cow party novelties
cow birthday party balloons Cow Party Favor
BEST, CHEAPEST Cow Party Paper Bag Moo will EVER Find !!! Buy 'em and lots of 'em moo will LOVE them ! Hundreds of uses !!! Nice quality and relatively large, too

DQ230 11" x 5 " SIX per pack WOW !!! Price Just 1.50 per pack of six
AWESOME CHEAP Cow-mical Paper Bags !
Moo will go COW CRAZY over these excellent Quality yet CHEAP party bags !!! What a BARGAIN !!
CC100 11 x 5 inches paper Price 1.50 per set of six ! (.25 cents a bag !)
party till the cows come home cow party light up pin
Lite-Up Pin !
Get noticed in the dark. Wearable cute little pin will have you glowing in multicolors. A great cow-versation piece ! Way Cool cow liteup pins are magnetic so no holes in your clothes. Extra battery included, too. Get 'em by the bunch it really isn't a party without them at this blowout price !
PA130 Size 2" x 2 " Price 1.95
Happy Birthday to Moo !
The best gift you can give for a cow-lovers birthday ! Beautiful detailed cow parade porcelain is fun, colorful, and full of good cheer ! Check out the cake on the back and the party hat !
PA140 Size 4 inches tall Price 24.95
cow happy birthday party plush
Happy Birthday Hat Cow Plush !
It's Moo Birthday ! Cow-dorable little plush cow about 6 inches hooves to hat wishes Moo Happy Birthday ! A keepsake !
HR130 Size 6 inches Price 7 95
cow party candy dish
High Quality Acrylic 'candy' or cheese' dish adds an excellent touch to any gathering. High quality and moo-nique ! It will last for years and surely get the 'cowversation going.' Where'd moo get this ? Cow Depot, of course.
AP140 Size 4 inches WOW !! Price 3.95 ea.
cow party large napkin pack
Cow Lunch Napkins
The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Party Line starts with these colorful, moo-tiful lunch napkins.
PA150 Size 8" x 8 " Napkins Price 16-1.95 / 36 - 3.95
cow party napkin pack small
Smaller Cow Coctail Napkins
These smaller sized Cow Jumped Over the Moon cocktail napkins are great for small sized servings like hor's doeuvres or buffalo wings.
PA160 Size 6 " x 6 " Napkins Price 16-1.95 / 36 - 3.95

cow party paper dessert plate
Cow Theme Small Dessert Plate
Happy Bithday to Moo ! Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Layer Cake or Cow Pies it does not matter these dessert plates are perfect for any moocassion.
PA330 Size 7" Plate Price 3.95
cow party invitations
Cow Invitations
In this day of E-mail and instant moosages, the 'old fashioned' way is still the most appreciated. Invite your guests with a writtten invitation. A great keepsake they'll surely cherish.
PA190 Size 3" x 5" 6 Count Envelopes Moocluded Price 2.95
cow party thank you note cards
Thank You Cards
What a nice way to say 'Thank Moo.' Show your guests that you moopreciate the gifts they have given. It's a very nice thing to do.
PA200 Size 3" x 5" 6 Count Envelopes Moocluded Price 2.95
cow party banner
Party Banners
Lets De-cow-rate! Party Banners unfold to be 10 feet long... hang'em from one end of the room to the udder.
PA210 Size 10 Foot Long Price .95
cow party paper Holstein pattern plate
BEST QUALITY ! BEST VALUE ! Holstein Paper Plates
Moo-ti-ful !

These are not just paper plates with cow spots. They are EXCELLENT Quality 'heavy-duty' paper party plates for any special moo-casion !

NY120 Pack of ten 9" dinner plates Price 2.95
cow party paper dessert cup
BEST QUALITY BEST VALUE ! Holstein Spot Paper Cups !
EXCELLENT quality heavy duty Ten 8 oz. paper cups keeps everyone in the party moo-d ! For Hot or Cold beverages.
NY130 Pack of 10 8oz. paper cups Price 2.95
cow party paper dessert napkin
BEST QUALITY ! BEST VALUE ! Holstein Napkins !
Party or Everyday !

These are just great ! Luncheon Standard Size Napkins pack of 50 napkins !!!!

Moo-ti-ful Holstein napkins are also priced 'cowfordably.' Get a pack or three for party.. or stock up for everyday use at a bigger savings.

HA700 Package of 50 2 ply napkins 4.95 each / 10 packages for 3.95 each
cow party paper cupcake
Cow Cupcakes!
This is one cow-tastic and quite moo-original cow party item. .

Just bake a bunch of cupcakes. Use black, white and even pink icing on them.. cow-tastic !

Of course moo can use these for cupcakes, but they are also moo-riffic for putting little candy or treats out for everyone. Cow-forable and cow-dorable !

PE990 Standard size Fluted Holstein Spot Cupcake Papers Price 2.95 per set of 50
cow party mint box
Cow Mints Tin Box!
Minty Fresh Decowrative Cow Mints ?

They're MOO-licious.

One of the best mints moo have ever tasted ! Gorgeous Big Cow graphics ! If cows could talk they'd ask for these, too !

GC800 Cow on top Tin Package Price 2.95 per tin
cow party tin mint box
BIG Cow Mints Tin Box!
Minty Fresh White Round Cow Mints ?

They're MOO-licious.

One of the best mints moo have ever tasted ! Gorgeous Big Cow graphics ! If cows could talk they'd ask for these, too !

BZ130 Larger 'Altoids' Size Package Price 3.95 per tin
cow party candy patty
Cow Patty Candy
Pooping Good !

They're MOO-licious.

BZ140 Nicely Packaged Price 1.95 per pak
cow party cardboard gift box
Holstein Gift Box !
Gift giving made easy !

These are gift boxes with Holstein Spots. Really nice gift boxes the kind of quality stuff you would see in a card shop. These are hi-gloss shiny mooti-ful boxes.

The boxes all have nice handles on them. If you have a smaller gift the boxes close beautifully. You can tuck in the top and they are simply beautiful. You may put candy or balloons or smaller items inside the box when it is closed. For larger items, simply don't close the box. This lets you use one gift box for many items large and small. You may also consider folding the handles down so the box can be used as a 'basket'. Your creativity is your guide and you can put styrofoam or shredded paper and pile on lots of 'gifts' on top and shrink wrap the whole thing into one moo-tuiful presentation.

The exact dimesions of this gift box are 7 inches long x 4 inches wide x 8 inches tall. If you include the handles in the moo-surement they are 11 inches tall.

NJ820 Gift BoxPrice .95 each
cow party gift satin bows
Holstein Gift Bows ! !
Gift wrap the easy way !

Cow-fordable gift bows turn any gift wrap into Holstein Gift Wrap !

Simple plain white or black wrapping papers turns moo-fashionable instantly when you put one of these very pretty Holstein Gift Bows on any gift. Go ahead.. wrap some boxes in white, some in pink and some in black.. but put one of these bows on each and every package. Moo will LOVE these.

An instant cow-lassic !

PE350 Gift Bow approx 5 inches wide Price .49 cents each / 6 bows for 2.74
cow party white holstein ribbon
Holstein Ribbon !
Mootiful !

Shear Holstein Spot Ribbon is 10 yards long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

Wrap up LOTs of presents, or make bows for boxes or baskets.

HA520 Shear ribbon 10 yds x 1.5" wide Price 7.95 per roll
cow party Holstein Ribbon
Holstein Ribbon !
Mootiful !

Shiny 'silky' Holstein Spot Ribbon in 3 yard lengths and 1 1/2 inches wide.

Wrap up LOTs of presents, or make bows for boxes or baskets.

BG220 Shiny ribbon 3 yards x 1.5" wide Price 2.95
cow party holstein pattern pink ribbon
Holstein 'Powder Pink' Ribbon !
Udderly Moo-tiful !!

Shiny 'soft powder' Holstein PINK Ribbon is 3 yards long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

Cow-bine it with the Holstein Ribbon above for an beautiful giftwrapping experience !.

BG230 Pink ribbon 3 yds x 1.5" wide Price 2.95
cow party reinforced cloth ribbon
Holstein 'Small Spot' Reinforced Ribbon !
Petite for all the little calves out there ! !!

This is wire reinforced ribbon so it is especially useful for tying odd shaped designs.

Two strands of wire run down each side so it is 'better qualty' if you happen to need it.

BG850 Reinforced ribbon 1 yard x 1" wide Price 2.95
cow velvet ribbon full roll
Holstein 'Wide Velvet" Ribbon !
Elegant. The nicest ribbon we have ever seen !

Very high quality with LOTS of stitching. It is soo nice we could not bring ourselves to cut it and sell by the yard. It's wire reinforced and may be used year after year.

JO510 Reinforced ribbon 10 yards x 4" wide Price 29.95
cow party print wide ribbon
Beautiful Cow Ribbon
Pasture Scene in VIVID Colors !

Great Quality Printed Ribbon

Designer Quality for Floral, Craft and Gift Decowration.

HV830 Whole roll 10 yards Price 19.95
cow party colored ribbon
Beautiful Cow Excellent Quality Ribbons in different widths and colors !
Imported from France! Finest Quality, 'Tightest Weave.'
Priced per linear foot: 1/4 inch ribbon 1.25 per foot / 1/2 inch ribbon 1.50 per foot / 1 inch wide ribbon 2.00 per foot
Select item, click BUY.. and change the number of foot in the in the left hand box if you need more than one foot of ribbon
Yellow Cow Ribbon Green Cow Ribbon Pink Cow Ribbon
PR721/2/3 PR731/2/3 PR741/2/3
cow gift baskets
Gift Baskets ! !
REAL cow baskets. Think of the party and gift ideas you can create. Tres moo !!

This is what moo have been waiting for.. REAL gift baskets with Holstein Spots !

Made of REAL Wood these are artisan hand painted. The wood is like those 'produce' baskets of 'yesteryear' which hold peaches and plums only they are painted very fashion-moo-bly.

Moo many uses to but list moo can be cow creative as moo wish with these ! The handle swivels, too !

BH450 Gift Basket approx 8" long x 5" wide x 4 " deep. Holds about a 'quart' of stuff. Price 5.95 ea./ 3 for 15.95
cow party stickers
Cow Party Stickers !
Kids LOVE stickers, and these are the smiliest, friendliest, prettiest cow stickers moo will ever see !! Each sheet contains approx. 8 stickers. They are trimmed in gold and sooooo cute. Moos them as inexpensive party favors kids will re-moo-ber your party for years to come !
KM420 Sheet of 7 - 8 little stickers approx. 3" x 5" Stickers may vary slightly from picture but they are all cute One sheet of stickers .49 ea. / 6 sheets for 2.90
big sheet cow stickers

Cow Stickers !

Look at





This is one very BIG sheet of Cow Stickers !  Each cow is a peel off stickers we counted over 30 stickers !!

These are a little more realistic than the party cows above, yet they are extemely cow-lorful so they will make a great party activity.

WU110 One Big Sheet 8" x 10" Lots of stickers 1.95 ea.
cow party toy standing figurines

Cow Figurines !

These are

high quality

resin !

My goodness what great looking cows to have at your party !! Two calves and Moo-Ma ! Pink udders and detailed trim hooves, too. Warning Choking hazard small parts Not for kids under 3.

EM160 One Package of Three Holsteins Price 5.95
cow party activity kit kids
Keep the Kids Active. 'By the Numbers' Play Sticks!

OK, this is a little different so let's describe in a little more detail.

The piece of paper has the outline of a COW. The 'sticks' are gooey and bendable and FUN !. Just press them where the numbers are on the paper and 'voila' you have a 'painting' of a cow. The sticks may be re-used over and over again, and you don't have to have a cow at all to use them (but it sure is more fun, don't moo agree?)

Keeps the kids busy for hours and it's CHEAP, too !

PR750 Six Sticks and One Numbered Sheet of Paper 6" x 8" Just .69 cents
cow party puzzle kids
Keep the party guests active. Moo-telligence required !

OK, this is a little different so let's describe in a little more detail.

The piece of wood is laser cut into 'essential' cow pieces. Instructions moo-cluded. Assemble to make a cow which moo wil be proud to keep on your desk. A little different for sure. If you have ever seen a similar items which assemble dinosaurs then moo will get the hang of it quickly. Somewhat of a bargain for a lasting piece of 'quality' design.

Keeps the folks busy for hours and it's CHEAP, too !

FI200 Wood. Assembly required 5" Just 1.95
cow party cowbell
Metallic Cow  Bell Novelty Noisemaker !
Party Herdy with our ding-a-ling cow bell noisemakers ! These are metal cow bells and you'll hear them loud and clear ( mostly loud ) when the whole herd starts to cel-cow-brate at the same time. Great fun and a souvenir, too !
KM450 3" Assorted Colors Price 1.95 ea. / 6 for 9.95

cow party favor cow tipping
Inflatable PARTY Cow Tipping KIT !
Well thats the end of all boredom, folks.. just blow up this inflatable cow and tip it over ( and over and over).
But wait that's not all it also moo-cludes a cow-mic Book ! Genius, simply genius !
JO830 Size Blow it up !Price 3.95
cow party temporary tatoo kids
Tempcow-ary Tatoo !
Temporary Moo Tatoo ! Just rub 'em on for about 30 seconds and the whole herd looks like the whole herd ! Mercifully they rub off, too. FUN ! Half the fun is rubbing them on eachother.

Kids go crazy over these one of moo's favorites for sure.

KM460 Size 2" Price .95 ea. / 12 for 4.95
cow party mooving eyes mylar balloon
M00-ving Eyes!

Holy Cow Another Birthday

Nice large 18" mylar bright blue balloon with yellow 'Holy Cow Another Birthday.' Yes, the cow's eyes wiggle and moo-ve !
KM365 18" Price 3.95
cow party biggest latex balloon
The BIGGEST Holstein Latex Ballon you have EVER Seen !!

BIG ! BIG like a COW !!!

Keep blowing it up - just when you thought you were out of breathe it gets BIGGER. We got ours to about a 26 inches round. Those of you who are full of hot air ( or smarter those who have an air pump ) can get it even bigger we are sure !
HR100 26 inch circumference give or take Price 5.95
cow party balloon teats
The Only cow balloon we have ever seen with 'teats.'
Somebody obviously grew up on a dairy farm to think of this idea !

Not quite 100 percent realistic but a very good moo-ve in the right direction. Relatively large about 8 inches long.

HR110 8 inch Price .59
cow party happy birthday balloon

Happy Birthday to Yoooo !

Five cool cows 'sing' Happy Birthday on a Silvered Mylar Balloon.
OC370 18" Price 1.95

cow party disney mylar balloon
Disney Cow Balloon
What kid doesn't love Mickey Mouse? This shiny Mylar balloon is from the Disney Moovie "Home on the Range.' Yeah, we never herd of it either but the balloon is pretty anyway.
NJ630 Size 18" Price 1.95
cow party mylar balloon valentines day

Heart Shaped Mylar !

You'll love to 'party till the cows come home' just put up this grand shiny red mylar balloon ! Western accent cows are wearing boots and dancing off to the hills and the cactus !
OC980 18" BEST SELLER !! WOW Price 1.95

cow party kissing mylar balloon
Let's Sm-ooo-ch Hologram Lips Mylar Balloon !
Cow-tastic !

Bright red heart shaped mylar balloon has Hologram Lips. Watch the lips change from lip shapes to "Kiss.' This is a not-so-subtle 'hint' to the one moo love ! If you really do get hitched because of this balloon please let us know !

ND630 Size 14" Price 4.49
cow party mylar heart balloon
Happy Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Lets Smooch Mylar Balloon !
Nothing says I Love Moo more than a heart shaped Valentines Day cow 'kissing' balloon !
NY111 16" nice sized Mylar Price 5.95 ea.
alt="cow party mylar face balloon"
HAPPY Smiling Cow Mylar Ballon !
She's all smiles and your party guests will smile, too ! LARGE ( just like a cow ) !
AJ100 30" LARGE sized Mylar Price 8.49 ea.
cow party hand held small helium balloon
Cow Cute Balloon is about the size of your head. !
We walk around with the ballon in front of our heads to 'hide' our human inner selves. Wish upon a star moo were a cow?? Sometimes we do too .
HR120 12" size Mylar Price 3.79 ea.
holy cow huge mylar balloon

HUGE Holy Cow Balloon

Holy Cow Another Birthday ! This HUGE Mylar Balloon is actually a lot more colorful in person. The party hat especially is very shiny and cowlorful. It WILL make moo smile it's a very funny ballon !
CL160 Size 41" Price 5.49
holy cow party mylar balloon
Holy Cow Mylar !
Matching Ballon Style to the huge ballon on the left.

Holy Cow - Another Birthday !

HA970 Size 18". Price 2.49
huge mylar cow party balloon
HUGE Mylar Smiling Cow !
Smiling HUGE Holstein with pink udders inflates to a wonderful 41inches! She'll brighten ANY bovine party !
CL470 Size 41" Price 8.49
inflatable 3D blow up party cow
Balloon Sized Inflatable !
It's not a balloon per se its a cow-dorable inflatable with inflated pink udders ! A relatively smaller inflatable about 12 inches wide.. it's about the size of a standard mylar balloon. Just wonderful moo will LOVE these at this price !
CL130 Size 12" Price 1.99 ea. 6 for 9.95
moving wind up party cow
The COOLEST cow EVER ! !
Moo - mazeing !
This cow has mooves better than any dancer ! NO Batteries ! Very e-cow-nomical just wind it up. Will definitely, positvely be the center of moo-traction at any party !
MS110 Cowlorful Plastic ! Size 6" Price 7.79
cow mardi gras beads party
MoodiGras Beads !
Who Dat? Dat's easy it's moo ! Full size 'Pearl' ( plastic ) beads with cow hanging on dat bottom.
WD100 Full sized Adult Beads Size 12" Price 3.79
cow kids party bracelet
Cow Bracelet !
Stunning ! Silvered ! Black and white Cow face in a silver heart ! An absolute BEST gift for any little cow girl / tweens / young teen
One of our absolute favorites ! Priced low so moo can get one for each and every guest ! One size fits all.. elastic bands go thru the beads so it s - t - r - e - t - c - h - e - s ! !
PO300 One Size really does fit all. Price 1.95 ea
cow wrist band rubber
Rubber Band Wrist Wristlet !
Oh, these 'wristlets' are just soooo 'in' these days !
Just wear 'em on our wrist - easy as that ! !
'Rubber Band' wristlets are FUN ! Re-usable over and over. Inexpensive and a plain old good time. A GREAT party item ! Pass 'em around and around !
BP300 Kids / Pre-teen / Young ladies 4" WOW PRICE just .39 each
cow party rubber wrist band
High Quality Silicone Rubber Band Wrist Wristlet !
High Quality ! Says MOO-VIN right on the wristband. FUN!
Just wear 'em on our wrist - easy as that ! !
Re-usable over and over. Inexpensive and a plain old good time. A GREAT party item ! Keep'em for the moo-mories !
BP300 Kids / Pre-teen / Young ladies 4" Price just .89 each
cow million dollar bills
MOO-lah ! A Million Cows Dollar !
Holy Cow it's M00-lah ! Excellent looking Million Dollar (sorry.. fake) bills !
It's not much of a party without Moo-lah! Pass'em around they're great for laughs for sure. Looks kind of like Moo-nopoly Funny Money !
BP310 Dollar bill size Big Spenda Price 10 for just 2.95
cow party squirt favor
Nice Quality vinyl Squeeze Cow is REALLY a Squirt Toy. It doesn't look like a squirter though, so it's easy to 'surprise' someone with a quick spritz !
Just place it under a running faucet and 'fill'er up' - then let the fun begin !
RH130 Three Inch Vinyl Squirt Sitter 2.95
cow party favor squirt toy
Smiling SQUIRT Toy !
Nice Quality vinyl Squeeze Cow is REALLY a Squirt Toy. It doesn't look like a squirter though, so it's easy to 'surprise' someone with a quick spritz !
Just place it under a running faucet and 'fill'er up' - then let the fun begin !
RH500 Three Inch Vinyl Squirt Sitter .95
cow chocolate milk slime party favor
Chocolate 'Slime' Milk
Well, it looks like one of those delicious chocolate milk containers from just about any school lunchroom.. but SURPRISE! This little cow is full of SLIME ! Ooey gooey SLIME is a lot of FUN !
What a great gag for moo party ! It's not milk... it's SLIME !
PF510 Standard Small Size Milk Container Package Price 99 cents !
Cow 'Slime' Milk
Cute little plastic cow has a SURPRISE ! Open it up and WOW .. the little cow is full of SLIME ! Ooey gooey SLIME is a lot of FUN !
What a great gag for moo party ! It's not milk... it's SLIME !
DD100 Plastic 4 inch tall cow with slime Price 99 cents

Cow Party Cake Candle

You know those nice large candles that you put in the middle of a very special cake ?

Well this is it just cow-tastic !

NO270 3" Tall Thick Wax Candle Price 1.95

cow party candle barn
Birthday Candle Cake Topper !
This Cow is in the barn ! Cow Cute ! The little cow is here to help celebrate moo birthday !
Happy Birthday to Moo !
PR370 Size 4"WOW !!! Price just .95
cow tissue gift wrap paper
Cow Tissue Paper
Very large sheets of highest quality tissue paper for any use at all. Line the inside of a gift box or party bag, or just cut'em down to smaller sizes and wrap up goodies in them they are very mooseful for any party event !
KM910 Large Tissue Paper Sheets 20 " x 30 " Price 5 sheets for 1.95 / Price 10 sheets for 2.95 / 25 sheets for 7.95
Cow Assorted Colors Tissue Paper
Very large sheets of highest quality tissue paper in assorted colors ! Your choice of of blue, purple, orange and yellow ! Cel-moo-brate any moo-casion in moo-ti-ful colors !
FC580 Color Tissue Paper Pack 20 " x 30 " Price 10 sheets for 3.95
cow pop up gift wrap decoration
Pop UP Cows Gift Wap Decoration
The ULTIMATE in gift wrap decor !

Extremely unique yet very easy to assemble. Stick on any gift box to make the ultimate gift presentation or give it as a gift itself ! Beautifully packaged!

SN310 5" Price 2.95
cow print small beverage party napkin
Smaller beverage sized Cow Napkins
Colorful as coloful can be smaller bevaeage sized napkins make moo smile.

FUN napkins - YEE-HAA !

WU230 5" Square Pack of 16 Price just 99 cents !
cow print daisy  napkins
Smaller Coctail Daisy Cow Napkins
Matching Coctail Napkins

Classic and classy.

GC850 5" Square Pack of 20 Price 4.75
cow print luncheon daisy napkins
Daisy Cow Napkins
Soft pastel colors bring a touch of 'class' to the table. Suitable for everyday use too not 'just party,' Pack of 20 LARGE paper lunch napkins.
FC720 8" Square Price 4.95
cow over moon napkins
C.O.W.S. Cute Old Women 'Sipping' Napkins
Sharing the good times, one cow says' I'll have a cowsmopolitain and the stud over there ! LOL - these cute old women are somethin' else !
HV410 5" Square Pack of Twenty Price 2.95
cute old wonen cow shopping party napkins
Cute Old Women Shopping Cocktail Napkins
She's looking in the mirror and says 'Does this make my rump look big?' We can relate !

Pack of 20 cocktail sized napkins.

HV420 5" Square Pack of Twenty Price 2.95
cute old women party golf napjins
Cute Old Women Golf Napkins !
Golf themed napkins ! Cute Old Women ( (C.O.W.S) playing golf and cow-plaining their hooves are killing them ! Nicely packaged for gift giving, too.
PO390 Pack of 20 Cocktail/Beverage Sized Smaller Napkins Price 2.95
cute old women party humor napkins
Cute Old Women Beverage/Coctail Sized Napkins !
These Cute Old Women have an 'edgey' sense of humor ! Napkin sez 'do you think her teats are real ?' Yeah, it really sez that. Nicely packaged for gift giving, too.
PO490 Pack of 20 Cocktail/Beverage Sized Smaller Napkins Price 2.95

milk cow party napkins
Milk Makes me fly...Napkins
We have these beautiful luncheon size napkins - very original !
WU120 8" Square Package of 20 Price 4.95
cow moo party napkins
Moo Napkins
A very special napkin. Moo may use it for party but it is also suited to a very nice dinner party. Very special a rare 'find.' Pack of twenty imported from Europe.
NJ 860 8" Square Price 4.95
I wanna party cow napkins
Whimsical Napkins
Cows with attitiude.

Wanna party ?

Pack of 20 lunch napkins.

NJ870 8" Square WOW !!!!!Price 2.95

Excellent Quality. 'Pleasing' look !

One of our finest napkins. Just look at those cows by the fence - don't they make you moo relaxed ?

TV240 Pack of 20 Luncheon Napkins 4.95 ea.

cow elsie party napkin
Pasture Pleasing Design
JElegant coctail sized napkins

Beautiful design. Its rare to find such a beautiful napkin in coctail size

Enjoy !

BG502 Coctail pack of 20 Price 4.95
cow elsie party napkin
Absolutely beautiful

It's ART ! Soo pretty you could hang it on our wall.

It just happens to be printed on psper so it also may be used as a napkin. I guess you can tell we LOVE it!!! Moo will LOVE it too !.

BG490 Luncheon pack of 20 Price 4.95
cow color party napkin
We searched high and low and we found them !! Beautiful EXTREME color napkins in four styles !

Liven up ANY party !!

WOW !!

RL400 Dinner Napkins pack of 20 Price 3.95
cow party music note napkin
These are napkins not sound recording but moo can almost 'hear' the moo-sic when you see these bold bright moo-sic notes on this mooti-ful cow.

Liven up ANY party !!

Coming AND going we have you covered !

RL410 Dinner Napkins pack of 20 Price 3.95
cow party colorful napkin
Cow-lor-ful ! !!
This VERY bright gal has a flower in her mouth !

Liven up ANY party !!

Coming AND going we've got moo cow-vered !

RL420 Dinner Napkins pack of 20 Price 3.95
polka dot cow party napkin
Yellow Polka Dot Cow !
This cow has been 'redisgned' from Holstein spots to Polka Dots !


Coming AND going we've got moo cow-vered !

RL420 Dinner Napkins pack of 20 Price 3.95
cow party napkin holder
Napkin Holders for paper napkins !
A very unique napkin holder. Place any paper napkin in back of this cow for a very cow-lassy yet 'party fun' touch for your moo-fair.
PR600 4" High Price .39

pin the tail on the cow party
Pin the Tail on the COW !
Well, not much to say except moo probably won't find a bigger bargain anywhere for moo party !

Moo - cludes 8 tails.. yes up to 8 can play !! Large Size Poster for all to see.. just tape temporarity or thumbtack to any wall !

Just a blindfold and spin is all it takes.. moo will get 'crazy' with laughter !

Keep moo digital video ca-moo-ra ready there are going to be lots of moomories !

SN180 36 " x 30" Poster includes 8 tails Price 2.95
cow party costume mask
Headband /BowTie / CowTail Set of 3 !
Wow ! Cow-stume Party like a cow !

We worked our tail off to get this Cowtail Cow-stume Set !

Cow Cute ! The cow headband is great all by itself, but moo also ge a bowtie and a tail !

Moo kids will LOVE these bring moo camoora !

RH100 Set of Heaband / Bowtie/ Tail / One Set Price 2.95
cow costume party western hat
Texas Style Party Cowboy Hat with a more realistic look.
This is a REAL looking Cowboy Hat !

A party hat ! It has the look and feel of far more expensive hats. costing hundreds of dollars ! Party down Texas style moo will Love it.

Your friends WILL take it off your head and try it on, too !

NY170 REAL Cowboy Hat Price 14.95
ladies cow party hat drawstring
Ladies Felt Drawstrimg Party Hat
One of the nicest hats we have ever seen at this price!!!!!

Moo-tiful !!! Get the whole party dressed up in this wonderful drawstring ladies Western Cow Hat CHEAP !!!If Moo are a real CowGril - or just a party animal who loves cows as much as we do - then wear one of these excellent quality felt ladies drawstring party hats at moo next event

These are shiny, glossy hats. They are very fashionable not just 'throw aways' at all. They are inexpensive but they don't look it !

Moo will look very MOO ! A COWDEPOT Moo-clusive !!!!!!

PE380 Ladies Drawstring Cowboy Hat Price 2.95
ladies big cow party hat
Ladies BIG Party Hat
Holy Cow a Hat almost as Big as a Cow !.

Floppy 'fimsy' cow-struction with Pink ears and horns with a feathered trim, too. MOO are READY to PARTY Till the Cows Come Home.!!

LIghtweight felt dare we even say 'flimsy' it's a PARTY hat not a garment. Inexpensive FUN !

Moo will look very MOO !

UM250 Ladies BIG felt PARTY Hat Cowboy Hat Price 6.95
cow mooing party hat
Adult Size Mooing Party Hat
Here's the news - it Moos ! Just great fun, put it on and have a great time !
SN610 One size fits most adults Price 7.95
cow party hat
Cow Party Hat
Hat's on to Moo !
WIDE ribbed 'festive' velvet hat is GREAT for parties till the cows come home !
PA280 Price 2.95
light up party cow hat
Mooing Glowing Eyes Party Hat
cow music
FUN cow party hat with cow bell . Squeeze it 'cause this hat Moo's and has glowing red eyes. Cool !
OC600 Price 7.95
cow print bandana
Bandana !
Full Sized cotton Holstein Bandana puts the 'cow' in cowboy or cowgirl !

These are fun amigos!

Cow-fordable, too.

OC610 Price 2.95
cow shotglass party
Cow Head Shot Glass !
What a cow-tas-tic 'shot' glass ! The head of this cow extends out from the glass by quite a ways. The head is soo big moo may use it as a 'handle' when cow-suming moo-co-holic beverages !
CL360 Price 4.95
kids cow party mask
Little Kids Cow Mask
Let's play !
Soft little mask has a nice elastic band to fit most any kid. Gues who... it's MOO ! Get one for everyone at this blowout price !
WD110 Fits most any kid Price 1.95
cow party mask supplies
Cow Mask BEST VALUE !!!
They won't know who moo are !Very nice quality thin plastic cow face mask. At this price get one for everybody at the party !
Moo never looked soo cow-dorable.
BZ120 Fits most anyone over 12 years old to adult CHEAP !! Price just .95
cow party beer holder
Udderly Cool Can Holder ! Moo-freshing !
Moo won't find anudder can holder quite like it ! Fits any standard 12 ounce can.
Made of Neoprene - that's 'wet suit' moo-terial so it WILL keep your beverage icy cold ! Check out that udder on the bottom. Bottoms Up this is udderly refereshing !
CF470 Fits Standard 12 oz cans Price 1.95
cow bottle insultor
Moo-raculous Bottle Cow-ver Fits ANYTHING !
Knitted kinda sorta like a sock. We've tried it on just about ANY bottle or can and it fits EVERYTHING from a 12 ounce beer can (fold the top down) to a 2 liter Coke Bottle ! Moo name works !
Spill a beer on it? NO problem just throw it in the wash and re-moo-se over and cow-ver again.
JO470 Stretches fits everything 7.95
cow plush party hat
Cow Plush Party Cap
It's a visor that velcro ties in the back so 'one size fits all.'
PA360 - One Size Fits All - Price 1.95
cow party headband mask set
Headband and Eye-Nose Cow Mask Set
Be the life of the party with this horned headband and cow eye-nose mask with elastic strap.

Suitable for older kids - even teens or young/small adults.

WU150 Elastic Mask abd Headband Price 2.95
cow mooing mask
Mooing Cow Mark
cow party decorations
Interesting design.... sort of looks like those masks in the Broadway play CATS ( wish it were COWS)..

Anyhow moo can see thru this and be seen ( sort of ). Press the nose and hear the good moos til the cows come home !

HV310 Mooing Half Mask Price 7.95
udder mug cow
It's Not Just Anudder Mug !
Get nosey at the party with this udder mug !

Classic Holstein Print Ceramic Mug Turns into a REAL cowverstaion mug when moo tip it !

UE120 Standard Size Ceramic Quality Mug Price 3.95
cow makeup party kids
Moo Makeup Kit - Paint your face !
Oh my goodness have you ever seen the kids go 'crazy' at a party putting make up on ( or having it applied ) to their most moo-tiful face ? What a BIG bargain. Hours of fun for very little moo-ney.

Also, this make up kit includes a cow nose ! Whether for a Broadway Moosical, Halloweeen or anytime else at all just bring moo cam-moo-ra. Have a cow makup contest what fun ! Face painting is just sooo pop-moo-lar ! Cheap enough to get one for every kid at the party!

CF400 Black Pink White Yellow Makeup includes applique and NOSE !! Price 1.95
cow costume party nose
Rubber Cow Nose !
Oh my goodness you DO look like a cow !

This is one moo of a party item ! Put this nose on your nose ! Breathe through your mouth and shout Moo as you do it !!! Cowpletely entertaining make moo feel like one of the herd.

CF410 4 inch Rubber Nose with Elastic Band Price 2.95
beer can insulator zipper cow
Long Neck/ 12 ounce Cow Zippy
It's your drink ! Protect it with moo cow Zippy !

Insulated 'wet suit' like moo-terials keep your beverages cold !

Zip it up for protection and slowly unzip it as the night goes on.

Moo will LOVE these moo should never enjoy another beer without one !

ND220 - Fits all Long Neck/ 12 oz. Bottles - Price 1.95 each / Six Pack 9.95 eaxh
cow glass party topper
Drink Topper !
O.K., right up front we're going to admit it took us 1/2 hour to figure out what this is. It sure is pretty, seems like it is excellent quality... atrractively packaged, too - but what is it ? Our best guess (without reading the label) is that it's a sink stopper... and that's probably where they go the idea from. Well - surprise's a drink GLASS topper. Now, if moo are having an outdoor party and don't like flies, hay or general debris in moo drinks, then this is it! A definite cow-verssatio oiece. Excellent quality - will last for years !

Just put it on moo glass. Flexible silicone 'naturally' sticks TIGHT so NO flies !

MD280 Flexible Silicone / Dishwasher Safe Price 5.95
cow hat foam party
Holstein Fun Party Hat
Keep this Party Hat around for years to come - this is a 'quality' hat. Super Cute head is just the beginning. A 'full length' body with 4 legs and tail surrounds your head whether you're coming or going. Made of nice quality foam moo-teial it is very lightweight and easy to wear. Moo-justable too one size fits all !
FC520 Foam Full head Holstein Party Hat Price 9.95
cow glitter party hat
Cow Horn Party Hat
Oh my goodness this is cow-outrageous. Plush Velour full sized party hat with big brown horns lets'em know you're set to party till the cow come home !
KG130 - One Size Fits All - Price 5.95
M!--Pooping JellyBean Plastic Cow -->
cow pinata
PINudder !
A Pinata with udders ! There's no better way to Cel-moo-brate any festive occasion.. espcially for the kids ! NIce Big Pinata makes it easy to smack this around !
DO130 Size 15" long Price 16.95
cow party lights
Blinking Cow Party Lights !
The best cow parties have cow party lights !

These are just the best. String of eight cows ( there are five cows pictured here but you'll get a string of eight ) blink on and off every few seconds.

The whole string of lights is about 6 feet long. Also, they are cow-pletely moo-tachable.. so you may literally string them along as much as you wish. Individually they add a wonderful touch to any room... but you may string them along any fence, yard or tent. Wrap 'em around poles or even hang'em by the pool.

Get as many as moo wish we have lots of them !

NO680 String of 10 blinking cow lights approx. 6 feet long Price 19.95
cow party table covers
Card Table / Folding Table / Table Cover
It just doesn't get any more moo than this! Add life to any cow party with our Holstein Table Covers.

These are quality table covers with felt backing and washable shiny surfaces. They are NOT 'throw aways.' You may moos them over and over for years and years.

NO900 Card Table Size 54" x 54" Price 3.95

NO910 Folding Table Size 96" x 54" Price 7.95

NO911 Folding Table Size whole roll 15 YARDS LONG ! 540" x 54" Price 29.95

cow throw away table cloth
'Throw Away' Table Cover

If moo are having a indoor party and do not intend to use these again, this inexpensive throw away table cover will add to the party mood.

These are 72" x 54" and suitable for a small table just larger than a card table. We want to say right up front that if you need to use these outdoors this is NOT the tablecover for you. These are quite 'flimsy' no thicker than a Hefty bag. They are made of very thin plastic and will blow away in the slightest breeze.

Having said that, if you are just planning a small indoor party for the kids they are shiny and cow-tastic !

ND230 Card Table Size 72" x 54" Price 1.95

cow lollypop
Pink Cow Lollipop !

An 'extra special party favor.'

Excellent quality and moo- licious ! But wait .. there's more ! Lollipop has a plush pink cow on it! When you're done eating the lolli moo may savor the moo-mor-ies by keeping the pink cow as a gift!

Really neat plush, too. Give it a squeeze the hands and hooves clip and wrap around anything and the little cow stays in place !

Little things mean a lot at party time your guests will go ga-ga ( we mean moo-moo ) over these !

AS200 5" long price 3.95 each
cow lollypop
Blue Cow Lollipop !

An 'extra special party favor.'

Excellent quality and moo- licious ! But wait .. there's more ! Lollipop has a plush blue cow on it! When you're done eating the lolli moo may savor the moo-mor-ies by keeping the blue cow as a gift!

Really neat plush, too. Give it a squeeze the hands and hooves clip and wrap around anything and the little cow stays in place !

Little things mean a lot at party time your guests will go ga-ga ( we mean moo-moo ) over these !

MD270 5" long price 3.95 each
cow kids little ice cream spoon
Kids Cow Handle Ice Cream Spoons !

If moo are having a party you are probably serving ice cream.

Have we got a treat for moo ! These are spoons.. not ice cream scoops but ice cream spoons.

There isn't a kid at any party that doesn't need a spoon for ice cream. These spoons are cow-dorable ! They will be around for YEARS after the party.

Cow handle ice cream spoons are very functional extremely high quality spoons. .. dishwasher safe, too.

Little things mean a lot at party time your guests will go ga-ga ( we mean moo-moo ) over these !

ND300 5" long price just 2.95 each

cow dice party game
Can Dice Game
What's a party without some games? Let everyone play our cow dice game. Simple instructions included. Hours of cow-riffic fun !
WN110 Cow Dice Game Price 4.95

cow brainteaser party puzzle
Brainteaser Party Puzzle !
Cow Challenge ! Just a nine piece jigsaw puzzle.. so it's easy ( WRONG !) One of the toughest challenges you will ever face at a cow party ! Get the whole herd together and see if you can figure it out !
BP900 Nine 4 inch squares Price just 7.95
cow party insulated beer cooler
Cow Can Insulaters
Oh, when you hand out soda pop to the kids let'em wrap these little insulted Holstein spot can grippies around them. Puts everyone a moo-riffic party feeling !

Also fits beer cans, beer bottles, even little juice packs. Get'em by the bunches and keep'em by the cooler they really add to the party feeling!

WN100 - Pack of 6 Can Holders - Price 2.95

cow drawstring backpack
Fashionable Cotton Drawstring Backpack
Party Favor Delux !

Ond of the "hottest" items we have ever had. These are soooo pop-moo-lar. Not a throw away at all moo kids and young teens will LOVE this and "USE this every single day. This whole 'genre' of drawstring backpacks are sooo 'hip' - but moo will only find this Holstein Back Pack at CowDepot and no place else at all.

Best for older kids/pre-teens/young teens. Lightweight cotton. Moo-ti-ful !

BH280 Holds a bunch of stuff about a 'gallon' jug size backpack Price 3.95 ea. / 3 for 9.95
singing cow party puppet
Singing Party Puppet
Put your hand in this fun puppet. Mooves it's mouth and it sings "moo moo moo!'

Cow-tastic !

MP230 10" Batteries Required Batteries Not Moocluded Price 7.95

Happy Birthday Porcelain Cow
What a GREAT gift for anyone who is celebrating an-udder birthday. This birthday cow comes ready to party with a party hat ! It's also a bank. It's 'pretty big' about 12 inches long and wide too ! It can easily be used as a 'centerpiece' for any table. Moo-tiful and a BARGAIN !
MA829 10" Tall Price 14.95
Happy Birthday Porcelain Cow Bank
What a GREAT gift for anyone who is celebrating an-udder birthday. This birthday cow comes ready to party with a party hat ! It's also a bank. It's 'pretty big' about 12 inches long and wide too ! It can easily be used as a 'centerpiece' for any table. PARTY Herdy !
AM510 10" Tall Price 29.95
WAY COOL Somersaulting Wind Up Cow !
You'll flip out for this party cow !

The life of the party !

Wind her up and she bends forward, then lo and behold she does a backflip somersault ! Wind her up and she'll do it again no batteries so she'll keep flip'in over and over and over !

Cow-lympics her she comes !

TV480 about 4 inches tall Price 3.99 each / 3 flipping cows for 10.00
WAY COOL Wind UpWalking Cow !
This party cow keeps moo-ving !

The life of the party !

Wind her up and she'll mosey on down your table top !

Walking is great excercise wind yourself up, too !

LG730 about 4 inches long Price 3.99 each / 3 walking cows for 10.00
old fashioned cow party favor
Double Jointed Wooden Toy Party Favor
Blast from the past !

Re-moom-ber these ??

Use your fingers and press the bottom of these wooden party favors for hours of fun and play! These are NOT 'throw aways' moo may keep them 'forever' the fun never stops!

Inexpensive, too... so get one or everyone !

TV790 Size 4" tall Price 2.99 ea
Smaller Cow Porcelain Birthday Party with votive!
She's ready to help give you an udderly FABULOUS Birthday ( that's what it say on the cow.) Party herdy !

Unlike any udder party porcelain this sassy gal also has a votive 'candle' on her back ! A birthday cow with it's own candle ! Moo light up my life !

YK800 Size 6" long Colorful Porcelain FUN Price 2.95
cow porcelain rose
I Love U with Roses Cow
If moo are having a party for the one moo love, this is a moo-ti-ful present which wil be most cow-pre-ciated.

"Gorgeous' Cow with pink frilled hair has roses on her back and I love Moo on her side. Dress for success !

MP200 Size 8" long Shiny gloosy Porcelain Price 9.95
cow keychain squeezie
Squeezie Keychain Cow Party Favor
Everyone has keys. Now everyone at your party can have a cow squeezie keychain. An inexpensive and cute party favor !
PA410 Size 3" long Price 1.95 ea./ 6 for 9.95/ 12 for 14.95
cow kazoo
Moo Kazoo !
Moo and your party pals will have way too much fun with this one little moo-sical gadget. Play it and belt out moo tunes all day and all night long!
KM970 4" Kazoo Price 1.95
cow statue hereford
'Resting' Hereford Cow
Nicely detailed Resin !

A great 'table decoration to 'set the mood.' May also be used a 'party favors.' We don't have all that many Herefords, so this may be what moo are looking for !


LG610 Four Inch Resin Price 3.69 ea.
cow hereford statue
Standing Hereford Cow
Nicely detailed Resin !

A great 'table decoration to 'set the mood.' May also be used a 'party favors.' We don't have all that many Herefords, so this may be what moo are looking for !


LG620 Four Inch Resin Price 3.69 ea.
holstein statue
'Resting' Holstein Cow
Nicely detailed Resin !

A great 'table decoration to 'set the mood.' May also be used a 'party favors.' A sturdy piece which may be used 'after the party' and for years to come !


LG630 Four Inch Resin Price 3.69 ea.
Holstein Squeezie
MOOing Squeezie !!
Add 'instant cow' to any cow party ! Great PRICE, too !

Moo-tuiful and 'joyful.' What a great decowration for the table. Lasts YEARS after the party is over. Great for arthritic hands,too !

Wanna have some FUN? Get some Mooing Squeezies LOTS of party ideas / door prizes , etc come to mind. .. ) Moo-sical chairs, anyone? Play 'pass the squeezie' till the moosic stops - moo-ing squeezie holder leaves the game...oh moo can think of LOTS of party games !!!

TS600 4 inch MOOING Squeezable Soft Foam Price 3.95 ea.
cow squeezie keychain
Squeezie Keychain!
Excellent Quality !

Just agreat keychain moo will be proud to use ! Give'em out as party favors ( or keep 'em for moo self ! )!


TS700 Two inch Cow Price 1.69 ea.
cow party football
Four Inch Foam Football
Safe play for the whole gang !

Just moo-riffic for any kids party. Throw these footballs and don't worry.. they are soft foam they'll bounce right off of just about anything.

Buy a few of them cow kids love to play !

PE510 4 inch Soft Foam Price 1.49
Sports Cows !! Football, Soccer and Baseball 'Players'
Not a herd but a team !

Set of Four vinyl 'squeezie' sports guys cows.' Each one is different and they

are about 2 inches tall..

They look like winners for moo party !

BH220 Set of four Two inches Tall Price 1.95 per set

cow party sticky favor
Sticky Cows !!!
What Fun !!

These are VERY sticky soft squishy but sticky cows. Throw them across the room and on to a window.. and watch them 'stick' to the window. The best part though is after they 'stick' and gravity sets in.. they 'ooze down' the window turning over and over again.

Too cool they're cheap enough get lots of 'em !

WU290 Set of 3 3" very sticky Price just 1.99 !!
cow party grabber
CowGrabber !
Grab this grab that but grab it with a cow head grabber !

Your imagination is your guide on things to grab ! This will pick up any lightweight smaller object and moove it to anudder location !

LG310 Approx. ten inches long Price 3.95
cow party grabber
MOOOOO !!!!!!! !
Looks like a pint of milk but WRONG !! Turn it upside down and it goes MOOOOOOOO !!!!!

AM380 Pint Sized ! Price 3.95
cow party visor
Party Holstein Visor
What a FUN party visor ! Moo will love these little visors. They are lightweight yet durable. Your guests will love to take them home. Lasts for years of daily use when the party's over !
KM750 Durable Foam Visor Price 2.95
cow party visor
Blue Party Visor
Look at all these cow-mical cows hanging around on top of your head ! Great for the boys in the crowd this blue visor will put all the kids in a FUN mood !
KM780 Durable Foam Visor Price 1.95
cow party hat visor
Pasture Green Party Visor
Green is great party cow color !

Pasture Green Cute Cow Visor has daisies and cow print. Party or just mow the lawn in this it's great !

PE180 Durable Foam Visor Price 1.95
cow over the hill cup
Mooing Talking Over the Hill Holy Cow Plush
Give it a little squeeze if moo dare. You'll hear 'Moooo.. Holy Cow Yer Old.. and Mooooo -vin S l o w.'

How 'bout that for a cow with attitude 1222?

If moo know somone who is 'OVER THE HILL' there is no better Over the Hill Gift !

NJ880 5" Talking Plush Price 4.95
cow over the hill birthday card
Over the Hill Card
It's your birthday again.. but don't worry you're still as attractive youthful and vibrant as any other old person your age !
ND640 Standard Sized Greeting Card Price .95
cow yer old key chain birthday
Holy Cow Yer Old Mooing Key Chain

Add insult to injury as the years go by !

Give it a little squueze - it somwhat sarcastically moos and then says 'Holy Cow Yer Old.'

A thoughful gift for those you love !

LG180 4" Mooing Key Chain Price 2.95 ea.
cow birthday old mug
Holy Cow Yer Old 'OVER THE HILL' MUG

Well, this is pretty cool.

It an-udder mug that says 'Hold Cow Yer OLD'

Fortunately it is a real mug... so it wil hold moo-freshments (some of which have been distilled almost as long as the recipient of this entertaining gift) !

BP630 6" tall Porcelain Nice Graphics 4.95 ea.
cow old lady birthday card
C.O.W.S. ( Cute OLD Women Stuff ) Birthday Cards !

A Birthday Card for those sassy sexy old women !

Two 'old women' on cover sipping cows-moo-pol-itans !

HA360 5" tall Includes Envelope One Old Lady Birthday Card Price 1.95 / Pack of Five Old Lady Birthday Cards 4.95
cow birthday card cute old women
C.O.W.S Birthday Card

Oh, these crafty 'old ladies' are out to wish moo a Happy Birthday.

What a Hoot ! Inside of the card says "You still look udderly devine !"

C.O.W.S ( Cute Old Women Shopping ) Stuff is the BEST !

GR180 Approx, 3 x 5" Includes Envelope Price 1.95 ea.
cow birthday card
Beautiful Embossed Birthday Card

If moo are looking for a very nice, most excellent quality 'appreciative' birthday card.. we humbly suggest you get this one. It's a cow-tastic birthday card !

What a beautiful card ! Says 'Celebrate till the cow come home and have yourself an udderly wonderful birthday !

BP280 Approx, 6 x 4" Includes Envelope Price 3.95 ea.
cow belated birthday card
Belated Birthday Card

If moo need a belated birthday card, this is the card for moo !

What a beautiful card. These are NOT mass produced. Hand made graphics from Cow-lifornia. About as 'personal' as it gets without making the card moo-self. They'll 'forget that you forgot' - this card is sooo mootiful!

CC170 Approx, 5 x 3" Includes Envelope Price 3.95 ea.
cow belated birthday card
Moo-sterical Happy Birthday Card !

AGE doesn't matter... unless you are a cheeese !!

What a beautiful card. Gorgeous Vivid Graphics FUNNY !!!

SK970 Approx, 6 x 5" Includes Envelope Price 2.95 ea.
cow belated birthday card
Milk Lover's Happy Birthday Card !

Birthday Rule #1... Milk it for all it's Worth !!

What a beautiful card. Gorgeous Vivid Graphics FUNNY !!!

FT290 Approx, 6 x 5" Includes Envelope Price 2.95 ea.
cow belated birthday card
Cow-mi-cal Happy Birthday Card !

It's Your Birthday... Got Cake ??

What a beautiful card. Gorgeous Vivid Graphics FUNNY !!!

SK990 Approx, 6 x 5" Includes Envelope Price 2.95 ea.
cow western kids party bag
Kids Drawstring Party Gift Bag
Happy Birthday, Pardner ! Western motiff Hi Gloss highest quality 'shopping bag' style gift bags have lots of uses. Hand one out the the birthday girl or boy they make a fine presentation for sure !
FC460 12" wide WOW PRICE !!! .99 each
cow over the hill party bag
Over the Hill Bag
If someone you know is having yet an-udder bithday perhaps the gift moo select should be delivered in this very large highest quality hi gloss 'shopping bag' drawstring quality gift bag.

Yes, it does say 'Herd you were over the Hill.'

FC470 18": wide WOW !!!!! Price .99
cow dairy party bag
Classic Dairy Farm Shopping Bag
Large darker red colored gloss shopping bag says' World's Finest Dairy Farm Butter and Cream' and features, of course, a large cow. If moo love dairy or dairies this bag is for moo!
NY180 NIce Large Bag 18" tall 12" wide WOW !!!!! .99 each
cow kids cookie cutter
Cow Kids Cookie Cutter !

A party favor they'll keep for years !

This cookie cutter is made for kids. It has a little handle built in so it is easy to cut the cookie dough.

Saves you lots of dough, too. They are smaller than our kitchen cookie cutters so they're kid sized and priced right.

Get several as party favors kids love'em !

NY610 4" Cookie Cutter with recipe tag Price 2.75 ea.
cow little mmoo bookmarks
Little Moo Bookmarks !
What's this ?

This is very uniqque. It is just the most cow-dorable bookmark. Little Moo's arms hang over the page so it is the cutest bookmark moo will ever see. Made of hi quality sturdy vinyl. and printed in vivid colors ! The back side has a to and from 'gift card' so they make wonderful gifts. This Little Moo bookmark say's Let's Party so, of course, we put it in our Party.section.. but we have LOTS of other designs in our Moo-nique section, too !

MP950 Price 1.95 ea.
cow little moo bookmarks
Tee Shirts ! LOOK... Cow TEE Shirts Priced LOW !!!
cow tee shirts
Tee Shirts ! !
Holy Cow it's Super Moo !

Moo will look GREAT in this Super Cow Shirt ! Cotton, washable Tee Shirt small/medium /large /Xtralarge !

MP400 All Cotton White Tee Price 7.95 ea.
cow tee shirt transfer
cow girl tee shirt transfer
CowGirls Tee Shirt !
Call'in All CowGirls !

This is the REAL DEAL. If moo are a CowGirl (and moo know who are) this is IT ! We highly re-cow-mend you git one for each and every Cowgirl moo know.

PR610 All Cotton Tee Price 7.95 ea.
cowgirl tee shirt
Cow Parade Tee Shirt
Flower Cow / Cow Parade !

Cow Parade Cows are soo pop-moo-lar.. but we have never seen a tee shirt with one anywhere else at all ! Flower Power Cow ! ( yup, cows do help flowers grow, don't they ? )

MP560 All Cotton Tee Shirt Price 7.95 ea.
cow parade tee shirt
udderly beautiful cow tee shirt
Udderly Beautiful Tee Shirt
Cows and Roses !

All Cows are Udderly Beautiful - you know that ! Let the rest of the world share in your joy and satisfaction by wearing this udderly beautiful tee shirt !

TS100 All Cotton Tee Shirt Price 7.95 ea.
udderly cow tee shirt
Cow Collector Tee Shirt
Cows Collector !

Our BEST cow-stomers are cow collectors ! In appreciation of your wonderful cow collecting skills we are offering this tee shirt for just 5.00 ! Moo won't be disappointed at this price !

TS150 All Cotton Cow Collector Tee Shirt Price 5.00 ea.
cow tee shirt days
'Crappy' Tee Shirt
Gonna Be One of Those Days !

Everyone has one of these days ! When you feel your mood is swinging that way, just wear one of these to make moo laugh !

TS110 All Cotton Tee Shirt Price 7.95 ea.
cow print party tee shirt
White Party Plush Cow
Nice quality / Great Price!

Way moo cute !

She's got a big smile, a pink mouth and Holstein spots ! Check out that fringed yellow scarf and her black and white tail, too ! We have NICER stuff !

Approximately 10 inches wide

NM100 one for 2.49 each / 3 for 5.95
Wow... Party Plush Priced Right !

These are NOT 'cheap' plush cows ! Each one is about 10 inches wide. There are very nice quality moo will LOVE them especially at this great price !

cow cheap party plush
Red Party Cow
.ND350 Price 3.99 ea ND370 Price 3.99 ea
cow party inexpensive plush
Holstein Party Plush Cow
Nice quality / Great Price!

Way moo cute !

She's got a big smile, a pink mouth and Holstein spots ! Dangling arms are ready to give you a hug ! Moo will be most pleased with her....she's prettier in 'person' than in her picture ! Soft. Cuddly. We have NICER stuff !

Approximately 8 inches tall

M0110 one for 5.95 each / 3 for 14.95
cow webkinz plush toy
Cow Party Plush
Genuine Webkinz / Genuine Bargain

As low as 3.95 Moo cannot beat this DEAL.

Webkinz code goes to Webkinz site so have FUN Cuddly and Cute !

Approximately 8 inches long

SS680 one for 5.95 each / 3 for 5.45 ea / 6 for 4.95 ea. / 12 for 3.95 each
cow long legs plush
Long Legs Plush
She's 'interesting.' Not only does she have those Betty Grable Legs, but they help her 'balance' on table's edge. Cool ! Cheap, too !
EM600 8" Price 5.95
little holstein plush cow party favor></td>
								<td >
									<table border=
Little Holstein Plush
She's CUTE! Small and cow-fordable... the 'idea' party favor !
JO390 4" Price 3.95
singing cow toy musical moves
Dancing Singing Ladies Night Plush Cow

Oh yes she sings Ladies Night !

This gal's the life of the party !!

Really she is quite a performer both excellent at singing and dancing !

Could go on either American Idol or Danc'in with the Stars she's that good !

SN200 Approx 12" tall ! Price 29.95
Crazy Moo-na-tic Mad Cow Plush

The 'life' of the party !

Just 'press' the hand this gal goes bee-zerk-o ! Vibrates er-rat-tic-ly and makes naughty, evil moo sounds.

Got to have it ! Battery moo-perated, battery moocluded !

PR310 Approx 9" tall ! Price 19.95
singing cow kung foo fighting plush
COW Karate Kung Fu Fighter !

Dancing Kung Fu Cow deserves a black belt for these moo-ves !

Singing Dancing Crazy kind of Karate Cow. We'll get the mooves on the web so moo may see them soon, but moo will not be disappointed if moo get this for the Martial Arts Fans in moo fa-moo-ly.

Cow-rat-e Plush. Battery moo-perated (battery NOT moocluded )

XM600 Approx 10" tall ! Price 19.95
animated cow plush
Besame Mucho Singin Dancin Cow-lassy Senorita Cow !

Sings Dances in Spanish !!

She's got Pearls and a Bow in her hair and she is incredibly animated ! She'd win DWTS if she went on she's that good !!!

Battery moo-perated (battery moocluded ) Consider getting a few the dancing Muchachos !

RL150 Approx 12" tall ! Price 27.95
cow kids party apron
Cutie Pie Cow Party Apron
Cutie Pie cow party 'apron' is for every cow girl who is also cutie pie - and that's all of them ! This very bright red 'apron' has the graphic "Little Helper' emblazoned across the top. Holstein Spot trim adorns the skirt.

Not really for cooking at all, these are party dress up aprons that will definitely get you noticed in even in the largest of herds !

KM790 Kids Cuite Pie Apron Price 7.95
cow party kids apron
Little Helper Little Ladies Cow Party Apron
Oh the udder kids will be green with envy when you flaunt this Little Helper KITCHEN apron for KIDS ! It's made for every little cowgirl who wants to be just like MOM! This very bright green 'apron' has the graphic "Little Helper' emblazoned across the top. Holstein Spot trim adorns the skirt.

Not really for cooking at all, these are party dress up aprons that will definitely get you noticed in even in the largest of herds !

JO570 Kids Cutie Pie Apron Price 12.95
cow party ice cream scoop
G L I T T E R Ice Cream Scoop ! GET ONE FOR EVERY ID !!!
Every Cow Lover knows that ice cream is the best part of any party ! Scoop it up in a F U N Moo way with our party moo scoops !

The handles have little cows that 'dance' back and forth in a liquid filled G L I T T E R handle - kind of like those souvenir glitter things at the beach.

Kids LOVE these get one for each kid.. or at least let 2 or 3 kids share one and keep'em as a most wanted party souvenir !

WN170 One Scoop 1.95 / 10 scoops 9.95
cow birthday cake stand
Cow Cake Stand with Tailed Cake Server ! BEST QUALITY !! BEST VALUE !!

Every Party has a cake. Now every cake can have a cow cake stand !

Nice Quality Porcelain Holstein Spot Cake Stand makes you want to moo out loud, but 'wait there's more' - it ALSO has a nice quality serated edged tailed cow cake server !

Cake not included ! This item really 'belongs' in our kitchen section... moo will keep it for years, but that tailed spatula was soo party we just couldn't resist putting it right here.

GR140 Approx 12inch diameter ! Includes Tailed Spatula ! WOW !!! just 19.95
Wedding Party Stuff !
cow wedding statue cake topper
A relatively large sculpture of the happy couple ! What a most wonderful wedding present that will become a forever keepsake. Pick it up it is 'heavy' and durable. A-nuuder GREAT GUFT !!! Why not use one as a centerpice at very table ??

You will love looking at this happy couple in love for years to come.

OC680 Wedding Cow Couple 9" Tall Polyresin Sculpture Price 19.95
cow wedding moosical chime
Wedding Dancing Crazy Moosical Battery Mooperated Cow in Dress !
What A GREAT Wedding Item ! Moo will re-moo-ber this crazy cow on your 50th anniversary it is THAT funny !

You will love looking at this happy couple in love for years to come.

TS730 Wedding Dancing Plush Price 24.95
cow newlywed party gift
MINIATURE Genuine Licensed Cow Parade Cows in the Original Box ! Ginger and Fred never looked better than these perfectly matched three innch tall 'mooly-weds.'
What A GREAT Wedding Gift !

Look out DWTS here come the cows !

TS740 Just 3 inches tall !!! Moolywed CowParade Price 14.95

Wow... INSTANT Cow Party Art ! !

Great for Party or really any time at all. These are art pieces printed on very heavy duty cardboard with a glossy finish.. kind of like a children's book cover - and they have an easel back, too. Nice large 8 x 10 size ! Hang them on any wall or put them on any table. What a great price for such great graphics, too ! These are NOT 'throw aways' they will last a very long time years after the party's over.

cheap cow party decoration
cheap cow party favor cheap cow party favor cheap cow party supplies
Artist Cow Picture Surfer Cow Picture Love Cow Picture
NU520 Price 3.95 ea .NU530 Price 3.95 ea NU540160 Price 3.95 ea
cow birthday party supplies
Ballerina Cow Picture
NU550 Price 3.95 ea
cow party holstein spots on wall
Large Self Stick Holstein Spots
One of our top sellers at a special price.

These are GLOSSY peel offs, self-stick vinyl Holstein spots which are LARGE size for sure. Pictured as shown they cover an area about 3 foot x 3 foot. You may certainly stick them to any clean, dry surface from foam core to metal. They may even be used on a metal ice bucket or that old refrigerator in the barn or basement!

We also sometimes just use double sided tape so you may re-moose them from year to year. Really sets the mood of any party or gathering

BP800 Large self stick cow spots One yard Square Price 14.95
big cow rubber mask mascot
Big Big BIG Rubber Mask
Well we have to admit you cannot see anything out the eyes- it's SOOO big you see ut the nose !

Sorta the Ultimate mask we've never seen anyhing close to it.

BZ150 Huge Rubber Mask see thru nose Price 19.95
chuckle buggy rolly cow moves and sings
Ultimate Moo-ving Cow !
It looks like a nice 'sleeping' plush cow... but S U R P R I S E ! Not just a plush cow ....not just a mooving cow but a MOTION ACTIVATED roly poly laughs a second cow ! It only Mooves when You Moove ! Hooves down our F A V O R I T E !

BZ410 About a foot long Motion Activated Price 29.95
cow large cardboard cut out
Life Sized Poster board Cut Out !
High Quality Laminated Holstein Image! Heavy Duty Corrugated Board. Attached easel included so it STANDS UP !!!

AM490 65 INCHES TALL X 42 WIDE Price 29.95
cow large cardboard cut out
Life Sized Poster Board Cut Out !
We've got moo coming and going !!! High Quality Laminated Holstein Image! Heavy Duty Corrugated Board. Attached easel included so it STANDS UP !!!

AM500 65 INCHES TALL X 42 WIDE Price 29.95