FC800 Size 18" x 10" wide high Price 5.95
cow puzzle
3D Puzzle !
Cow Challenging !

Well you gotta be smarter than the average bovine to get it all together !

JO340 Size 8" x 10" 44 pcs Price 2.95
cow stickers
Cow Parade Stickers
Pack of 5 cows all dressed up a la cow parade.

Kids just love stickers !

OC230 Size 8" Price .49

cow kids plush
Long Tailed Plush Cow
This is a nice quality 'firm' plush with a very long tail.. just like any real cow.

What'll they think of next?

OC250 Size 10" Price 9.95
cow kids mooty plush
B I G Mooty Plush
Nice quality BIG Mooty Plush ! This cow sits nicely on the side of a dresser or shelf.

Cow Cute and kids LOVE BIG plush the bigger the better... this one's pretty big !

WU280Size 18" tall high Price 14.95
mooing cow kids toy plush
B I G Moo-ing Plush
Nice quality BIG Moo-ing Plush ! Better quality soft and 'cuddly.' She'll MOO at you, too !

Cow Cute and kids LOVE BIG plush the bigger the better... this one's pretty big !Price just Wow!!! Price 12.95

HR231 Size 12" tall Price 12.95
cow kids plush
Curly Hair Plush
Nice quality ! A cow with curls !

Cow Cute.. but we didn't have to tell you that just look at her !

MD190 Size 6" long Price 7.95
cow picture frame
Itty Bitty Picture Frame
Sooo cute ! Just 6 inches tall to display your wallet size pictures.

Cow-lever design has a plush frame on a plush cow. Cow-dorable fror any cow kid !.

TV610Size 6" Price 4.95
cow cd holder
Kids CD Holder

A perfect gift - moo cannot go wrong.

There is hardly a kid on the planet moo does not have a CD collection ! Moo kids can hold their precious CD's in cow style with our most moo-ti-ful CD Holder. !

PE120 Size 17" Ceramic and Metal Price 14.95
cow plush
Mooing Keychain / Backpack Hangar
It's a long legged cow ! Dnagling arms and dangling legs make this design 'moo-nique'

Have you ever seen a cow with SUCH long arms and legs.. neither have we ! Let moo imagination flow and enjoy !

HA400 Size 8" high Price 3.95
cow plush
LONG arms and legs MOOING cow !
It's a long legged cow ! Velcro hands make it soo endearing !

Go ahead and have LOTS of fun ! Wrap it around your shoulders or anudder one of these. Hang it on a hook or the wall ! Velcro = FUN !

HA410 Size 16" high Price 9.95
cow wind up toy
Mooing Paper Cow Wind Up
If you have a kid who 'thinks' they are all brains, try getting this for them.

This very unique kit allows you to make a 'wind up' cow out of nothing other than paper. The paper cow is quite animated when it is moo-sembled you may literally wind it up and the cow mooves. It is really very amusing and somehat of a challenge to do this. This item is only sold in very high end museum shops and, of course, Cow Depot !.

NO950 Size 8" high Price 5.95
cow kids music
Cow Kids CD !
Cow Tunes For Kids is both fun and educational. It features 12 great songs, followed by two spoken tracks: “Fun Facts About Cows” and “The History of Ice Cream”.

This CD includes the all time favorite “Welcome To Bermooda” along with other very punny songs. It contains some of the only songs ever written about ice cream. The songs help children learn about cows, colors, multiples, dairy products, and vowels (A E I O Moo!).

NV710 Price 9.95
cow kids blanket
Cow "Tooth Fairy' Pillow Case

.A very special keepsake gift.

All kids get a visit from the 'tooth fairy' - it is part of everyone's childhood experience.

This pillow case is the only product we know of that can cow-pletely enhance that special moment. The pillow case has a little cow-partment sewn into the pillow so the tooth fairy's offerings do not get moo-ved.

You may use it just once, but you will never toss it moo will keep it for a lifetime.

KO350 Pillow Case Size 14.95
cow parade plush
Cow Parade Plush with Two Teddy Bears !

.A very special gift for the kid moo love.

We love cows.. and we know you do, too. Kids also love Teddy Bears. A cow with two teddy bears 'riding' on top is as precious as it gets.

This is a genuine Cow Parade plush licensed product. Moo will be most pleased for sure for sure.

MP700 Plush Cow Parage Genuine Authenticity Certificate approx 12" long Size 29.95
cow frame picture
Very Special Purple Cow Framed Print

.Wonderfully 'entertaining' artwork !

A 'keepsake' treasure. Relatively large wonderfully framed print by artist J.A. Flemming.

It's all about a purple cow.

This is the 'stuff' that hangs on the wall when you are kids and is passed down for the next generation.

SE310 18" square Size 29.95
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